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  1. Acela150

    10 Companion Coupons available

    I'll add that all you have to do is either send the code or, select the proper coupons under print and save the PDF to forward them. AGR won't transfer the coupons to other accounts. A fellow AU member sent me 2 upgrades recently and just did the latter to send them to me. That way I can either take it to PHL to upgrade or call AGR or Amtrak to upgrade.
  2. Acela150

    10 Companion Coupons available

    PM Sent.
  3. Acela150

    New record for most online!

    As of about 10 minutes ago the new count was just over 2,000.. With a small handful of them being actual AU members.
  4. Sorry what I should have said was at origin points. Such as BOS, NYP, WAS. And maybe have name tags ready for places like PHL. But then again I'm a multitasker and a half.
  5. If only the occupied/empty sign above the seats actually worked, and display a first of last name... Ask me there is a simple fix to that.. Give the LSA's the FC manifest and they put names on seats. That's too easy though.
  6. People are clearly still getting used to the concept.
  7. One coupon per passenger. AFAIK it's never been one coupon for two passengers.
  8. On the AGR site click exclusive benefits, click view all coupons, that will show you if it's 12 hours or 48 hours.
  9. That's a rough week for the engineer. Uffa.
  10. Show off! I'm glad to know that I can ask the agent to change the seats. I'll be calling Wednesday to upgrade. Yes. 12 hour coupons are for Select Members and the members that buy upgrades with points. 48 hour upgrades are for select plus and select executive members.
  11. If you only knew how many regulars had tickets paid for (even if only the business class portion) paid for by their employer... Actually having worked in the Call Center in Philly I have quite a good idea.
  12. Acela150

    Schedule Changes Still NOT Posted

    I may have laughed quite a bit at this post. Just saying.
  13. I'm taking a guess that most of the First Class seats are open until the 48 hour upgrades are available to be used. Simply cause First Class is very pricey.
  14. As of 11/7/17 ALL Acela trains now have assigned seating in First Class. I will be riding 2154 next Friday and hope that my Upgrade Coupons can be used and will give a report on the Assigned Seating.
  15. Pretty much describes it there... On top of that since the fuel tank was compromised on the leading unit it had to be cut out of the consist somewhere along the line. 822 was taking the train solo into Chicago. AKA Earning each dollar spent on it.