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  1. I think some clarification is needed. Are you asking if you can leave things in the lounge baggage check from Monday till Sunday? If this is the case then I'll say no. If you're asking is it possible to leave your luggage there during each individual layover then absolutely! Once I came in on the Cap left my bags and left that night on the Card. Another time I arrived on the LSL and left on the Cap same day. DC has a nice luggage storage area in the lounge behind check in.
  2. Acela150

    Acela Assigned Seating Experience

    Operations just don't work that way. Thanks I got the jist.
  3. Acela150

    Acela Assigned Seating Experience

    The problem with that is really simple. You'd have to take the set to the wye in Ivy City or the Loop at Southampton. Which is a huge waste of time for one reason. Power cars are at both ends of the train to avoid this. Some trains don't sit in DC for an hour. 2163 spins for 2126. 2163 arrives into DC about 6pm. 2126 leaves at 7pm and boards around 645 or so. Bottom line is there is no time to take the trains to a wye or loop to spin them for First Class to be on a set end.
  4. Looking at things I could tell that late spins were happening. I hadn't really thought of the aftermath as problematic. But it does makes sense.
  5. In keeping an eye of Amtrak Status Maps the Regionals that have traversed the shoreline to and from Boston the past few days have taken an absolute beating. Monday night Train 169 left almost 3 and a Half hours late. 169 spins from 162. To give you an idea on how things are. 67 left about 30 minutes before 169 a mere 5 minutes late, and arrived into NHV almost 5 minutes early. 3 and a Half hours late puts 169 into DC around 5am. I believe that trains running the shoreline were run by diesels. Trains consistently lost time all around the board coming or going to Beantown. Possibly the good thing is that the storm hit on a weekend where Amtrak runs a Sunday schedule on Monday due to MLK Day. Which means Acela service is dramatically down to begin with. But people will use it for an extended weekend somewhere.
  6. I can give some insight. Coach travel on the NEC is free. All you need to do is "flashpass" AKA have your Amtrak ID out. Simple as that. If you want to ride Business Class on a Regional some crews will let you flashpass. But the proper way to go about it is to get a ticket within an hour of your departure time. You can book online on Amtrak's website, at a Quik Trak, at the ticket office, or by calling Amtrak. To book a BC ticket you'll need your "index number" You can get this at a ticket office or by calling reservations and giving them your SAP number which is your "pass number". Acela Express travel is restricted to departures between 9am and 2pm Weekdays and at an extremely reduced fare. But most trains fall under the "Red/White/Blue" policy. Blue is a free day, White you get 10% off and if it doesn't sell out you get the fare back. Red is 10% off, no refunds possible. Sleepers are always White. Spouses and Children can be added as well. You need to provide a birth certificate or proper adoption papers for your children and a marriage certificate for your spouse. There are limitations on how old your children can be until their pass privileges expire. If you have anymore questions feel free to drop me a PM.
  7. Actually you're correct on this. If you provide proof to Amtrak they'll refund the full amount. My suggestion is to call Amtrak. Explain that you were issued eVouchers and that you wanted to ticket price refunded back to your Credit Card they should be able to take care of you. There are only two reasons that this would be an issue. 1 the fares were non refundable or two you paid in person at a ticket office in cash. If you paid cash then you can't get a refund "in cash". It'll automatically be put into an eVoucher.
  8. Acela150

    Acela Assigned Seating Experience

    Here's a tip 2167, 2173, and 2175 will most likely have First Class on the Front. Everything else is the rear. You can change your seat on the Amtrak App or the Amtrak website. The link has a seating chart. It has diagrams of the car on the front and rear. Personally I'm ok with the assigned seating. I don't have worry about rushing on the train at PHL. https://www.amtrak.com/onboard/onboard-accommodations-for-all-your-needs/seating-accommodations/first-class.html
  9. "Customer Service" is the agent who answers the phone when you call the 800 number. If someone needs customer relations the call is transferred. Job postings for call center jobs do not include any information about working customer relations. The only way to work customer relations is to take a qualifying test for the position and even then you need to have worked at the call center for 1 year. When someone calls to complain and does not ask for customer relations, the agents will transfer them to customer relations for handling.
  10. Trust me.. At Amtrak Customer relations is NOT Customer Service.
  11. If Amtrak started issuing refunds cause an end door wouldn’t close they wouldn’t make any revenue. Of note Amtrak Headquarters is no longer at 60 Mass. and hasn’t been for about a year or two.
  12. Acela150

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Not like Amtrak bought 70 brand spankin new electric motors about 5 years ago. The problem with Semi Permanent is that it can't be done quickly. Compared to the current Amcans. The one thing I'd like to see is something that has standard knuckles with the Type H Tightlock. I'd be ok with using cab cars on trains in a similar capacity to the current HST. One thing I will say is that I don't predict a 40-45 year running life on the new equipment. Stuff isn't built like it was.
  13. Acela150

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    I'm not as in the loop as I used to be. So no I didn't see that. I'm just hoping that if it is indeed "trainsets", it's not like the HST, semi-permanent.
  14. Acela150

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Thanks for the useless comment Dutch.. Stay humble. That's what I'm thinking. But my major problem with using trainsets is simple. If you need to shop one car, you need to shop the whole thing. Amfleets you drill the car out and put a new one in. Another problem is that if you need say only 6 cars on a train to VA and you have 8 in a trainset those 2 unused cars can go elsewhere.