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    New Menus on #8

    They look great. Same meal choices though, it looks like. On 8 out of SEA tonight.
  2. NativeSon5859

    New Menus on #8

    The 9th.
  3. NativeSon5859

    New Menus on #8

    No, same prices from what I can tell.
  4. I’m ridiculously close to Select Plus and I live in an area that is only served by long distance trains (NOL). I’m wondering how common this is? I figure it’s pretty easy to attain if you live in areas with frequent corridor service and are on the go for business. Could I be the only person in the state of Louisiana with Select Plus, when I pass that mark next month? Ha.
  5. NativeSon5859

    Texas Eagle Dining

    Here’s a pic of a MAX 8 (top) and a MAX 9 (bottom) at MSY I took recently. Larger engines than the regular 800/900 series plus they sit higher off the ground.
  6. NativeSon5859

    Size of the Western LD Winter Consists

    I’m traveling CHI-SEA on 2/8 and I got room 4 in the 731 car.
  7. I’m planning a transcon trip for February using points and I was looking at doing SEA-CHI-BOS, but I absolutely hate being right next to the engines. I like hearing the horn blow, but from a bit of a distance, not close enough where you have to wear ear plugs. Riding in the dorm car on the CONO is very loud - can’t imagine this would be any better.
  8. NativeSon5859

    National Menu Changes?

    Has anyone heard anything regarding menu changes? I know in the past they were changed every six months. That definitely is no longer the case. On a recent Crescent trip, the SA told us to not pay attention to the menu since the desserts were different and they no longer carried at least two of entrees listed on the menu. I can only guess that there are more changes on the horizon so maybe they figure why bother doing regular changes now. Still, the same old meals trip in and trip out do get a bit - old. I wonder if people complain about this. Just my two cents.
  9. NativeSon5859

    Muffuletta on 58?

    It’s served on 59 only.
  10. NativeSon5859

    National Menu Changes?

    On 59 today (same old barely mediocre meals of course) so for lunch just now of out Jackson I just went ahead and bought a burger/chips from the cafe. After I bought it, as I was heading back to the sleeper, the LSA told me “oh I wish you would have told me you were in the sleeper, we’d have comp’d this for you.” This is the first time I’ve heard that. Good to know for the future because on this train, the box meals would be an improvement.
  11. No it was just a normal iPhone emoji.
  12. Just thinking way outside the box. [emoji16]
  13. What would be more valuable for Houston and San Antonio, assuming it has to be one or the other: 1) a one-seat ride to Atlanta, Washington DC, NYC 2) a one-seat rode to El Paso, Tucson, Los Angeles
  14. What about running the Texas Eagle Chicago-Ft.Worth-Abilene-El Paso-Los Angeles (seems like a quicker, more direct routing), have the Heartland Flyer run OKC-FTW-SAS (CHI-SAS connection in FTW), and like some have mentioned extend the Crescent overnight from NOL to HOS/SAS as to provide one-seat service to HOS/SAS from ATL and the Northeast. Agree that Crescent’s current reliability is awful. 19 arrived in NOL at 0555 this morning, about 10 hours late.
  15. From what I remember it was going to be a stub train with no sleepers featuring a cross platform connection in SAS. No thru cars. But I could be wrong.
  16. Yeah, I remember that proposal. Initially I was against it because selfishly I’d lose my one-roomette ride to LAX ([emoji23]). But heck, it’s so hard to schedule a trip on 1/2 with its tri-weekly schedule that daily with a short connection in SAS wouldn’t be terrible. I just think it’s wise to take advantage of NOLs geographic position somehow since it’s the only place in the nation besides CHI that can get you to both coasts. But that probably won’t even happen in my lifetime.
  17. I think a (big) problem with the Sunset is that it doesn’t offer a same day connection to the Crescent. Houston-Atlanta/Carolinas for example could be a large market. Plus it’d be much more convenient than taking the bus up to Longview and then having to catch two trains to WAS/NYC. The only problem is, obviously, the schedule would have to be altered greatly. I also think overnight between HOS and NOL would be good. It’s a long slow journey so just hop on, go to sleep, and wake up in either city in the morning. Ideally you’d also adjust 19/20, have 19 run an hour earlier into NOL (630p arrival) and have 20 run an hour later (800a departure). Something like this... Dp. LAX-700a Dp. PSP- 940a Dp MRC- 230p Dp. SAS-300p Dp. HOS-845p Dp. NOL-615a On the return... Dp. NOL-900p Dp. HOS-645a Dp. SAS-1215p Dp.MRC-905a Dp.PSP-205p Ar. LAX-535p Downsides: * No more connection with Starlight in LAX * Eagle thru cars would be history (unless TE schedule drastically altered) Upsides: * Better times for SAS, PSP, MRC * Easy access to/fr ATL/Carolinas and HOS/SAS/Southwest.
  18. While the work is going on, 19/20 will serve NOL on Fr/Sa/Su only. Mo/Tu/We/Th the endpoint will be ATL. Last year they ran a bus NOL-ATL. Not sure if that’s in the cards again or not.
  19. NativeSon5859

    National Menu Changes?

    That’s good to hear! Hope it continues throughout the system.
  20. NativeSon5859

    Consist of last Tr. 521

    A shame they couldn’t keep this stub train. Always sad to see remnants of the train when at the Houston stop, namely the little mechanical shed still painted in red/white/blue that I guess was used when 521 was in operation.
  21. NativeSon5859

    Menu Capitol Limited?

    I hope and suspect the menu will continue to evolve as more feedback is received.
  22. NativeSon5859

    Menu Capitol Limited?

    I just rode 48 CHI-NYP. No problems at all with the meal service. You sat down in the sleeper lounge, filled out what you wanted to get on the order slip, and the attendant brought the order to your table along with the drinks. If you wanted it to go, she’d bag it up for you. The people I talked to, sure, they missed the traditional service, but also understood why this new service was implemented. It’s fine for a one night trip. I think they could add one more breakfast option, but otherwise, it was perfectly adequate. The dining atmosphere was more relaxed I’d say and socializing was still taking place. The “horror” of the boxed meals won’t prevent me from riding the CL or the LSL in the future.
  23. NativeSon5859

    58 NOL-CHI

    Just got to CHI about an hour late due to freight congestion. I had a roomette in the dorm car (the regular sleeper was sold out) which actually turned out to be a nice refurbished S1 sleeper. The horn was loud obviously but I did manage to get some sleep. Dinner was good and breakfast was better than the last time I rode this train because I got a whole bowl of fruit this time as opposed to literally one strawberry last time. [emoji23] SCA was awesome - she was was friendly and personable. A very nice ride, no complaints. Now hanging out in the metro lounge. Here are some pics...
  24. NativeSon5859

    58 NOL-CHI

    Yes this was actually a regular sleeping car. Not a trans dorm.
  25. I’ll be making this connection for the first time next week. Looking forward to it because the last time I was on the route of the Pennsylvanian was actually on the Three Rivers westbound in 2003. I don’t remember much of it in terms of scenery, and Horseshoe Curve was at night. Anyway, just curious if Business Class on 42 is still on Amfleet 1 equipment, and does anyone recommend a place near the station in PIT to grab some coffee or something to kill some time? I see there’s a Starbucks near, wondering if there are any better local options. Thanks!