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    Amtrak website glitch

    I just signed on, and had no problem whatsoever.
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    10 Companion Coupons available

    He did ask you to not
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    Empire Builder Questions

    Headed eastbound, you get Glacier in the morning but the Gorge or WA Cascades in darkness. Westbound, it’s the opposite. You can’t do PDX-SPK-SEA due to timing, but you can do SEA-SPK-PDX as a same day trip! You can even do a PDX-SEA connection beforehand. I’ve done it.
  4. the_traveler

    Emeryville to SFO

    As Shanghai said, take the Amtrak bus to SFC. Even if you take BART, Uber, Lyft or a taxi, you will be going thru SF between Emeryville and the airport anyway! This would cut down on your expenses .
  5. the_traveler

    Help planning upcoming trip

    How about going one way on the Capitol Limited (a Superliner -bi-level Train) and one way on the Cardinal (a single level train)? I don’t know if that’s a possibility. The Cardinal offers better dining (full service) and great scenery, especially eastbound! Onething to note is that the Cardinal only operates 3 days a week. You would still have a full day in Chicago.
  6. You would need to transfer on MAX from the Blue Line (from Gresham) to either the Green or Yellow Line to reach Union Station. From the MAX stop, it is less than a block.
  7. the_traveler

    Return trip twice as much?

    Remember that the fares found on Amsnag come from, and are the same as those, on Amtrak.com at the time of your search! You can not book on Amsnag, you must book with Amtrak directly, either online or by phone. It is possible that 10-20 other people also booked in the meantime - and the fare increased from what you saw!
  8. May I ask why you thought you needed 3 tickets? One would be from Poughkeepsie to NYC and one would be NYC to Florida. You do not need a separate ticket for a sleeper - that is your ticket to Florida.
  9. True, they may sometimes, but I very much doubt they would if you book NYP-MIA today and POU-NYP next week.
  10. the_traveler

    Tipping question (station agent/staff)

    I agree. My sister boarded at FED (an unstaffed Station) and needed to board via the lift. The Conductor came down, obtained the lift from the locked shed, used it to board my sister and then put it back. I feel that this is part of their job, and requires no tip!
  11. If you’re going to take 1 train to NYC, spend the night then take Amtrak to Florida the next day, then I would recommend you use the multi-city booking and book from POU to FL! As long as there is less than 23 1/2 hours between trains, there is a substantial savings over 2 point to points reservations!
  12. The first meal served in the Dining Car will be lunch. The cafe will be open, but personally I would just eat at the hotel or at home prior to boarding.
  13. The bus from Kingman serves the airport (LAS) while the bus from LA - and SLC - use the Greyhound Terminal (LVS).
  14. That’s only if they take the CZ. If they take the SWC, they can either get off at Kingman connecting to a Thruway bus or LA connecting to a Thruway bus.
  15. #1 - I assume you mean Las Vegas, NV! It is not served directly by Amtrak, but you can catch a connecting Amtrak bus from either Kingman, AZ or LA. The route from Chicago also has a stop inLas Vegas, NM! Be sure to book to the correct one! #2 - You May wish to consider the Family room. It includes 2 adult beds and 2 child sized beds.
  16. Also remember that “train” 421 consists of only the 1 thru coach and 1 thru sleeper that are transferred in SAS to continue to LAX. Those may be sold out, but you could possibly still take 21 and 1 (if those are available) - but you must change between trains in SAS yourself.
  17. Are you sure you are trying to book #421 on one of the days it goes to LA, not just to SAS (which it does daily)? I also think I heard that there were some days that it doesn’t operate due to scheduled track work.
  18. What is the average speed now? Service between Houston and San Antonio is now non-stop with no intermediate station stops.
  19. But you’re saying Amtrak should eliminate that section totally! I’m confused.
  20. So you’re saying that if someone from New Orleans wanted to go to El Paso, someone from LA wanted to go to Houston or someone from Lafayette wanted to go to Tucson they couldn’t. Just because the people in Houston want to drive to San Antonio!
  21. Unless they’re very strict, if you can easily carry it on yourself, I don’t think you’ll have a problem. Especially if asked and you explain you are checking them in Emeryville. When I lived in RI, I boarded the Regional in Kingston (which doesn’t offer checked baggage service). The rule was 2 carry-one and 2 checked bags. If questioned, I explained I would be checking them in NY.
  22. I have not taken the Capitol Corridor trains per se, but I have taken Surfliners which use the same type of cars. There is plenty of storage space on the lower level. I would just carry it on, and then check them in Emeryville. Or you.could actually check them in San Jose. However, they would go on the Coast Starlight to either Portland or LA, where that would be sent to Chicago and beyond. The only thing is you would have to return to the station to retrieve your bags.
  23. the_traveler

    AGR numbers and kids

    You would have 2 separate AGR numbers on each reservation. The AGR number for the parent (0000015) would be on that reservation and the AGR number for the son (000000238) would be on his reservation. In the above example, AGR account 0000015 would receive 1,200 points, while AGR account 000000238 would receive 200 points. Although it may not seem like much, it all adds up. I usually travel with my sister, and she got (in this example) the 200 points. I believed I redeemed an award from her account! (Remember awards can start at 800 points now.) I think I eventually transferred like 3,000 points to my account!
  24. the_traveler

    Pin cards not accepted...

    I think at time, the limit was very low - like $25. But now, they increased it. Especially at grocery stores, I not had to sign for a $187 charge, but I did for a $243 charge.
  25. the_traveler

    Changing Name of Companion on Ticket

    May I ask why? It seems like your saying that even if the passenger is “David” but it was entered as “Savid”, it can’t be changed!