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  1. Same here! Your credit score improves with full ontime payments. That’s why I have a high FICO score.
  2. the_traveler

    Amtrak Crew Base Question

    Even some trains are based out of different cities. The Crescent used to have (maybe still) the SCA based out of NY but the Dining Car based out of NO.
  3. I agree with the above advice. If you have a choice to take the bus portion the day before at “a reasonable time” and stay overnight (even if you have to pay for it yourself), it’s worth it for the piece of mind. But be certain to call Amtrak beforehand to MODIFY your Amtrak reservation!
  4. I just got my statement from last month. It’s kind of hard to determine, because some were 1/$, some were 2/$ and some were 3/$, but I am satisfied that I got 3/$ for all. It listed as Points for purchases = 356 bonus points = 837 (to get all purchases to 3/$)
  5. I agree with Jan 2 this year. if Jan 1 was on Saturday, they may stay and head back to work on Jan 2. However, this year it’s on Tuesday, so most will want to get back to work on Wednesday.
  6. No need! I have such good insurance that I owe nothing - even no deductible! No one refuses the_traveler!
  7. I had to have emergency care at a Chattanooga hospital a few years ago. Per the insurance statement: Amount submitted (for ER) - $1,000 Amount allowed - $200 They just wrote off $800!
  8. My hospital bills super quick. They sent me a statement last summer for my denied PT (“covered” by insurance). The statement was dated June 29 - it had a denied insurance payment on it dated June 30!
  9. That’s great Betty! I hope you’re back to Normal very soon!
  10. the_traveler

    Buffalo Exchange St.

    And where would they hold the thru cars? Both BFX and BUF are on the main line - with no sidings to store cars “for a few hours”!
  11. the_traveler

    Amtrak website down?

    Please note this thread says “website is down”, but that was in May - 6 months ago!
  12. the_traveler

    Breakfast on SWC

    Same here. Even getting off the SL, once I “wake up”, I head to Phillipes.
  13. the_traveler

    Texas Eagle vs Sunset Limited

    At that time, I had AT&T also.
  14. the_traveler

    Multi-city vs one-way booking

    Yes, I have found that error many times if I book the SS and then connect to the North at WAS. The SS arrive say on the 25th, so I automatically enter I’m departing on the 25th. However since the 3:15 am departure is actually on the 26st, it gives that error.
  15. the_traveler

    Texas Eagle vs Sunset Limited

    I can vouch for that! Once I was on the SL just east of El Paso and wanted to check the temperature. My cell signal was picked up by a tower in Mexico. So it cost me $9 to see what the temperature was!