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  1. Pork projects are more about greed and re-election prospects than it is about "not making sense". $1 million for a library in Coalinga does nothing for me, but it's at least marginally helpful to someone even if it's a re-election ploy. A new highway would defeat the point of building rail. Not to mention a toll road generally can't use Federal funding to build toll roads cause that would make people drive less. As a rail line and high speed line could at least attract private money that would get around Congress and their stupidity.
  2. Putting money into highway funding would be putting good money after bad. Maybe having a secondary corridor for UP next to/on a similar corridor would make some sense. But highways induce demand and any added capacity of interstating 133 would get eaten up fairly quickly or never be beyond what is currently needed. Also, I don't put it past the Bay Area/NorCal doing Pacheco Pass with a local bond measure. The second Transbay tube and subsequent electrification will happen that way eventually. Nor Cal residents are a bit more transit friendly than SoCal. You didn't need to promise us more highways when BART was built, at least beyond what was planned.
  3. My point is I would make it a consistent product. Coach has adequate legroom when compared to a bus or airline. A few extra inches isn't worth much compared to 2+1 business class. It's not even worth it with 2 bottles of water and a $6 food voucher thrown in.
  4. - Better corridor service across the US. There are way too many areas that should have service and don't. Like Ohio in general, some parts of Michigan and Indiana along with parts of California and the south west. - Budget sleeper option. Amtrak is adding "business" class to some long distance trains. Make the upgrade worth something. - 2+1 business class. (What is the point of 2+2 business class besides the mark up?)
  5. I am actually working on a thing about improving rail travel in California in general, but if the reaction on Reddit is anything to go by, any improvement to the Capitol Corridor is met with "why improve it, it's adequate." Granted I was also talking for a Bay Area wide CalTrain system, but any improvement to rail is going to be confronted by "why, we have an ok system". People here tend to forget that Amtrak primarily isn't meant to be a half commuter system. So advocating for something more, you need to convince people why it's necessary. Or Reddit could just be a bit of a cesspool.
  6. Her initial post mentioned abolishing cow farts. I agree with the need for a Green New Deal and support one, but that doesn't mean AOC is going to get away not getting mocked for her gaffs. I am well aware of how feasible high speed trains are and want them, but they aren't putting the airlines under for 1500+ mile trips. To put it bluntly I agree with the policy, but am mocking the messenger. As much as I agree with her, that doesn't mean she shot the prospect in the foot.
  7. From what I have seen of travel vloggers, a open section berth has more privacy. Someone mentioned that FAA regulations require the business and first class seats be semi open for safety reason.
  8. sttom

    California Trains?

    We should keep pushing for improvements on the local level and for Amtrak California. A Second Transbay Tube is still in planning phases (and likely to get paid through a local bond measure anyways). There are so many other worthwhile projects that should get funding. I am presently writing a thing for it.
  9. Not if we abolish airlines and cows A cross country train taking that long would likely make it into a overnight train. And probably not carry a lot of people.
  10. Do they connect with each other or do they just run next to each other? I haven't been able to get a straight answer about that. Also Japan is just weird when it comes to rail.
  11. sttom

    California Trains?

    The HSR cancellation or scaling back or whatever it becomes is coming down to a lot of bad decisions. The HSRA should have pushed the Tehachapi Pass segment. Since there was a potential for failure, building the most useful segment would have made sense. Tehachapi Pass is the biggest hole in our rail lines, (I refuse to refer to Amtrak CA as a system or network) and it should have been filled first assuming there would be a failure. As for side projects, getting a second Transbay Tube, a Richmond-San Rafael rail bridge and look into electrifying our rail network. Those two connections are needed to turn Amtrak California into a network instead of a collection of lines.
  12. I like the idea of high speed trains and a Green New Deal in general, but AOC is a gaff machine. A high speed train would take 16 hours to cross the country from Penn Station to the Transbay Terminal.
  13. It was but it was probably "deemed to cost to much" and would be visible for Brown to get glamour shots and for people to see it getting built. It was also sold as being a commuter service when high speed trains aren't built for that. And the highway trust fund is going to run dry by the end of 2021. And now we are getting stuck with $9 billion in debt and a useless line. They still should have pushed through the Tehachapi Pass and given us the capacity to travel between Northern and Southern California.
  14. They really should have done Tehachapi Pass first. This is what we get when you consult politicians instead of transit planners.
  15. https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article226151030.html?fbclid=IwAR16TUAWK_VDsn1VC65bgTfYGzkJFmu7tGJ_nFLVR6BBiGxPYyeEp7X14vU