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  1. Inlander

    Amtrak Greenwashing

    One Andersen interview I Saw he was qouting figures like less than 6% of pax travel from start to end point on long distance services. I can't vouch to the accuracy but he seems to be gradually making a business case for rationalisation. Hi liner cars that need replacing in the2020's, patronage patterns etc etc v concentrating on the NEC and regional runs
  2. Personally if i had the time i would go the Cardinal and pay the extra- you get a longer more scenic trip- which suits train fans like me perfectly.
  3. Inlander

    Amtrak Greenwashing

    Seems to me a familiar story repeated over the years here in Australia and in the USA pre Amtrak. They don't want to run the long distance services so what does management do? Step 1 downgrade Onboard services. Step 2 outsource what you can.Step 3 play around with frequencies and timetables. President Reid of SanteFe said it best when he explained why he joined Amtrak. It wasn't cost it was Risk. A serious incident with a passenger train has the potential to wipe out the company's earnings in a litigious society
  4. Inlander

    Choosing Roomettes on SWC

    This is the one they gave :" If you prefer, you may call our International Sales Department at215-856-7924 or 212-630-6400 during regular business hours(Monday-Friday) or you can contact our International Sales Departmentat inat5@sales.amtrak.com [4]. "
  5. Inlander

    Choosing Roomettes on SWC

    There are a few of us train fans down here and it takes a lot for us to stop trying but I was prewarned about the issues with the call centre. The real damage will be done to the goodwill of the average non train fan traveller.
  6. Inlander

    Texas Eagle Route

    Does the current "Eagle" follow the old Missouri Pacific route at all?
  7. Inlander

    Choosing Roomettes on SWC

    Yep in the last two weeks I have dealt with 4 different passenger agents via phone from Australia just to make some bookings. One didn't know how to process a payment ,another one transferred me to Amtrak vacations( who informed me they were a separate company and couldn't process my payment and transferred me back agin) 2 delays holding on the phone for over 20 mins each time. Another one didn't know how to make the bookings using a USA rail pass. I sent two emails that took them a week to reply to and they gave me an invalid email address to reply to. They have done everything to discourage my travel.
  8. Inlander

    Longer & Longer consists

    Yes when one looks at the shrinking Via long distance network the trend certainly appears downhill! Similar situation happened here in Australia. Our two best known long distance trains(Indian Pacific and the Ghan) are now all first class services owned by a private equity group. They use Budd cars built in 1969/ 1970 . The crunch for Via will come when those 1950,s built cars have to be replaced.
  9. Inlander

    Longer & Longer consists

    Yes this is sadly so true lengthy delays are now the normal mode of operation. The timetable even has a disclaimer warning about the delays!