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  1. That makes better sense. Regardless, we were able to use the coupons and save some money. That was just a bonus savings. Getting the third set with points was the significant advantage.
  2. As I understand it the companion coupons are not valid for the saver fares. I was just happy to be able to use it booking a roomette and bedroom.
  3. So here is the outcome. We had 2 couples drop out, which made things easier. I booked the first 2 couples in a Roomette on the Cardinal and a bedroom each on the Texas Eagle. Having signed up for the Amtrak rewards credit card, I was able to use the 2 free companion coupons to save about $50 per couple. I the had to wait for the points to post from the CC. (Thus the delay in posting this.) I did have to purchase some points to cover the 3rd couples ticket, but the final cost per couple worked out to $820. This was almost $150 less than the lowest bucket pricing for the roomette and bedroom combo from Cincinnati to San Antonio. Feel like we got a great deal and excited for the trip.