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  1. RayF

    Best Bedroom on a Superliner

    Here's the recent info for TE. 59%/41% CS cars almost always have bedrooms ahead of roomettes.
  2. RayF

    Best Bedroom on a Superliner

    I watch the webcams off YT and Railfan cams each day and record which way the Sleepers are facing. All but MSP have DVR to easily check. Then when I book (twice a year) I shoot for the room with the best odds of having a forward facing couch. (I really hate sitting in that chair) When I get close to launch date if the odds have changed greatly I’ll call and try to change is available. I’m about to leave on another trip Mon CS, to EB then TE back to DAL. Odds are looking good this trip of having forward facing for CS and EB but TE is the tossup (59%). ...still no guarantee but looking good... Here’s an example of my XLS “EB” tab
  3. RayF

    Best Bedroom on a Superliner

    Bumping an old thread...as of Jan 2019... if riding CS, EB, or CZ I would also agree that room "A"s bathroom layout makes it my last choice for bedroom. However, my second priority is also to be able to sit on the couch with the scenery coming toward me rather the having to sit in the uncomfortable chair. So I'm happy with "E" then "C" if the bedrooms are ahead of the roomettes, and bedroom "D" or "B" if the roomettes are ahead of the bedrooms. There is no guarantee determining which way the car will be facing BUT some LD trains specific cars have pretty good odds. Book early enough to get them. Currently, of the last the last 30 daily trains (Dec2018-Jan2019), Coast Star Light #14 car #1430 has had bedrooms AHEAD of roomettes 91% of the time... Pick "E", or "C" Empire Builder #8 car #0831 has had bedrooms BEHIND of roomettes 86% of the time... Pick "D", or "B" Calif Zephyr #6 car #0631 has had bedrooms AHEAD of roomettes 83% of the time... Pick "E", or "C" Southwest Chief and Texas Eagle are a toss up for direction...
  4. Regarding the room downgrade: I had originally booked the TE #421 car 2130 in Room "D". When I called after getting their #421 cancelation notice on Dec28 the rep said that there were no bedrooms available left on the #21 (I checked the website before calling and it did say sold out at the time) but she said there were 2 roomettes left on the train. Roomette 17 or 18 in the Transition Sleeper car 2132 so they booked me there and refunded the difference. Update just now: I’ve been checking each day since and tonight I saw one room available on the #21. After calling Amtrak again they were able to book me back into a bedroom, room “E” on car 2120. Guess I got lucky…
  5. Mine is/was the #421 leaving CHI(to DAL) in 2 weeks SUN Jan 20, now moved to the #21. Canceled for sure... Cusomer Relations said trackwork as the reason for the cancellation. I just checked again and #421 Sun Jan 27, Feb 3, Feb 10, Feb 17, Feb 24 all still show canceled. Only SUN departures out of CHI seems effected. Tue/Fri normal.
  6. Yes, For a few weeks what looks 21/421 SUN departure (out of CHI) will have no 421. I booked some time ago a cross country flight to LAX then Jan 15 CS#14 (LAX>on the 28thSEA), Jan 17 EB#8(SEA>CHI), then SUN Jan 20 TE#421(CHI>DAL) home. Got a TEXT on Dec 28 that the 421 was canceled with no other options and to call. They did end up downgrading me from my room on the canceled #421 to the #21 Transition/Dorm, (at least I didn't have to fly back) Rep said the reason the #21 would not be running with the the #421 was unannounced track work "South(West)" of SAS. I am leaving CHI on SUN. When I looked on Amtrak again for the subsequent #421's it appeared to only effect the SUN departures and not the Tue or Fri departures. Also seemes to be canceled for several weeks. hope this helps... Not sure about the 422 nor how this is going to effect the 1/2 but I would think it would...