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    What would you add?

    fixed it for you :-þ
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    What would you add?

    You may get half your wish on this one. Many years ago, North Carolina's DOT built stations along the line to Asheville. Expansion was put on hold at the host railroad's request due to capacity constraints of the Old Fort Loops (the grade up the Blue Ridge). In the meanwhile, the state is considering a Thruway that would meet trains at either Salisbury or High Point and serve those dormant stations.
  3. Seems to me City to Everywhere would be the one time the host railroad would see to it the train didn't get stabbed. "Gentlemen, we'd love to run a combined train, but if we can't make it work we'll just have to take more slots on your railroad...."
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    chicago Christmas day

    Given a near average delay of an hour and half to the LSL's arrival, you will have about 8 hours to wander and still be back without cutting it close. My favorite first thing to do on a Chicago layover is get a Chicago Dog at a cart on the Loop, but there may not be any on a day as traditionally deserted as Christmas. My favorite second thing to do is definitely an option: ride the L! It really is quite the railroad. If the weather is tolerable, I also recommend simply hanging out on the Clark/Lake or Adams/Wabash platform for a bit, facing the adjacent junction and watching the elevated do its thing. Red Line TO HOWARD (things get dodgy quickly south of downtown) and Brown Line are my rides of choice. If you're a fan of watching planes come and go, the Orange Line goes to Midway. Should trains with electric locomotives appeal, Metra's Electric Division terminates at Millenium Station, as does one of the US's last interurbans, the South Shore Line. With a layover of your length, I would normally recommend a visit to one of Chicagoland's "hot spots" - http://trn.trains.com/photos-videos/hotspots/2006/07/chicagos-hot-spots - but traffic on Christmas Day will be a fraction of its normal self.
  5. dumboldboy

    Superliner Bedroom or Viewliner Bedroom

    I prefer the upper level Superliners' accomodations for the better sight lines and the Pullman heritage. (Yes, it's a bit subjective.)