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  1. D E K E R

    10 Companion Coupons available

    He (bratkinson) had already posted a follow-up post saying that they were all gone. Instead, send a PM to Ronbo who is offering one companion coupon.
  2. D E K E R

    upgrade coupon?

    No upgrade coupons available guys?
  3. To be fair, people I spoke to on my recent Silver service trip stated that they took the train from the Northeast to Florida because airfares were hovering between $1500-$1800 in economy on the dates they needed. I was pretty shocked to say the least.
  4. Was over 2 hours late getting into Washington DC on train number 98 today. A couple in the dining car told me they experienced a 9 hour delay once on the Silver Service.
  5. D E K E R

    upgrade coupon?

    I'll be taking the Northeast Regional tomorrow and also on January 4. If anyone has an upgrade coupon to spare, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  6. D E K E R

    10 Companion Coupons available

    I'd gladly take a companion code if someone still has one or two to spare. Thanks so much in advance. I'm relatively new here and this is a great forum.
  7. D E K E R

    1 One Day Acela Pass available.

    Hi all, sorry to reply to an old thread, but if anyone here does have a Club Acela pass to spare, I'd gladly take it off their hands. I am planning some travel out of NYP in the next 2 weeks and having some time in the lounge before boarding would really be helpful. Many thanks in advance.