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    Winter Storm Diego Disruptions (East 12/8-12/11)

    Thanks. Inadvertently started another post, and get the idea AMTRAK communication isn’t always ... reliable. Supposed to be on 92 to NYC on Wednesday from Tampa. Based on the 4 p.m. statement, it is not canceled, yet they’ve canceled the Southbound 91 from NYC departing on both Monday and Tuesday. I find this mysterious, and as I was told: it may or not be running.
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    91, 92 changes due to storm (12/10) / Confused

    Thanks. Wait ... no “Where in the World is Diego” jokes there?
  3. Thank you for these replies. Yeah, the idea of buying an Acela ticket to Boston seems the easiest way to do this ... I don’t have any reason to go, but maybe I’ll find one. Not sure if it’s worth the trouble just to maintain my status. I sure love access to the lounge at Penn — but maybe I’d just be better off buying a coupon pack and sacrificing my priority phone number for the year. Other than that I’m not sure what I’d really be giving.
  4. Hi, all. I’m booked on 92 from Tampa to NYC on Monday. Because of the storm, 91 down from NY has already been canceled Saturday-Tuesday ... but AMTRAK still has 92 booked to run all the way up on Monday. So here’s my confusion: How can amtrak already have decided to cancel the Southbound train departing Tuesday (arriving Wednesday) ... but as of now still tell passengers the Northbound service is running on Monday? Doesn’t seem to make sense, even though I’d love it to be accurate. thanks, Rob