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  1. I wonder why it wasn’t on the list (above)?
  2. I’m shocked that the Adirondack is still going.
  3. VTTrain

    Choosing Roomettes on SWC

    They didn’t say that they were treated badly. They said that they weren’t treated as if they were first class. Since they had to make multiple phone calls, it’s hard to argue that.
  4. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a rear facing roomette. What we are talking about is the direction that the wider of the two seats will be facing. And keep in mind that while there is a very good chance that the car will be facing in a certain direction, there is no guarantee of that.
  5. I just noticed that the calorie counts are conspicuously absent from the new menu.
  6. While I question the wisdom of having the dining car be exclusively for sleeper car passengers, I’m not sure how many people will ultimately question that decision while they are on the train. It’s not as if people demand first class amenities when they are flying coach on an airplane. Conceptually, it’s reasonable that people who pay much more for their ticket will receive enhanced benefits in return. That said, I would like to see this be opened up to coach passengers. But if they do that I would like the option to pre-order meals as a sleeper car passenger so I am guaranteed to get the meal of my choice.
  7. From the photos I have seen, you are allowed to mix and match.
  8. Someone else has confirmed that the breakfast sandwich is microwaved to order. The prepared fruit is also kept behind the counter and must be requested.
  9. Is the cafe vegan noodle bowl the same as the one in the dining car?
  10. No disruption to the Adirondack?
  11. Okay, cpotisch. You inspired me to try again. And... I was told that there would be an up-charge to switch to roomette #1. I know that this is wrong, but I just don't have the desire to play their dysfunctional game anymore.
  12. Oh, I know that it isn't correct. But, while I preferred roomette #1, I didn't have a strong objection to being assigned roomette #3. My primary goal was to be on that side of the car. It wasn't worth dealing with the hassle to switch to #1.
  13. This is an anecdote, but I recently booked two Viewliner sleeper trips on or about the first day that you could book. In each case the online system assigned roomette #2. And in each case roomette #1 was available. I was able to be moved in roomette #1 on one of the trips, but had to settle for roomette #3 on the other trip because the agent insisted that I had to pay extra to be assigned roomette #1.
  14. VTTrain

    NYC to Quebec City to NYC

    Quebec City is worth it.
  15. VTTrain

    NYC to Quebec City to NYC

    I don’t think many people are cruising to Quebec in January and February.
  16. VTTrain

    Writers' Residencies

    When I was debating booking the Lake Shore Limited and Sliver Meteor for business trips, one of these residency writers was part of what led me to go ahead and book. (A small part, mind you, but a part nonetheless.) It was clear that their discussion of their trip was influenced by the fact that they were getting it for free with the hope that they would say nice things. But their writing was pretty good. I just took what they said with a grain of salt and sought confirmation elsewhere.
  17. I'm really curious about how much you will be allowed to take at breakfast.
  18. Since there are no prices listed it doesn't look like it.
  19. That's my only gripe. It would have been nice if the chicken dish was a lower fat, healthier option rather than a carb and fat loaded pasta dish - especially when there is already another pasta dish on the menu. But since I am only taking the LSL one time this year it's not that big of a deal in the long run.
  20. VTTrain

    New to railroading (Questions)

    I hadn't seen that. Thanks for sharing it!
  21. I applaud their being proactive about the changes.
  22. To make matters worse, Amtrak's retail price is $10. In the store a four-pack sells for $12.99. As much as my brain wants to tell me that this is wrong, I am struggling to see why this canned beverage is any worse than a canned mixer combined with alcohol on-site. I have one or two drinks a month, so I am far from an expert on this.
  23. I don't think so. Here is what he said, "the whining and complaining of Internet Railroaders is not representative of actual customer feedback." (emphasis mine)
  24. Interesting. Are you privy to Amtrak's internal information? I'm surprised that the change would result in a generally "mixed" reaction. I'm not saying you are wrong. I am just curious as to your source.