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  1. VTTrain

    Who's Flown Icelandic?

    It’s not a myth. Airlines profit more from business and first class passengers. The gap has shrunk thanks largely to ancillary fees for coach passengers, but there is still a gap. WOW airlines would love to be able to have true business class. So would Norwegian. But not many people departing from Newburgh or Providence want a lie-flat business class seat. Just as most business people don’t want to stop in Iceland. These airlines recognize that there is only so much demand to go around, and that demand doesn’t fit well with their overall model. A better example is JetBlue. Where there is demand, they have fully embraced their Mint product. This is after having coach-only on those routes. JetBlue didn’t add Mint so they could make less money. British Airways could fly all-coach from JFK to London. There is a reason why they don’t. Meanwhile, WOW is essentially bankrupt and Norwegian is not far behind. All-business class airlines, such as Eos, have struggled for other reasons. It’s much harder to fill a plane with all business class seats than a plane with only some seats designated as business class. It’s also much harder to sell seats on point to point airlines than on an airline that can bring in connecting passengers. Add to this lousy frequent flier programs, inferior airport lounges, and infrequent schedules and you have a real challenge on your hands. They also can’t adapt with the state of the economy. United can add or remove Polaris seats depending on economic conditions. An all-business class airline can’t. Which seat is the MOST profitable? Many people think that it’s this one, which has been embraced by numerous budget airlines: https://www.wsj.com/articles/in-between-class-lifts-carriers-1393968964
  2. VTTrain

    Late Trains, one major cause

    I’m willing to cut Amtrak some slack when we are talking about the coldest temperatures in decades.
  3. That has been my experience as well. Clearly there is more at work here. I disagree that the question, for your purposes, should be, “Why is a low bucket Roomette on the Cardinal $50 more than one on the CL?". You’ve demonstrated why that would be a mere academic exercise with no practical application. Your original question made a lot of sense. I agree with others that it’s largely the result of limited supply in relation to demand.
  4. As a fellow business traveler, this is what makes me very nervous about long distance trains.
  5. VTTrain

    Who's Flown Icelandic?

    Saga class is not nearly as nice as Polaris. It is essentially equivalent to domestic first class.
  6. Just to clarify for since the original poster is from Italy and likely isn't familiar with our station codes, CHI - GJT is Chicago to Grand Junction.
  7. VTTrain

    Dinner on 448

    That is dated and refers to the old (and cold) menu. I am curious for a report with the updated menu.
  8. A good question. I know that airline meals are often blast chilled to near, but not quite, the point of freezing. I just assumed that Amtrak’s meals are frozen.
  9. VTTrain

    Dinner on 448

    But do they? Has anyone actually given a report?
  10. VTTrain

    Dinner on 448

    The train arrives into Albany at 2:31 PM and splits. The dining car stays with the New York section. The Boston section only has a cafe car. Are the hot options available on 448 from the cafe? If not, that would leave the antipasto plate.
  11. While you are generally correct, it's a little more nuanced than this. One example of where making more can be a net loss is when you are the beneficiary of government aid programs. A raise could put you just above the threshold for eligibility for these programs. This is known as the "welfare cliff." It's a very complicated topic, but it is possible to get a raise and be worse off under this scenario. But you are correct that, when it comes to your tax bill alone, the tax code is designed to put more overall money in your pocket when you get a raise My understanding is that itemized deduction phase outs were eliminated in the 2018 tax bill. I don't claim to be an expert, though, so it's possible that I am wrong.
  12. VTTrain

    TPS Tour 2019

    I've got a flight booked from Albany to Chicago. I'm not happy to hear that TSA is a pain in the neck there. I was even more unhappy when I learned that their TSA Pre-Check is available only from 4:00 AM - 6:00 AM. I specifically chose Albany so I can take the Lake Shore Limited on the return. My plan was to park at the Albany rail station and then take an Uber to the airport.
  13. VTTrain

    Lowest Fare - 5 months out?

    Thank you!
  14. VTTrain

    Lowest Fare - 5 months out?

    I’d love to see this in writing because I have had multiple agents disagree.