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    Kansas City sights, sounds and rooms

    The top of your list should include a trip to a fantastic museum dedicated to the steamboat Arabia, which was dug up from a farmer's field, along with all of its contents. Check it out at http://1856.com/ It's in downtown KCMO.
  2. I've never seen anything like this before. Not sure if it is useful in any way, but it is still kind of cool to watch: http://willgeary.github.io/data/2017/07/30/One-Week-Amtrak.html
  3. My pleasure. Have you left your car there in summer time? When we leave on our trip in the last couple of weeks in June, could I expect to find all the parking spaces completely filled? It wouldn't be easy to figure out a parking alternative when the train is scheduled to depart within the hour.
  4. Is it the overpass construction you are referring to that started early last year? http://www.maricopa-az.gov/web/overpass-tracker The link above has some info on the project. From the plan of the site, it doesn't look like the project will affect the station's layout at all. Apparently there are future plans to move MRC, but it doesn't sound like work would start on that for a few more years, if ever.
  5. Good to know you haven't had any problems in the past - I hope someone chimes in with parking space availability info.
  6. I'd like to know as well. I'll be taking the SL in late June from MRC on a nine day trip. I don't know whether I'd want to leave my car there for that long. The area looks kind of sketchy when you look at it on Google Street View. Anyone have any problems parking there?
  7. It might be something the creator of this video might want to tackle. I've looked at some of the other "visualizations" on his blog at http://willgeary.github.io/data/. It looks like much of what he does is transportation-related. Is the 1952 Official Guide available in a digitzed format? If not, someone would have to do the hard work of creating a database of the schedules and translating location data into lat/long format. Intermediate positions between stations would have to be extrapolated as well.
  8. It's embedded from Vimeo on that web page. Perhaps you'd have better luck watching the video directly on Vimeo's site: https://vimeo.com/227781470
  9. I knew there had to be a reason. Makes perfect sense!
  10. Where do I find recent on-time performance data for the CS and SL? On our return trip from Seattle to Arizona on 11 CS we have a connection to 2 SL departing Los Angeles at 10 PM after a 9PM arrival on 11 CS. It is listed as our connection on the ticket, but it seems like it could be a close call, especially if the Coast Starlight is late at all. If the SL departs without us, do we get a bus ride to our destination (Maricopa AZ) instead? And since we have a roomette, is there a refund for the difference in value between a bus ride and a sleeper car?
  11. Very good point. The CS is still about 70% of the distance of SL, but has a connection window that is less than 25% the size of the opposite direction, yet still has a similar connection rate. That was what surprised me.
  12. Thanks for the link to the juckins.net tool. I used it to check our outgoing connection between 1 SL and 14 CS, and it shows a slightly worse chance of making the connection for what is supposed to be a layover of more than four hours - SL's scheduled arrival is 5:35AM and CS's departure is not until 10:10AM, but the stats show a 9% missed connection rate! What is it about the Sunset Limited that seems to cause substantial delays?
  13. I'd hope not to get stuck in LA traffic if that were the case, and miss the connection to № 2, LOL! Actually our inspiration to try this - our first LD train trip - is because a huge percentage of our last (auto) road trip to the Los Angeles area was spent sitting in those long ribbon-like parking lots they call freeways. We decided then to try ditching the car the next time we went to (or in this case through) Cali on vacation.
  14. Thank you to both of you, @FrensicPic and @Thirdrail7. This forum is a wealth of information and knowledge!
  15. My wife and I have never been on an Amtrak train before, and we are going "all in" in June with a trip on the SL from Maricopa to Los Angeles, then LA to Seattle on the CS. With the PPC gone, are first class passengers allowed to use the "lounge" in the transition sleeper? I also read (maybe somewhere on this forum) that they have added a second dining car for first class passengers to use as a lounge? Is this true, and if so, is it being done consistently? I understand that the Sightseer Lounge is often filled with squatters, and it might be hard to get a seat most of the time.
  16. Okay, thanks for the info. I've spent quite a few months lurking here before joining in on the fun. There certainly is a wealth of information here fom the members.