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  1. F900ElCapitan

    When are fewest points needed?

    Well sort of, definitely on a certain route and accommodation (the CZ and SWC offer early low bucket roomettes but not bedrooms). I’ve been watching the SWC and CZ bedrooms, and especially on the SWC there are very few low bucket bedrooms available in June or July. Most days are at a higher bucket due to good sales and it just doesn’t get moved. For instance today’s 5 month mark is July 7. Bedrooms on the SWC are low bucket +2 $1368. Where as the TE is low bucket at $875, and the CZ actually dropped to low bucket at $861.
  2. F900ElCapitan

    When are fewest points needed?

    It’s all about what the current fare bucket is for whichever accommodation you’re looking for, which is solely determined by load factor for the particular accommodation. Points are used at a rate very close to 34 points per dollar. So now it’s just finding whichever day has the cheapest fare, for which there isn’t much of a pattern, it’s only load based. I would book as far out as possible and then keep watching the fare. Depending on the train, accommodation, and current load factor, they might drop the price at the 5 month mark.
  3. I’ll be in SLC this weekend too. We’re headed there to see my son (who is at UoU) for his birthday! I guess it’s just a party weekend.
  4. Actually, shouldn’t that be departing SLC on Sunday at 4am?
  5. Over the summer, we drove an hour to Gainesville, TX to ride the Heartland Flyer for an hour into Fort Worth for the day. It’s a little crazy because Fort Worth is just an hour drive from my house.
  6. F900ElCapitan

    2019 CA Zephyr Snow/Weather Delays

    Most of the CZ consists I’ve seen on the webcams have been running with the Transdorm and 2 sleepers. The rest looks about right. I also noticed on the Galesburg cam today that 6 (4) ran with a backwards consist after the Transdorm. So they managed to turn the front end but not the back.
  7. F900ElCapitan

    Crescent/CONO/Cardinal June Triangle Trip

    Very interesting, thanks for posting that cpotisch! Amtrak and Arrow are just bizarre, and I really wish someone with common sense could step up and fix a lot of this. Good luck on your trip, I’m sure you’ll keep us posted on how it goes!!
  8. F900ElCapitan

    Texas eagle incident near ft worth

    Bummer, I watched 21 and 22 arrive in Fort Worth. I tried to post a movie of 22 but I can’t seem to get the file under 50mb.
  9. F900ElCapitan

    Lowest Fare - 5 months out?

    I guess the best answer is...maybe. It seems to depend on the train and which accommodation you’re looking to book. Niemi24s posted about roomette pricing availability, which shows one side. But if you look at say bedrooms on the SWC, low bucket fares will only be available within 5 months. That being said, those fares only seem to only be a viable option during the low season. This scenario also seems to be true for bedrooms on the CZ. So I believe the best answer is, if low bucket wasn’t available at 11 months, then check at 5 months. You might get lucky.
  10. F900ElCapitan

    Texas Eagle cancelled today (1/30)...why?

    I get it, it’s just where and how they want the break in the flow to happen. Personally I’m surprised they allowed as many LD trains into Chicago today as they did. It would have been possible to truncate most of these trains mid-route where the weather might be cold but not what Chicago is getting. That would have at least covered any passengers between said points and positioned the equipment closer to Chicago so service could be restored quicker.
  11. F900ElCapitan

    Texas Eagle cancelled today (1/30)...why?

    Actually, the train 21 that left yesterday is enroute to SAS and will arrive tonight, but todays departure out of CHI did not happen. So there will be two train sets in SAS tonight. From what Amtrak has been tweeting and posting, they are basically putting most trains in and out of CHI on hold until the cold air recedes.
  12. F900ElCapitan

    Texas Eagle Route

    I believe most of Dallas to St. Louis is former MoPac.
  13. F900ElCapitan

    Companion coupons for sleepers accepted now?

    I just checked mine, and it seems to be working.
  14. Just a heads up, if you don’t like the answer you got about linking the reservation, either call back or ask for a supervisor. There are ways to link reservations so the conductor will know you’re together. Otherwise, you could get the up front payment from your travel cohorts then buy the tickets under one reservation number.
  15. Well, thread bump, I got to see the Texas Eagle meet in Fort Worth Thursday and today (Saturday). 3 of the 4 trains did not have baggage cars. Today’s 21 was the lucky candidate with the full baggage and was the only train without a coach/baggage. I’m not sure if this is a winter thing, a short term thing, or a new permanent thing as on the 10th, I’m pretty sure both trains had them, but I know 22 did for sure.