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  1. No parties observed by this rider, most people are trying to nap.
  2. AG1

    Bike stuff

    Nice report and photos on the transport of bicycles on Amtrak. Do you have insurance on your titanium bike ? I would be apprehensive leaving it out of my sight ! (off train)
  3. There is a tunnel walkway from the "T" Orange/Green line station to the Boston North Station with escalators and elevators.
  4. AG1

    Modifying a ticket? Full e-voucher!

    It should be the same penalty as if you used cash. I was charged a points restocking fee of 10% for modifying a reservation by one day to a lower price.
  5. AG1

    LSL Boston section meals

    Correct , the D/L meals start at ALB.
  6. AG1

    LSL Boston section meals

    On my recent trip, all sleeper people were called to the D/L (new diner/lounge )for a short explanation of the new boxed meal system. The one LSA(Lead service attendant) explained the three ways to receive your boxed meals. Come to the D/L and be served at the tables, pick up for take out back to your room, or have your car attendant pickup for delivery to your room. Most people stayed for the first meal at the tables. There were three choices . I had my hot short rib boxed meal in 5 minutes. Most cold boxes were delivered in less that 5 minutes from ordering. There were open rubbish containers to dump your trash on the way out. Most people did their own clean up. This is a fast system. No more agonizing waiting for service. Also there are not any set meal times. The LSA was there anytime(6am-10pm) I needed a meal, drink or snack. In fact I talked with the LSA quite a bit on visits to the D/L.He seemed kind of lonely at times. The amount and quality of the boxed lunches was good. Most people picked what they wanted and dumped stuff they didn't want.
  7. Please be careful people ! This thread is in danger of being sidetracked into a tipping debate. Do a search and you will find many posts that turned nasty. I hope a moderator will head this off.
  8. Yeah, it's sort if its own thing. It's Acela's coach, but not exactly comparable to "regular coach" on the other trains. It is Acela Business Class with business class seats, business class curtains, and business class leg room.
  9. Acela Business Class has considerable more leg room than coach on the Regionals. It is not the same as coach as some have stated !
  10. Just turn the phone setting to landscape not portrait and hold the phone horizontal not vertical.
  11. I interpret that as a one day event on 8/22, not a permanent situation.
  12. I had two boxed meals served to me Monday 8-13-2018 in the diner lounge on the LSL, the hot short rib beef box meal for late lunch and the cold antipasto cold cuts with cheeses for dinner. I would rate both meals as good and filling for a 230 pounder like me. All sleeper passengers were called to the diner lounge too hear an informative talk by the service attendant. The options given were to be served at the tables, order at the tables for carry out, or to have your meals delivered to your room. Most people stayed and had their orders taken right then, although the option of coming for "any meal at any time" was given. The unlimited soft drinks and the one free alcoholic drink availability was highly stressed. From my ordering the hot meal and two juice drinks to delivery at the table was 10 minutes. The table turn over was fast. Most people self disposed of all the packaging and waste themselves in three trash boxes on exiting. The attendant followed up with table clearing and cleaning. The attendant did not seem stressed handling two sleeper cars of passengers and was not surly like so many servers in the past.
  13. My condolences to Grace and the family. I rode with Alan on many OTOL railfests and AU gatherings. RIP my friend.
  14. Yes, my post proving misinformation by another poster disappeared without any notice by the moderators.
  15. Thanks, and if I may add to that, I'm almost always the one who actually tips when on Amtrak. Since my parents usually pay for almost all of the ticket, I feel like I'm obligated to tip our SCA and dining car staff, out of respect for all of them. MMA, you can feel free to disagree with what I say. But please do not inform me that my opinions and recommendations are invalid, or that I should "take a timeout" from posting. I had said that this was "my rule of thumb for tipping", and tried to make it very clear that it was not universal fact. Please respect my right to offer assistance and suggestions of my own, even if you disagree, or feel I'm too young to do so. Cpotisch, you are free to post all the information you want to. You have enthusiasm for Amtrak and I like having young members on this forum. Several people have felt it necessary to correct information you posted in LSL and Capitol Ltd threads. We both want the "newbies" to receive correct information. I hope you learn from these incidents. I am sorry that I offended you. There have been many non ending heated threads on here about tipping. I gave you the official quote from Amtrak on tipping as the official reference, too show a misstatement to the "newbies" that they "should tip". You did state that. I wanted the "newbies" to know that the are not obligated to tip, but may do so if they wish. They are 100% free to make up their own mind rather than follow "rule of thumbs" . I hope we agree on that. Peace!