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  1. Amtrak's variable pricing scheme or algorithm is very mysterious. I have never seen a hard fast rule that can be followed in this case. I would do test bookings using combinations of your couples, (1, 1+2, 1+2+3, etc)., and use the one combination that results in the lowest average price. I suspect that separate tickets would be the way to go.
  2. Welcome to AU. This website has no connection with Amtrak, despite the name. You should consult your employee manual and company website for the answers then come back here and fill us in.
  3. AG1

    NYC to Quebec City to NYC

    They wanted too move to Bar Harbor with once a day service. That is why I included "if approved" in my post. Apparently approval is lacking at this point. http://www.theforecaster.net/high-speed-ferry-moving-from-portland-to-bar-harbor/https://www.google.com/url? https://www.mdislander.com/maine-news/ferries-adrift-bay-ferries-lacks-leases
  4. AG1

    NYC to Quebec City to NYC

    The CAT ferry will be going to Bar Harbor this year instead of Portland, ME. if approved.
  5. AG1

    Boston South Station

    Thanks for the photos. It looks like they did away with the three desk top computer stations that did work reasonably fast.
  6. There is summer weekend ferry service from NJ/NYC to Marthas Vineyard, MA. There is also ferry service Marthas Vineyard to many points in MA and RI. They use the Seastreak ferries that are high speed catamarans which travel 30 knots, which is 34.5 MPH. The Cape Cod Canal and approaches have a maximum speed limit of 10 MPH which kills the Boston to NY travel time. http://Routes & Schedules for NYC, NJ, Martha's Vineyard | Seastreak Ferries https://seastreak.com/ferry-routes-and-schedules/
  7. Hi,

    I am interested in knowing your method of digitalizing the films mentioned in the post.

    Thank you,


    1. ehbowen


      I'm a semi-pro; I do this as a part time hobby business. For video tapes I use one of five high-end S-VHS and D-VHS VCRs; I feed that output to a time base corrector to clean up the signal and then digitize it using (normally) an ATI All-In-Wonder video card. The AIW cards are widely regarded to be the best hardware ever built for this purpose; unfortunately they were discontinued with the move to digital video and the drivers were never updated (they still require Windows XP). I also have machines which are capable of playing 8mm/Hi8 video tapes and Mini-DV tapes as well as an adapter which lets me play VHS-C tapes in the full-size S-VHS machines. I'm also in the process of acquiring a machine which should allow me to convert PAL format VHS and S-VHS tapes.

      I also have a film scanner which allows me to digitize 8mm and Super 8 film movies (silent only, at present) to 720P HD digital video. Once digitized, I have the software to add (generic royalty-free...I don't want to tangle with the copyright ****s) music, titles and effects to the videos as well as perform some color correction and restoration. Then I can master and burn the videos to physical media (DVD or Blu-ray) as desired. Oh, I can also scan slides and negatives but I try to downplay that as it's a fairly slow and involved process with a lot of manual fiddle-work.

  8. I was assigned a seat the one time I did that trip in 2017.
  9. It is general knowledge in the law enforcement community that the most effective patrol officers are those that tend to be rough, ready and street wise who can best confront the despots of society. In other words, the grade school bully or troublemaker probably would grow up to be more effective as a policeman than the studious class nerd that never made trouble. In contrast, the detectives and forensics experts tend to have advanced their education. ref. My police training.
  10. One would think that a press release by the public relations department would be proof read before being issued.
  11. AG1

    Red cap question

    I have been with people from the NY Club Acela that were escorted to the platform early without asking for such assistance. The Red Cap acted as a guide and did not carry bags or overtly solicit a tip. The Red Caps are reportedly well paid union employees of Amtrak and are there to help all customers, not just the affluent tippers.
  12. You will have your own enclosed toilet in the bedroom. All the public toilets are vented to the outside. Smells usually come from blue water overflow onto the floor if the toilet vacuum systems fails to empty the hopper.