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  1. scrollmaster

    NYC to Quebec City to NYC

    We travel the Crescent in March to see DC, Philly, Richmond. Williamsburg, etc. Hopefully they're back on schedule by then. The NYC trip on the Crescent doesn't happen till October.
  2. scrollmaster

    NYC to Quebec City to NYC

    This is the last of three long distance train trips planned for this year and happens mid October. We decided to couple it with a cruise seeing we will be in New York anyway. We did that last year when the Empire Builder reached Seattle and we exited there for the Alaskan cruise and it added so much fun to an already wonderful train trip. It was our first LD train AND first cruise. Many wonderful memories.
  3. scrollmaster

    NYC to Quebec City to NYC

    Now I'll tell on myself [emoji16].. I'll begin by saying this will be our second ever cruise. Our first was last year leaving Seattle for 7 days to Alaska then cruising back to Seattle. This upcoming cruise was originally booked as a 7 day cruise from NYC and the last stop being Halifax Nova Scotia then sailing back to NYC. Somewhere in my mind I just thought all cruises return back to their port of departure. So when my wife said she wished we had more than 7 days I called Princess and rebooked everything to the 10-day cruise going all the way around Nova Scotia to Quebec City. I also called AGR and rescheduled our bedrooms to the new dates as well as changed all our hotels. I have to say I was pretty proud of myself until that night when I printed my new itinerary and didn't see NYC at the end. Louisiana was sure looking a long way off about that time. Anyway it worked out fine and we will get a couple extra train rides.
  4. scrollmaster

    NYC to Quebec City to NYC

    Ok here what it's tentatively looking like after disembarking cruise ship in Quebec City.. Day 1 - Train #37 Quebec to Montreal. Leaves 1pm and arrives 4:14pm. In Montreal I will get one of the hotels at the train station. Should have time for supper somewhere in Old Town before heading back to the hotel. Day 2 - #68 Adirondack to NYP and get hotel. Day 3 - #19 Crescent on the way home to Louisiana.
  5. scrollmaster

    NYC to Quebec City to NYC

    Have trip planned leaving from Louisiana to catch the Crescent in Meridian, MS on the way to see a bit of New York City. Yesterday we also added a one way 10 day cruise from NYC around Nova Scotia to cruise departure at Quebec City. Instead of flying back to NYC, my wife and I would like to take the train for the view. I assume I would book VIA RAIL to the US/Canada border then Amtrak from that point to NYC so we can catch 19 Crescent back home. It would appear going through Montreal is obvious route but wondering about alternate route to see more countryside. Ship docks at Quebec City on a Thursday morning and train leaves NYC Penn station 2:15 Saturday to give a time frame.
  6. scrollmaster

    Cost a lot to play..

    From our bedroom window on the Texas Eagle. Kind of a cold day and as you can see my wife is engaged doing "Important" stuff from her phone[emoji2]
  7. scrollmaster

    New Menus on #8

    For someone who's only Amtrak experience is several long-distance trains I'm curious. On long distance trains such as the City of New Orleans do they still have a dining car you sit and eat with other Amtrak Riders but just has a limited menu? I will add that I did ride the City of New Orleans in 1988. It was coach from New Orleans to Jackson. It was my first-ever train ride.
  8. scrollmaster

    New Menus on #8

    I never cared much for the crab cake thing either but my wife likes them and would love having the two crab cake option. A couple times we both ordered Land and Sea so she could have two. I can't nearly handle two steaks but they will leave the steak off her order so she gets what she wants that way.
  9. scrollmaster

    New Menus on #8

    Same here. My wife and I have always enjoyed the full dining car since we found train travel. The food is surprisingly good and meeting new people at each meal is a great part of the train ride experience. We choose Anytime Dining on a cruise for the same reason. We live in NE part of Louisiana and will always drive west to Longview, Tx for Texas Eagle or east to Meridian, MS for Crescent to avoid riding the CONO because it has the limited dining menu.
  10. I've been receiving my points fine on both the card I have and my wife card. But this came in this morning and if the base points are one point, seems like I'd be missing a few on my bonus points for it to be three points on any purchase.
  11. It doesn't even read like you were addressing him personally. Not sure why he took it that way.
  12. I also never received an initial email before it started and found it on the AGR site myself. I did get a follow-up email in late November reminding me that I had till December 31st to learn the 3x points but I never saw an email prior to that one.
  13. scrollmaster

    Reaching status using long distance only

    I live in Monroe, LA area and reached Select Plus. My closest train station is over 130 miles away. It is a bit more difficult on LD travel only. I would love Select Executive but still need 8043 TQP's. I made it to Select Plus by traveling a good bit, the 4000 TQP's for spending, and maximizing the use of purchases on my AGR cards. But that is a double edge sword because when redeeming points for travel it earns no TQP's. Wife and I travel so much by points we earn that doubt making SE is in our forcast.
  14. Has to be really frustrating. And even if they do award you the points the program will be over and no chance to plan best use of spending to maximize AGR points like you would have if you knew your purchases were being honored.