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  1. milest303

    Pere Marquette changes

    https://www.harborcountry-news.com/news/changes-to-amtrak-s-pere-marquette-line-recommended/article_e7743034-0ed7-11e9-883b-0f8763e6a876.html With the ridership falling on this route, do you think adding a connection to the Amtrak line, thus adding stops in Michigan City and New Buffalo, would be a good idea? And in the short term would it be feasible to add a stop in Hammond-Whiting?
  2. milest303

    Revised Wolverine schedule starting 1/22/18

    I second GrandRiver's post. I just purchased a Pere Marquette ticket and along with it came a message that CSX has increased speed on the line, meaning a new schedule for 2/18. Anyone have anything to comment?