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  1. Hi Bill!

    The Buckeyes and the Longhorns both held on to Win^_^, and Urban can shuttle off to TV for EZ Bucks!!

  2. Also very late Betty, but so glad that the news is very positive. Hope you are up and ready for a trip to Dallas next fall. Best wishes and Happy Healing Bill & Claudia
  3. Paid for cruise fares which provided extra points for travel..hotels, etc before the Nov 5 date and then more after that. May get that extra Amtrak trip this year after all.
  4. Railroad Bill

    coach between Toledo and Tampa?

    Since we board in CLE, we have similar experience on trips to Fla. As mentioned above, you may want to opt for a combination coach/sleeper to save some money. If money is not a major factor, I would take the roomette the entire trip. Otherwise, I would do coach from TOL to WAS since it is a quicker overnight trip. Get a good nap in on the day you leave and you will be fine for one night. Then take a roomette from WAS to TPA, a longer ride and a chance for a decent sleep before you depart in Tampa. On the return trip, I would do roomette from TPA to WAS. Coach from WAS to TOL is doable since you leave WAS around 4 and arrive in TOL by 5am.
  5. Railroad Bill

    30-42 connection in Pittsburgh

    The OP did not mention if they were riding coach or in a sleeper on 30 to PGH. If 30 is very late and the decision was made to stay on 30 to WAS and connect with an NER there, the "free ticket" would likely only include a coach ticket and not the ability to remain in the sleeper to WAS. If the room was not to be occupied east of PGH, then one might be afforded that amenity. Also my experience is that any destination west of Harrisburg (Johnstown, Altoona, etc) would involve a bustitution for the missed connection to #42.
  6. Dear Betty, Claudia and I wish you all the best. You will put up the good fight and beat this.
  7. Railroad Bill

    Which Direction? (traveling on western trains)

    If it is the first trip on these trains, I would go with my choices below. Have done both directions and each has its own advantages. CZ westbound (better timing for Rockies viewing) EB eastbound (better chance of seeing Glacier Natl Park in daylight) SWC prefer westbound but either way is fine NOL northbound leaving NO in daylight
  8. Railroad Bill


    Welcome to AU. Feel free to pick our brains about Amtrak and enjoy the ride!
  9. We have traveled the CL to Silver Service connection many times over the years. At times in the past the connection between 30 and 91 was not a guarantee when track work and slow conditions left the CL late many times. We have almost always done a 30 to 97 connection to cover our trip in case of a later CL. It also gives you more time to explore Washington DC, which we enjoy doing. We always travel in roomette or bedroom so our case is a bit different than your plans. Since Amtrak is now guaranteeing that 30-91 connection, if you are too late to make it, they will attempt to put you on 97 later in the day. Since you plan to travel in coach, that will likely not be a problem. If you travel in sleeper, you may not have a sleeper available on that train, so the ride may be in coach. If that happens, Amtrak will compensate you for the missed sleeper opportunity. I suppose you can also talk to customer relations about modifying that reservation to allow you to leave on the following days 91 or 97 If you find that your #30 is going to be very late and not make the 91 connection, you should call customer relations as soon as possible to attempt to secure a place on #97 ...many others on your #30 may need to do the same thing so the earlier you call, the better your chances.
  10. Railroad Bill

    Third Trip, First Overnight

    I doubt doubt they are that aware. All you need to do as a coach passenger is quickly walk through the dining car to the sleeper. Wait a few minutes on the other side of the door then enter the dining car again for a meal. And I know I have entered the dining car from the SSL. I think it is just the honor system sort of thing. Sort of like at at a hotel. The problem might come with filling out the car and room number. You would have to know a valid car and room number and know it is occupied. But even then I bet they don't check or car to check. There are possible loopholes with a lot of things. I doubt that there are many people who will go to that much trouble to get a free meal at the risk of being discovered and possibly kicked off the train. Just because something is possible doesn't mean it's worth it or anyone will do it. Or that it is ethical. The important issue is that it is against the rules to have a meal that you did not pay for. Not whether you can get away with it.
  11. Railroad Bill

    Northeast Regional - luggage?

    Thanks Triley for clarifying misconceptions regarding the opening of doors.
  12. Railroad Bill

    Northeast Regional - luggage?

    They are compensated but do rely on tips to supplement their income. We usually give them $1 or 2 per bag.
  13. Railroad Bill

    Capitol Limited sightseer lounge question

    There have been a few times that the Sightseer Lounge was not part of the consist on our CL trips. Jan 2015 comes to mind. That was several years ago in the winter months and the CCC diner was part of the consist.. used by coach passengers for sandwiches, etc on the one side of the car. So there have been times that this has occurred.
  14. Railroad Bill

    Guess who's coming to dinner?

    A graduate student from Russia studying in Oregon, an Australian couple traveling across America by train, a Jesuit priest who lives in the woods of Montana to find peace, an Amish couple traveling from Kansas to Ohio for a wedding, a musical duo heading to Austin, Texas for a concert..playing in the lounge car for our entertainment later that evening, And so many more.. I will miss much of that on trains that have abandoned the traditional dining experience.
  15. Thank you for sharing this information about our Amish communities in Ohio. We live near several Amish groups, they sell products at our farmer markets at church and partake of many stores and businesses in our town. Do not take photos of them at short distances or for personal photos. Respect their beliefs. They ride Amtrak quite often from Cleveland on the LSL & CL. Would never take their photo in the station or on the train.