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  1. lordsigma

    FY19 Appropriation - Safe

    I wonder if this station agent provision applies to the state supported routes that eliminated some stations. You’d think not as the state would have had to agree to the unstaffing but I guess we’ll see.
  2. Pretty good sale this weekend for anyone who needs to buy tickets. Booked all my currently known trips for spring and early summer yesterday. Buy one get one on coach fares nation wide (excluding unreserved tickets) and also includes Acela business. As usual, not applicable for advance fares but my main trip already didn’t have any saver seats left. Anyone else take advantage? Also not online exclusive - this deal can also be done over the phone or with a station agent. March 25 - July 29 and no blackouts apparently.
  3. lordsigma

    FY19 Appropriation - Safe

    Was the veterans discount similar to the disabled where it is not applicable to advanced fare buckets?
  4. Not surprised. I ride out of SPG, but at this point with the Boston sleeper right behind the locomotive I will ride coach to Albany and then get a room on the NY sleeper.
  5. lordsigma

    FY19 Appropriation - Safe

    Any word on which special provisions made it? I remember there was talk of the long distance language, the requirement to make the fixes to the Southwest Chief route, and the station agent language but curious what got in there.
  6. Maybe a combination of both? In the peak months it would seem beneficial to add capacity, but then in the slower months take as many V1s out as possible for overhaul. Guess a lot depends on if the V1 overhaul is funded.
  7. lordsigma

    How to get receipt of past trip

    Try the call center or if you live near your station a station agent. They might be able to print something out (or email you) something.
  8. lordsigma

    Vermonter 54 2/3 Grade Crossing accident

    Sounds like no injuries thankfully.
  9. Looks like Vermonter had a grade crossing incident tonight in Charlestown, NH. Trying to find info on local news.
  10. I will be on 417/2175 to WAS this Thursday.
  11. Yep it's not me. I have yet to run into anyone from this board.
  12. Totally understandable - one of these days I am going to do a MNRR trip just to do something different. I am fortunate right now to have minimal expenses and no dependents so enjoying the opportunity to make as many journeys as possible as im sure that will not be the case forever!
  13. Only issue with the Vermonter for THIS particular trip is that it tends to be a more expensive option (at least from what I’ve seen from SPG) due to it being the only option for all stations north of SPG. I usually find through regional and shuttle/regional combinations to be more cost effective than Vermonter. (Although I love taking the Vermonter north to Vermont - take it frequently to ESX.)
  14. Very true if taking the subway it can make a big difference.
  15. I usually go Amtrak but I’m also big into AGR points and I’m also in a position where I can usually afford the higher fares.