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  1. cpotisch

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    But here's the thing: you live in Alta California, which is not exactly out of the way, remote, or lacking in transportation infrastructure. So I don't think you can really speak to how easy it would be for someone who does live in a tiny town without nearby airports or highways to lose their train service. That said, I guess I'm in the same pickle.
  2. Ah, good old Wendover Productions. Great channel for anyone interested with airlines and aircraft.
  3. cpotisch

    Menu Capitol Limited?

    If they add another vegetarian option and a choice of dessert, I'd be onboard (figuratively and literally). But under the current menu, as a pescatarian I have literally no choice whatsoever about what to order. Which sucks.
  4. cpotisch

    Texas Eagle late leaving SAS (11/13)

    A minor point but San Antonio is actually SAS.
  5. A bit of an off topic question, but why are so many of the world's airport people movers monorails? Just 'cause they look cool?
  6. cpotisch

    “Live” from 20(12)

    So jealous right now - my last trip was in February, so I'm in LD train withdrawal. But at least I've only got 36 days until I'm on #97 to DLB!
  7. cpotisch

    10 Companion Coupons available

    LOL, that was fast. As always, I'm just too late to the party.
  8. If you can swing it, here's the itinerary I would recommend: Cardinal to Chicago - it's a tiny little train which offers a one seat ride to Chicago, as well as amazing scenery, and meal service with much more variety and many more hot options than the Capitol. Then California Zephyr to Emeryville - it undoubtedly has the absolute best scenery of any Amtrak route Coast Starlight up to Seattle - as was said, the northbound lets you see the Cascades during the day Empire Builder to Chicago - The Builder is probably only rivaled by the Zephyr when it comes to scenery Cardinal home That is my idea of the absolute perfect itinerary, but it is highly possible that you won't be able to find low fares for all those segments, especially since the Cardinal only runs thrice-weekly. But if you can make it happen, I'm sure it will be an absolutely amazing trip. Good luck!
  9. The Sunset is a really nice train with wonderful staff and some pretty great views west of San Antonio, so I think that if you can at all make the schedule work, DEFINITELY go for it. But of course, being thrice-weekly you'd have to spend at least two days in San Antonio if you want to spend any actual time there. I honestly don't think you should schedule time in San Antonio since that puts your trip at 14 segments and you can still walk around during the Sunset's several hour layover there (albeit in the middle of the night), but if you're dead set on spending time there, that's your prerogative.
  10. cpotisch

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    The amount of government funds spent on long distance trains is also a rounding error. And concentrating on corridors that are already developed and thriving won't serve any more of those 3,000 counties. So your own logic defeats you.
  11. cpotisch

    New record for most online!

    Yeah, is there a way to reset the count back to the 647 we had on September 22, 2014?
  12. Let the moderators take care of it - they'll probably merge the two threads.
  13. You have access to the dining car regardless of how long you're on the train (unless of course you literally don't have enough time to eat a meal). As to baggage, I recommend keeping your valuables with you, but I don't think you'll have any issue whatsoever leaving the not particularly expensive/important stuff at your seat.
  14. What are those Alaska points worth, though?
  15. cpotisch

    “Live” from 20(12)

    What diner are you in?