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    YouTube Channels

    I take it "traditional" means "film". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_versus_film_photography
  2. Incorrect! THE EAGLE ALWAYS RUNS WITH ONE SLEEPER BETWEEN CHICAGO AND SAN ANTONIO. On the three days a week that 421/422 runs, that sleeper is numbered 21/2230, and on the four days it doesn't run, it's 21/2220. But either way, sleeping accommodations consist of that one sleeper and the Trans-Dorm. It's only west of San Antonio that you have two sleepers: the 21/2230 Eagle through-sleeper, and the 01/0230 Sunset Limited sleeper. But the latter car is obviously not an option for anyone traveling to/from any points between CHI and SAS (unless they're willing to transfer in the middle of the night). And BTW, the Eagle actually typically runs with that sleeper directly behind the Trans-Dorm and in front of the diner; not at the rear of the train. Every once in a while, it will be on the rear of the eastbound, but that's usually just if the Sunset's late into SAS and they don't have enough time to switch the cars over. But for the most part, it is right behind the Trans-Dorm.
  3. cpotisch

    Writers' Residencies

    I have had that issue on Amtrak.com (too) many times. In most cases it's me trying to let them know that the Lake Shore Limited's route page incorrectly omits Rhinecliff from the list of stations at the bottom of the page. I'm tempted to call and let them know, but I have no idea what a phone agent could do about it.
  4. I'm pretty sure you can't leave bags in the Met Lounge that long, but I'm not sure. And there is a Metropolitan Lounge (formerly ClubAcela) in D.C. for sleeper and Acela First Class passengers, where you can store your bags.
  5. The TE runs with one full sleeper and the Trans-Dorm,m, so if they all want Bedrooms, they will have to all be in one car. And since there are only five Bedrooms in each Superliner sleeper (barring the Auto Train), the OP and his friends will have to book every Bedroom on that train. IOW, if even a single Bedroom has already been sold, they’re screwed. Good luck.
  6. cpotisch

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Read from there down.
  7. I would have sworn it was well over a year. When we booked Roomettes for me, my mom, and grandfather in April 2017 (traveling late June 2017), we thought he had to cancel, and weren't too thrilled about that because of the 25% fee.
  8. Sorry, so a bunch of NERs took a different, non-electrified route than usual between NHV and BOS? Why?
  9. cpotisch

    Another dining car/SSL cutback

    Amtrak Vacations isn't actually Amtrak, so I don't know how they could fit into this.
  10. Do you know if the menu currently listed on Amtrak.com is accurate?
  11. cpotisch

    Union Pacific Leading Amtrak #6(19)

    Nope, they normally run two. We're talking about a pretty long Superliner train that has to go up through the Rockies, so I don't think one locomotive would be physically possible.
  12. Wonderful report! Thank you so much for posting!
  13. The pork shank is on the Cardinal, not the CL or LSL. The only one Cardinal option that can sort of be found on the LSL/CL is the Asian Noodle Bowl, albeit with the shrimp taken out.
  14. I'm pretty sure if you call Amtrak and say "This, this, and this happened on my trip. I want a refund or voucher", they will know to transfer you to Customer Relations. It might take a bit more time than if you outright ask for CR, but I think the end result will be the same.
  15. Wow, so sorry to hear about this. Customer service really just means any standard Amtrak phone agent, so you need to call 1-800-USA-RAIL and ask for Customer Relations. CR is in charge of refunds and compensation. They have always treated us well, and though we have never had to cancel trains due to something like this, I like to think that if you explain your situation and provide proof of Rosie's retina problem, they may be able to wave the fees. Good luck.