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  1. I have a trip scheduled in a bedroom on the CL in March. This actually sounds like an upgrade and I am looking forward to the trip. The food is always a perk to me, not a requirement. And this will be my first time in a bedroom (I usually do roomettes).
  2. That menu is not the current menu for the Cardinal.
  3. tonijustine

    Another dining car/SSL cutback

    Yes but Amtrak is a Union shop and it won’t be as easy as printing a poster off of your Epson. They may have to use a commercial union printer (they use a special mark).
  4. I realize this is only anecdotal, but in October, we (8) left SPK 5 hours or more late because the PDX section got stuck behind a freight derailment. On the positive side, we got to see Idaho in daylight and it was beautiful.
  5. This assumes people understand that: 1. Dining options have changed, which initial implies that someone has either traveled this route before or are invested enough to actually research (I am the latter but I also admit I am odd...) and 2. That is a driving concern. I doubt that casual, first time customers know or care. It’s either railfans (who anticipate a certain experience) or Planny McPlannersons (technically I am both but this is my husband’s nickname for me) that even know there is a difference. I suspect that the number of people “turned off” is a small percentage of ridership.
  6. tonijustine

    Amtrak Announcements

    8 but I have no recollection if I heard her before Spokane. I am guessing their is only one singing lounge attendant on the EB crews.... And to be fair she had an nice voice.
  7. tonijustine

    Long anti Anderson Article

    I’ve heard Amtrak ads on my local talk station during evening drive time a couple of times in the past month. Sadly, I live near Indy and at the moment the budget has eliminated funding for the Hoosier State.
  8. tonijustine

    Amtrak Announcements

    It is possible that the difference is the frequency of stops on American LD trains and European trains. I would expect that if the train stopped more frequently, announcements would be shorter. Since there can be hours between stops, people have more time to get engaged in other things and not hear the announcements. Just a thought...no imperial evidence at all.
  9. tonijustine

    Amtrak Announcements

    I had an LSA who would begin her announcements by singing a song. It was fun the first handful of times but then I began to tune her out.
  10. tonijustine

    Amtrak Announcements

    Not condescending at all. And they have to be repetitive as no one is expecting announcements so they don’t pay attention until half way through. And the Glenwood announcement...hey don’t leave the platform or the train will leave you is kind of important information. People do leave and people do get left.
  11. tonijustine

    Another dining car/SSL cutback

    There is a cost to those things. Printing a small run of multiple items costs more than printing a large run of the same item even if, at the end of the day, the number of items printed is the same. I think a lot of people are reading far too much into things. When you hear hoof beats, think horses not zebras. They may not have any new on board. They may have had some on board and employees overlooked replacing them. Or they chose not to because it is extra work. Or any number of more likely things than someone is trying to get rid of LD by removing posters.
  12. I live midway between Indy and Crawfordsville and the fact that it takes 5 hours for a drive that would take 3:15 to get to the same place is a killer. Though the schedule is great for a Chicago day trip, it really stinks for everything else. I have contemplated driving up to Michigan City or thereabouts and taking the South Shore in to Chicago instead and it’s sad that that can truly be an option.
  13. tonijustine

    Empire Builder Questions

    East bound has more wiggle room to seeing Glacier in daylight. The schedule puts it through in the early morning (8:15ish and for the next 1.5 hours), so you’d have to be pretty late to miss Glacier eastbound. West bound, the schedule is 6:45 pm, so depending on the time of year an hour or two delay and you miss Glacier entirely.
  14. tonijustine

    AGR numbers and kids

    Thanks everyone. That makes sense and I will probably discuss with my husband about getting our son enrolled. I hate giving out personal information on a kiddo that round so we may just forgo the extra points anyway. But now I know...
  15. tonijustine

    AGR numbers and kids

    I am an AGR member and will be taking my 6 year old son on Spring break in March on the Cardinal (on points) and the Capitol/Hoosier State home. I used my AGR member number to earn the points on our CL/HS leg for both the accommodation and the rail fare. I get points on the total I spent for the two of us on the ticket. However, there is a space for me to input his (currently non-existent) AGR number. Should I get him a number, too? If I do and I add his AGR number to our reservation, does he earn points in addition to my points? I may be mis-remembering things, but somewhere at one time I think I read that he would, but I couldn't understand how one could double dip? Did I misunderstand? If he too can earn points on this same leg, how does that even work? Thanks!