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  1. From Nov. 15 until Dec. 15 OTP on the SILVER METEOR had improved to about 70%. Since that time, with the increase in train size from 9 to 12 cars, the train is 1-2 hrs late almost every day. Whereas some of the delays are due to long station dwell times due to increased passenger/baggage loadings, CSX freight interference appears to be reoccurring if one examines elapsed time between stations. Another culprit which is not often discussed, TriRail, which operates the trains between West Palm Beach and Miami, has been sticking the northbound trains. Rarely does a train #98, after leaving Miami on time, does it leave WPB OT; in fact between Dec. 15 and 29 the average delay was 24 min. Andy
  2. Once back in the early 1990s I was riding on the PENNSYLVANIAN when the conductor advised the engineer that he had no passengers to discharge at Tyrone, PA, which was a scheduled stop (not flag stop). At that time the train did not have reserved seating. Running a bit behind schedule, we approached the platform at reduced speed. Seeing that there were no passengers to board, the conductor highballed the train and we resumed speed. The train never came to a complete stop in Tyrone. Andy
  3. Can anyone remember approx. when Amtrak attempted to discontinue trains 448/449 and what NY and MA to prevent AMT from following thru? I raise this question because of the possibility that baggage service discontinuance might be the beginning of a new plan to discontinue the train and replace it with buses. Andy
  4. twropr

    Springfield Line PTC

    Are any of the CTrail trains operating under ACSES rules? Andy
  5. Does anyone know why train 20-14 lost about 3 1/2 hrs between Gainesville and Toccoa, GA? I know there have been some issues with newly instituted PTC between Alexandria and New Orleans, but a delay of this magnitude suggests a lot more than a PTC failure. Andy
  6. If my notes are correct, Providence 68020 is also still at CAF. Andy
  7. Here's an artcile with photos. Apparently the Amtrak in the first photo is #64. https://auburnpub.com/multimedia/galleries/gallery-train-crashes-into-truck-in-cayuga-county-town-of/collection_83d446d7-13b5-5db2-abfe-ebf54503fc69.html#6 Andy
  8. twropr

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    If Virginia Railway Express ran on both Manassas and Fredericksburg Lines Sept. 13-14, why did Amtrak not run ANY service to Richmond? Andy
  9. Since #97 works baggage and has 5 coaches during the summer, it has longer dwell times than the regional and Acela trains. But dwell times exceeding 4 minutes could be minimized if the station announcers did what the PRR "ushers" did - announce before the train's arrival the car locations in stations like Newark, Baltimore and Philadelphia so that the passengers would be lined up adjacent to the correct car for boarding. In the 1960s I used to see the SILVER METEOR and EAST/WEST COAST CHAMPION trains with 18-19 cars routinely get thru Newark with 3-4 min dwell time (unless the baggage dorm was taking on remains). Andy
  10. The AAA is predicting record travel over the July 4 th holiday. Is Amtrak running any extra coaches on trains other than the SILVER METEOR? Andy
  11. twropr

    When Amtrak ran extra sections.

    There were a few times in the early 1990s( when there was a real railroader who was district supt. in Albany-Rensselaer) that two sections of the LAKE SHORE LIMITED were run west of A-R to Chicago due to #449 (the Boston section) being severely delayed. When he was still in charge there were turbos that ran NY-Syracuse as an extra section of a NY-Niagara Falls train on the Wednesday before/Sunday after Thanksgiving. When the SOUTHERN CRESCENT was still operated by the Southern (and Graham Claytor was in charge), it was common to have an extra section from Washington during the Christmas holidays. Andy
  12. twropr

    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    If I am understanding correctly the "diner" on the LAKE SHORE is lounge for just first class passengers, and coach passengers have no entry? Andy
  13. twropr

    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    New CAF diners Nashville, Providence and Harrisburg have been sighted on the LAKE SHORE LIMITED. All the Media Relations spokesman would tell me is that "these cars are supporting modernized service on the Lake Shore Limited." I will look forward to hearing from someone who has ridden the train as to what that means and how the new cars are being used. Andy
  14. Amtrak just issued a press release advising that an RFP has been issued for purchase or rebuilding of 50-75 diesel-electric locomotives to replace the P42. Would this be necessary if the rebuild program at Beech Grove had continued past ?2009 or whenever it was discontinued? Andy
  15. On the 22nd CAPITOL LIMITED #29 took diner 68022 Richmond to Chicago. Should be interesting to see where it goes from there. Andy