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  1. I got the hot sandwich AND the fruit. My impression was you could mix in other stuff but I don’t know that for sure.
  2. Just had breakfast. There was an array of continental breakfast items on a couple of tables to take from, or you could get a hot sandwich (egg, ham, cheese sort of thing) or fruit. As I said before, I’m not a picky eater — Waffle House is a big night out for me — so I was fine with this. However, I would not be happy with this arrangement on a two-night train ride.
  3. An engine was connected the whole time so we had power
  4. Currently on the LSL in Albany. Had dinner off the new menu while waiting for the Boston section to limp in. Got the beef. I thought it was good, but I’m not a picky eater. A step up from what they had before anyway. Breakfast will be the real test.
  5. When does the new menu start? This thread says 1/19; and earlier post had suggested Wednesday. I'm on the LSL Thursday, Albany to Chicago.
  6. My knowledge of trains is far less than most of the members of this forum, so maybe someone can help me out with why this is a "safety" issue. If it's unsafe to have standees on an Amtrak train (other than the vestibules), why is it safe for me to get up and stand in line in the cafe car? Or walk around the train in general. Or take a shower. On a plane they want you in your seat with the seat belt on unless you have to get up, for obvious reasons. I've never heard anybody suggest that was necessary for a train. So I don't see why standing, in and of itself, would be a danger. I can see where there could be a concern about congestion in the aisles in case of an emergency, but this isn't a plane with fuel in its wings in danger of blowing up. Only life-or-death snag I see here is if you land in a body of water. This train does go over a river or two, and if that's the issue, it would make more sense. But I profess ignorance on this ... would love to hear from someone who knows train safety issues.
  7. glensfallsse

    Dallas Union Station - Early Closures

    I was there about a month ago. There was a security guard outside the rest room who wouldn't let me take a bag in ... I had to leave it with her. Haven't seen that in any other station.
  8. glensfallsse

    Tuesday plans (flying vs train - Florence?)

    Beats me. They owed me nothing. It was a class T ticket, which is just about on the bottom of the list.
  9. glensfallsse

    Tuesday plans (flying vs train - Florence?)

    On the off chance that someones keeping score at home, two days ago I elected to go with the train. Waiting to board now. I figured Id lose the miles on American but it spares me a hotel in Chicago. Turns out the flight would have worked out fine, but they did cancel a flight to Philly, and that could have been the way I connected. I called the airline to cancel, just to be a good citizen and let them release the seats for resale, and to my great surprise they gave me a voucher on their lowest fare over the same route good for a year.
  10. glensfallsse

    Tuesday plans (flying vs train - Florence?)

    Thanks for the flexible ticket idea. The value ticket is holding steady at $100, with the flexible costing twice that. I'll probably wait until day-of and hope there's not a lot of late demand. It is a Tuesday in September, after all. I did the sleep-sitting-up thing once before and vowed I'd never do it again, so I might splurge for the roommette regardless. To answer Anderson's question: American.
  11. glensfallsse

    Tuesday plans (flying vs train - Florence?)

    Thanks all. I'd much rather do the LSL, but I couldn't talk the airline out of letting me switch without a hefty fee, so I'll stick with that for now. I can't always change day-of if they cancel me, but who knows how much it'll cost.
  12. I'd like to hear opinions on this. I'm scheduled to fly from Albany (NY) to Chicago on Tuesday, stay overnight and take the Texas Eagle the next day. I'm flying through Washington, and it looks like I'd be flying right through the remnants of Florence on midday flights, which are prone to getting cancelled if they get backed up. And since I'm using miles to fly, I'd be low on the list of people they re-accommodate. The option is to dump the flight and instead take the LSL Tuesday night and arrive Wednesday morning. There still seems to be plenty of seats, and some low-end (cost-wise) roommettes. But the train might also be traveling through the leftovers of Florence, though perhaps only on the fringe, and who's to say Amtrak doesn't scrub the train to avoid flooding. Or it comes in too late to catch the Eagle. I've got to make this decision in the next 24 hours or so or my options disappear on things like canceling the hotel room. Thoughts?
  13. They put us all on the Maple Leaf at 7:15, so it was a long night at Penn Station for those who were supposed to go north last night.
  14. Sitting in Penn Station as we approach midnight. Both the 8:55 and 10:45 pm northbound departures show as "delayed." I believe the crews working these trains tend to be approaching the end of their available work time. Not sure where it goes from here.
  15. glensfallsse

    Both #7 and #8 with Service Disruptions Today (4/7)

    That was the AP suggested headline, so it probably showed up in a lot of newspapers.