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  1. Looks like Texas Eagle No. 21 lost 2 hours between STL and Arcadia, Mo., and 5 1/2 hours between Walnut Ridge, Ark., and Little Rock. Any word on the cause? A friend of mine, who has taken trains overseas but has traveled Amtrak seldom, took the Flyer to FTW today en route to Austin and is waiting for No. 21 to arrive, currently 10 hr 58 min late at Longview. [emoji33]
  2. [emoji47] That was a sincerely unexpected move.
  3. Pere Flyer

    TEXRail start-up soon

    Texas has enough asphalt ribbons that it’s hard not to put anything between two one-way, wide-laned roads.
  4. Looks like it can now rival GCT! Hope to connect through CUS on my next train adventure!
  5. Pere Flyer

    Dallas Union Station - Early Closures

    What’s the proposed location of the HSR station?
  6. Pere Flyer

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    Yes. Until residents of small towns weigh in on their transportation needs, we’re only spouting opinions, statistics, and projections. Are there AUers who live in small-town areas who do/don’t have Amtrak service, and are there AUers who live in small-town areas without Interstates or U.S./state highways capable of bus travel? As social justice advocates say, “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.”
  7. Also, keep in mind that in a couple months, we’ll have a new Congress that will likely look different and have new leadership, depending on what voters do next Tuesday.
  8. I don't think paint alone had much chance of substantially improving that particular locomotive. Speaking of which, there don't seem to many attractive passenger trains from the modern era. I happen to appreciate the aesthetics of the Acela, whether intentionally attractive or not, but some modern passenger rail hardware is so ugly it almost makes we wince. Which hardware are you thinking of?
  9. Pere Flyer

    Thanksgiving 2018 timetables

    "Sturtvant" on the front page? Or did you see something else? Ok, at least two errors. On the Michigan pages, it mentions extra trains to Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids, but the Pere Marquette extra doesn't serve Grand Rapids (it ends in Holland). I hope someday it does serve River City, Mich.!And not just on a few days in November, but 365… [emoji16]
  10. Pere Flyer

    Amtrak Equipment for Sale 2018

    I suspect the Horizons up for bid have been parted out, too, unless individual circumstances indicate otherwise.
  11. Pere Flyer

    What would you add?

    How about, "Sooner Runner"? That’d reignite the OU-Mizzou rivalry, all right!BOOMER!
  12. This particular shell came from Alstom’s factory in Italy. As part of the waiver.I wasn’t clear. I was responding to post No. 129 with the Rail Journal article. Apologies for the confusion.
  13. Glad to see the good people of Alma welding, adhering, and screwing this project together. Avelia Liberty’s, Michigan Made!
  14. Pere Flyer

    Amtrak workers fed up too...

    Where a din may be caused?Some trains have a quiet car—why not a dinning car? [emoji12]
  15. As WoodyinNYC has said so often on this forum, “the cure for Amtrak is more Amtrak!”