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  1. Pere Flyer

    Another dining car/SSL cutback

    Please explain.
  2. Pere Flyer

    Pere Marquette changes

    Yeah, I’m all for service to TC, but the plan of Ann Arbor as the other endpoint shows me that it’s mainly Ann Arborites who want the train in the first place. Detroit New Center, MCS, or Lansing would be a more strategic endpoint to serve the largest population.
  3. Pere Flyer

    Pere Marquette changes

    I haven’t heard of any discussion of the sort in MDOT or power-broking circles. Just my opinion as a registered MI voter. I’m glad a fellow Michigander doesn’t think it’s a crazy idea [emoji16] Basically, I’m imagining a network mostly on existing ROW that connects Detroit with its nearby population centers (e.g. Flint, Pontiac, Warren, Ann Arbor) in addition to the “northern belt” (Saginaw/Bay City, Mt. Pleasant, Big Rapids), “middle belt” (Lansing, GR, Holland, Muskegon), and “lower belt” (Jackson, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph/BH). With stops at the larger intermediate cities and towns. Possible expansion north on the lake coasts to Traverse City and Mackinaw City. Is it practical, you ask? Well, it’d ease wear and tear on Michigan’s notorious roads, and I’d think that train travel’s romantic nature would take hold of summer vacationers bound for the lake house up north. I’m nearly finished with a map of it in Google’s My Maps program. I’ll share it on AU when it’s completed.
  4. Pere Flyer

    Pere Marquette changes

    Regardless of any reroutes, it would seem most strategic to have, at minimum, a one-seat ride between GRR and CHI and a one-seat ride between GRR and DET. Whatever stops there are in-between is another conversation. Let me add that I‘d like Michigan to have its own intrastate passenger rail system, perhaps independent of Amtrak, à la MBTA’s commuter services.
  5. Pere Flyer

    TEXRail Opens

    With a frequent rail connection between DFW and the downtown/northern suburbs of FW, I wonder how many cars will be taken off I-20 and if TRE ridership will be impacted.
  6. I suspect the color scheme in the promotional materials is intended to show the most contrast between exterior components. If acquired by Amtrak, the cars would have an Amtrak-style livery designed for aesthetics rather than showcasing the doors, body, roof, etc.
  7. Pere Flyer

    Who in the world are you???

    In Bowl Season, conference camaraderie overrides even the most bitter rivalries. Great to have you aboard the Sooner Schooner in our chase for No. 8. As am I pulling for UT to knock Georgia down a few pegs in New Orleans.
  8. Pere Flyer

    Who in the world are you???

    I’ll just leave these here for those who’ve forgotten. OU owns that team in Austin and the Texas conference [emoji16]
  9. Pere Flyer

    Who in the world are you???

    I’m a native of Grand Rapids, Mich., and will complete my B.A. and B.F.A. from the University of Oklahoma on December 15 after nine semesters of study. I first took Amtrak on a 2nd grade field trip between GRR and HOM to visit Windmill Island, back when the GRR station was at Market and Wealthy, and the Pere Marquette stopped traffic on two intersections when boarding. I thought waking up before dawn to catch a train was the coolest thing (still do), so I guess my destiny was to be a railfan. I bike, don’t own a car, and have grown tired of flying, so Amtrak has been my best friend in adulthood. I’m proud of my home state’s investment in passenger rail service and infrastructure (looking at you, Ohio), but there will always be a soft spot in my heart for the Heartland Flyer. All the same, I hope to find a job in New England after graduation, and I’m excited to live near the nexus of Amtrak service after years living on single-frequency corridors in two states. Interests include dance, writing, trains/public infrastructure/urbanism, architecture, college football, and pro baseball and hockey.
  10. On Heartland Flyer No. 822 today, I noticed ribbed plastic paneling on the interior of the Superliner coach that I was seated in. (I strongly prefer it to the shoddy tan carpet material in most other SL’ers. I’m sure maintenance/OBS prefers it, too, since it’s easier to clean.) When was that replacement done? Is it the fabled Superliner II refresh I’ve heard about but never seen before?
  11. Now, wouldn’t that be something.
  12. Pere Flyer

    What would you add?

    Yes, or build new ROW through populated areas! ([emoji101]🤚 Utah Central RR?)
  13. Pere Flyer

    Texas Eagle #21 is taking it on the chin

    I’m on No. 21(20) today. After watching yesterday’s (today’s?) No. 21 flounder in a 12+ hour delay, I’m counting my lucky Amtrak pin that we’re expecting “only” a 30 minute late arrival into San Antonio today.
  14. Yesterday’s Eagle from Chicago (No. 21) was 12+ hours late from Texarkana to San Antonio due to a mixture of factors. Amtrak staff cleans and turns the train at SAS to become northbound No. 22, so the severe lateness of No. 21 resulted in the inevitable lateness of No. 22.