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  1. Does anyone know if the ATC (I believe that's what it's called) will be re-implemented on the Washington Metrorail? As far as I know, all trains are equipped with the ability to come to a stop without the operator's input. However, that capability was disabled/suspended after a significant accident (can't recall when) at the Fort Totten station. As things stand now, the train operators have to manually brake and stop at each station, and elsewhere in the system where it's required. Thanks!
  2. LookingGlassTie

    Fayetteville, NC Station

    For future trips, it may not be a bad idea to take the Palmetto train to the Fayetteville station, depending of course upon your origin and whether you want a room. The southbound Palmetto arrives in Fayetteville around 4 in the afternoon.
  3. When I rode on the Star from ORL to RVR in July 2017, I had no issues getting food for breakfast from the cafe car. I don't know about lunch or dinner stock because I had my "dinner" on the 95 Northeast Regional to NPN after I had changed trains in Richmond.
  4. LookingGlassTie

    Cafe on the Star gets 5 stars

    I may not be necessarily "thrilled" that the Star has no dining car, but if the Cafe car staff keep their game up, then that's great. I'm not hard to please.
  5. LookingGlassTie

    Second Norfolk train starting in March

    Not certain, but I believe the trackage is owned by Norfolk-Southern.
  6. LookingGlassTie

    Second Norfolk train starting in March

    A second train out of Norfolk sounds promising, but with the switching around of schedules and route numbers between NFK and NPN, guess we'll have to see how it all plays out. Especially when it comes to connecting to any LD routes.
  7. LookingGlassTie

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Maybe it's because the Amfleet II's are going to be "refreshed" instead of "replaced". Or is that off the table now?
  8. LookingGlassTie

    Amtrak Greenwashing

    It's not easy being green..........
  9. LookingGlassTie

    WA anti-tax activist again targets trains and transit

    From an economic standpoint, wouldn't lower taxes mean more revenue for the government (because consumers would likely spend more) and therefore the Cascades could be saved?
  10. LookingGlassTie

    Long anti Anderson Article

    I saw this article on Facebook, but I haven't read through it yet. Like I've said before; Anderson doesn't seem to have good PR skills.
  11. But the food portions will be REALLY TINY!!!
  12. LookingGlassTie

    Possible improvements to LSL/CL Dining

    So far I haven't had any food on board Amtrak that I would necessarily call a "disappointment", but improvements are always good!
  13. LookingGlassTie

    New LD Locomotive Order Placed

    I can't recall; wasn't Amtrak supposed to be getting some locomotives which could be used both on the NEC (north of WAS) as well as points south so that there wouldn't be engine switching in DC?
  14. Not really sure; he served as a Lieutenant in the Army during the Vietnam War. He may have had some connection to the Penn, but I can't swear to that.
  15. LookingGlassTie

    Silver Star with two Cafe Cars

    Ahhh gotcha.