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  1. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound??
  2. One of my former bosses told me that he is a distant relative of some people on board Titanic. His last name is Thayer.
  3. LookingGlassTie

    Crescent Accident in Hattiesburg MS (12/5/18)

    I have a friend who was on the 90 Palmetto in June 2017 when a person was killed outside of Lorton, VA. I was on the 83 Northeast Regional heading home to Newport News (station) from Baltimore and CSX held our train at ALX due to that incident.
  4. LookingGlassTie

    Meals for sleeper passengers (what is included?)

    Related to the OP, using the Silver Meteor as an example, if you're a sleeper passenger, do you still have to pay extra for anything from the cafe car? Not necessarily a problem if yes, but it's good info to have.
  5. LookingGlassTie

    Multi-city vs one-way booking

    I saw a post on the other thread on this subject that mentioned using city pairs for multi-city booking as opposed to single train segments. So that guaranteed connections are more likely. Based on my ideal trip, which pairs should I use? My stations would be NFK (or NPN), WAS, CHI, SEA, LAX, NOL, back to WAS and then back to NFK or NPN. So how would I pair those up?
  6. LookingGlassTie

    Multi-city vs one-way booking

    Thanks for the replies! I looked at the Amtrak website and saw that multi-city booking is four segments max. However, I don't know if that would be different if I booked by phone. Even so, booking each segment as a one-way might be better for me.
  7. LookingGlassTie

    Dear Mr Anderson

    Yeah I rode backwards while eating breakfast on the Silver Meteor, because I was seated opposite the direction of travel. It wasn't an issue.
  8. LookingGlassTie

    Multi-city vs one-way booking

    Hey, got a question: I haven't done this before, but if I wanted to do a cross-country round trip (sort of), would it be better for me to book using multi-city for the whole trip or a one-way segment for each leg? A trip I'd like to take would be: Northeast Regional, Capitol Limited, Empire Builder, Coast Starlight, Sunset Limited, Crescent and back to Northeast Regional. So if I took such a trip, would it be better to book the whole thing as a multi-city or to book each segment as a one-way on its own reservation? Thanks!
  9. LookingGlassTie

    Taking my first trip: A bunch of questions

    As mentioned above, neither the SS or SM has business class. However, (and I could be wrong) the Amfleet II coach cars which are used on both trains have the same legroom as an Amfleet I business class car. WiFi can be tricky at times. Usually you can connect at the start of your trip, but if for any reason it drops, reconnecting while on board can sometimes be a pain. As the Silver Star doesn't have a diner, your only option for food & drinks is the cafe car (unless your bring your own on board). At least on the Meteor, you can go to its cafe car whenever the diner is closed. Noise levels can vary, really depends on the passengers who are riding at the time. Also, there is the sound of the air circulating through the cars. I'm not altogether sure if the SS and SM typically carry any commuting passengers, but even so, there shouldn't be too many of them. Most Amtrak commuters ride along the Northeast Corridor.
  10. LookingGlassTie

    I just joined, here is why...

    Welcome aboard!!
  11. LookingGlassTie

    L' Enfant Plaza - flag stop?

    Ah, that makes sense, as Gastonia, NC is a flag stop and it is listed on the schedule for the Crescent.
  12. LookingGlassTie

    Help me understand railway signals

    *bump* As an Amtrak passenger and "newbie" railroad fan, I've started trying to learn about the different signals, and what they represent based on the particular railroad that is using them. Which would help to explain why, on my past Amtrak trips, the train has passed many signals which appear to be red. Of course, this is dependent on the type of signal, the particular aspect of it, and the signal block or territory that the train is being operated in.
  13. LookingGlassTie

    L' Enfant Plaza - flag stop?

    On two separate occasions, I have ridden a southbound Northeast Regional through Washington, DC. Just after departing Union Station, the train stopped at L' Enfant Plaza. However, that stop is not listed on the schedules for any of the Regionals. Is it a flag stop?
  14. Is this trackwork annual maintenance or is it a series of improvement projects?
  15. I've never ridden BC on a Regional before, but here are my thoughts: The fare increase may be more than what I would have to pay separately for soft drinks from the cafe car if I traveled regular coach. OTOH, there's the extra legroom, and as I have long legs that would be a benefit to me. So it would be a case-by-case basis.