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    Hurricane Florence 2018

    Just saw UNC Wilmington students are ordered off campus no later than noon 9/11. The entire campus is shutting down and affected students have been told to go to UNC ASHEVILLE for housing. ASHEVILLE--opposite side of the state!! If this storm stalls at the coast or just inland then what happened in east TX last year was a dress rehearsal, based on projected rainfall totals. Flooding potential exists even into the Shenandoah Valley. I'm really trying to wrap my head around what kind of calamity we're about to be witnesses to. It's not just the coast but basically to the Appalachians this could be utterly devastating. And any doofus who says they will ride it out had better have their SSN written in permanent marker on them so officials can identify your body if they find it when they get back to look at the destruction.
  2. 15000 foot consists? Apparently happening now on the UP. Is this interfering w/ Amtrak? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/national/why-railroads-are-making-freight-trains-longer-and-longer/ar-AAyHIAE?li=BBnbcA1
  3. Now that Ford has acquired the Michigan Central depot and will announce future plans on June 19, the Freep (Detroit Free Press) has a photo gallery of the building you might find interesting. https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/2018/06/12/register-detroit-train-station-party/694437002/
  4. Pastor_Mac

    Transitdocs map frozen

    Looking at the Track-a-Train map right now (12:23 pm 6/12) I see 176 stuck between Lynchburg & Charlottesville as of 8:25 am on 6/11. Meanwhile, Train Status appears current.
  5. Pastor_Mac

    Michigan's UP?

    The issue w/ rail expansion over the past 15 or so yrs is always the same. Where does the funding come from? As an ex-pat Michigander living in NJ under protest, seeing a Grand River service from Detroit to Holland would be truly a wonderful addition but my suggestion of an Up North service would be principally during the tourist season in the summer. TC is great but get people to The Bridge & The Island. It is a no-brainer but w/ the amount of discretionary spending getting reduced more and more it may be up to a private consortium to do this. Infrastructure spending competes w/ human services spending and human services wins more often than not.
  6. As I still believe strongly MDOT needs to initiate service up to Mackinac City from Detroit, Lansing, & Grand Rapids, what is the means to get to the Yoopers? I'm guessing rail access to the UP must come from Wisconsin. There's no rail tunnel under the Straits, right? So Sault Ste Marie is kinda the end of the line from the west?
  7. Pastor_Mac

    Amtrak.com & Firefox 57.0 (Quantum)

    https://www.amtrak.com/etc/designs/dotcom-assets/site-search-results.map [Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) (site-search-results.map, line 0) [Error] Failed to load resource:Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) https://www.amtrak.com/etc/designs/dotcom-assets/amtrak-styles.css.map Above 2 errors showing in the code inspector on the main page.
  8. Pastor_Mac

    Amtrak.com & Firefox 57.0 (Quantum)

    Yep, no difference in the new link.
  9. Pastor_Mac

    Amtrak.com & Firefox 57.0 (Quantum)

    Been like this for me since the redesign. I'm on MacOS 10.13.2 (Public Beta) and Safari returns the exact same msg as above. I have Chrome on the same machine and Amtrak loads just fine fine. I have tried playing w/ the User Agent settings in Safari to spoof the browser but nothing. I'm believing there must be some server side issue that's hanging things up. I've seen reports over in FB saying the same thing. Problem is there is no consistency to the browser/OS combination.
  10. Pastor_Mac

    NEC Radio Channels?

    Perfect. Thanks muchly!!!
  11. Pastor_Mac

    NEC Radio Channels?

    I'm a ham radio operator and planning on taking my tri-band handheld along tomorrow on the Cardinal to CVS. My radio allows also to scan the AAR band. Typically what AAR channels should I be paying attention to?
  12. Pastor_Mac

    8/13 Silver Meteor

    Left NYP 1 hr 10 mins late. Equipment problem?
  13. Pastor_Mac

    Why is Provisioning of 79 Different Than 91?

    79/80 always seems at capacity. Based on Thirdrail's comment, I'm guessing there's not enough subsidy to add more capacity.
  14. Pastor_Mac

    amtrak conductor shot at Naperville

    Could this be why service out of CHI has made departing trains late? Noticed both 30 & 370 are over an hour late. Looks like they departed on time but something seriously slowed them down.
  15. Pastor_Mac

    Lynchburger today?

    I was at CVS waiting for 156 Sunday. 186 passengers were scheduled to embark out of CVS. Unfortunately, whatever was happening near Lynchburg was not being clearly passed on to the sizable crowd. It was not the fault of the station personnel; they were simply reading whatever was on their screen. But there was an obvious breakdown between train operations and the frontline customer service reps. In all fairness, maybe the problem wasn't clearly known but a definite level of agitation was rising. We were given 3 options: A) Take buses to to WAS B) Accept a refund or rebook C) Wait for the track to clear in approx 5-6 hrs. I took the bus & what should've been 2 hrs became 3 w/ all the traffic returning to DC on a bright, warm Sunday afternoon. We all were put on 158 for points north. 158 was just jammed full in itself but ran precisely on time.