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  1. I know! I had no idea! And cup holders! And a tidy little restroom in the very back. And Wi-Fi. It was entirely pleasant for a bus experience.
  2. Austruck

    30th street updates (lounge and food)

    Here are two pictures I took last week of the PHL 30th Street station's Club Acela for first-class passengers. The furniture seems new and those couches aren't all that comfy.
  3. Found the stop just fine. There was a large sign on the side of the convenience store/Dunkin Donuts that went with the gas station in question. It was also a Greyhound stop. The bus showed up exactly on time, and my arrival 30 minutes in advance gave me time to grab a coffee and breakfast sandwich, which I ate on the bus, sitting at one of the two tables on board.
  4. Austruck

    Return trip twice as much?

    That's not how the pricing works with Amtrak. They do not raise the prices if you only book a one way or roundtrip ticket. As it has been said, the fares fluctuate solely on supply and demand for that train and particular accommodation type. This is the reason why a bedroom and can sometimes be cheaper than a roomette. I booked just now, and I ended up with roomettes on both legs going down from PGH to FTL because it was CHEAPER than the other choice that had me in Business Class for one leg. Crazy, but I'll take it! Very happy to have roomettes all the way. Used points to book the return trip back to PGH and they were a little lower than when I first asked my question here, so someone must've canceled somewhere and freed up a little supply. Not complaining.
  5. Austruck

    Dinner on Silver meteor

    We did get lunch, and I made a new friend. It was a bit muggy standing outside waiting for the train (they made us line up along the track about 10-15 minutes before the train showed up), but otherwise still lovely to be in warm weather. (Now I'm home in Pittsburgh where it's been much colder and dreary.)
  6. Austruck

    Return trip twice as much?

    The trip runs from May 9 (Pittsburgh to Ft. Lauderdale) and I hope to return on May 20 (Ft. Lauderdale back to Pittsburgh)… so that's a full week before Memorial Day weekend.
  7. Trying to book a roundtrip from PGH to Fort Lauderdale in mid-May, using points if I can. I don't "get" a lot of why prices are as they are on Amtrak... so why might my return trip be twice as expensive as the trip down there? (I have several routes to choose from and all seem to be twice as much coming home as going down there.) Thanks for helping me understand the logic here (or lack of it).
  8. Yay! I think I'm all set for my return trip tomorrow morning then! Thanks! I love this group.
  9. Can't seem to find on the Amtrak site specific info on this: May I bring coffee and a breakfast sandwich onto a Thruway bus? It picks me up right at a Dunkin' Donuts at 7:40 AM and it'd be nice to just grab a breakfast sandwich and coffee before boarding, without having to worry about gulping it all down before getting on the bus.
  10. Austruck

    Dinner on Silver meteor

    I'll wave back. I'm getting on via a Thruway bus from Port Charlotte, so I won't actually be in Orlando. Just passin' through from the bus to the train. Glad to hear I might actually get lunch.
  11. Austruck

    30th street updates (lounge and food)

    I'll be at the PHL lounge this weekend and will try to remember to sneak a few pics of the furniture. I was there on the 14th and found it to be character-less utilitarian "mod" furniture. Serviceable, but not something I would want to try to get overly comfy in for too long.
  12. Austruck

    Dinner on Silver meteor

    Is it okay to tack a similar question onto this thread? I'm boarding the Meteor on Saturday in Orlando, around 1:30 PM, in a roomette. Can I assume lunch will not have passed me by yet?
  13. Austruck

    Business class = lounge access?

    This is precisely what happened to me. I was the only person getting on a sleeper car on the Meteor in Philly that day so I got a personal escort. And the track area was completely deserted except for me. When the train arrived, I got all the personal attention of the sleeper car attendants, who helped get my suitcase across the gap and into my roomette. Such attention!
  14. Austruck

    Business class = lounge access?

    It's entirely possible I misheard something. I wasn't listening for anybody but me being called.
  15. Austruck

    Business class = lounge access?

    Wow, I would not have guessed that, for that reason! But yay! My three-hour wait will be a lot nicer. So that means I may have actually been hearing them call for Business Class passengers... but because they had previously come off sleeper cars? So they would call me as a Business Class ticket but not because OF the Business Class ticket?