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  1. The Iron Horse

    Pet Program Flexibility

    Im not sure how they can stop you from #1. Some tickets - the ones purchased at a machine - don't even have your name on them. Stay low key, maybe don't sit in the same place if possible, etc. It's only 1 hour longer than allowed. If it was a significantly longer, I wouldn't try it. As for 2, I cant remember if this is allowed or not. Call and ask. Or, if you have to walk your dog, try to do so someplace less visible if possible. But honestly, if you give your dog a good long walk/ run before the trip, he/she should be fine. Do make sure to exercise him for a significant amount of time so he'll be a bit tired during the train ride. As for #3, no it's not allowed, but if the train isnt too crowded you could probably get away with it for a few moments. Not too long though! Oh, so you dont get stranded, dont forget to make a plan B just in case they don't let you stay on the train that extra hour.
  2. I'm thinking we should introduce him to that woman in San Diego who claims to have romantic feelings for the train station there & says she's married it. Never mind, bad idea...
  3. Yellow journalism. It's worse than ever.
  4. The Iron Horse

    A commuting dog?

    LOL!! That was a good old movie - VERY 70's, but still fun to watch. The Daring Dobermans and The Amazing Dobermans were good, too.
  5. The Iron Horse

    Train Songs!

    Most of my favorites have already been mentioned, so I'll try to be creative. "Zoo Station" - U2 "Tons of Steel" - Grateful Dead "Downbound Train" - Bruce Springsteen "Miner's Silver Ghost" - Merle Haggard "Mystery Train" - Elvis Honorable Mention: "Dont Stop Believing" - Journey
  6. The Iron Horse

    A commuting dog?

    Amazing story. Doesnt surprise me to find out it was a Doberman who managed to do this. They are spooky-smart dogs. They are considered one of the top 5 smartest dog breeds, though I would personally rank them first or 2nd. I hope they find this cute fellow's family, though it kinda seems like they arent looking very hard for him. Sad.
  7. Wow, what a wonderful article! Certainly a very unique family.
  8. Yep it's baaaaaaaack. Saw it stop at Covina a little while ago. Seemed to be doing fine. Saw it pass by a couple times after midnight in the past week or so.
  9. At many stations, the screens on the machines are so dim they are almost impossible to read - especially at certain times of the day when the sun's shining on them. The last time this happened to me (I couldnt buy a ticket because i couldnt see the text on the screen), i called Metrolink and they told me to "ask the conductor". So yeah, it's up to the conductor whether theyll let you on. Like someone else said though, loads of fare evaders try to claim the machines are down when in fact theyre working just fine, so what i would do is take a photo or video of all the machines so you at least have a little evidence they arent working. Dunno if that would help your case, but at least it's something. I myself cant use the metrolink app as it apparently isnt compatible with my phone, but that's a good alternative option for others. As for buying tix at the end of the line, at Union Station that would be a bit of a hassle as the only ticket machines (and a staffed Metrolink window where you can also buy tickets) are at either end of the station, requiring a long walk through the tunnel and back. I would just talk to the conductor next time and see what he/she recommends.
  10. Just saw it pass by my work. I heard its somewhat distinctive horn in the distance so I knew what was coming. It has been passing by late at night the past couple nights; heading out around 10-ish or so & coming back after 2am (last night it called it quits early and headed back before 1). Today when I saw it a couple minutes ago, I thought it was just gonna be doing more testing, but no, it stopped at the station in the San Gabriel Valley and accepted passengers. It had a proper Metrolink locomotive behind it (sorry, I dont know any of the technical terms lol). I took a pic of it through the fence but it's a bad pic so I wont bother posting. Imo this locomotive is ugly, but not as bad as some of the current Metrolink ones that look like theyve been smashed in the head with a shovel LOL!! The horn is odd sounding...when i first heard it I thought it was broken. Not a very good horn imo but again, better than some of Metrolink's other ones.
  11. Hey there. I first noticed this site when I started looking around online for info about trains in general. I love Amtrak and have taken quite a few trips on it, so I was delighted to find this forum where I could actually learn so much about it. After lurking around for some time and reading various posts, I came to realize that sometimes it seems like nearly every other thread here results in an argument breaking out. So I figured, hey, I'll fit right in! So I joined. And promptly resumed lurking. But I guess I gotta start posting now because I do really want to take a trip later this year (Kentucky) and need a lot more info. I haven't taken a long distance trip since '08, unfortunately. My train traveling history: I'm in the Southern California area, so I take short hops on the Surfliner from time to time. I work across the street from a Metrolink station and live nearby, so I use that frequently. I've been to New York City (once) and Washington, DC (multiple times) via Amtrak. I am lucky to be able to say that I took the Desert Wind once (may god rest its soul), and the Sunset Limited back when it went to Florida (sigh). An interesting bit of history about me, I once missed catching an ill-fated SL. I was spending the summer with friends near DC and a hurricane in Florida forced the cancellation of the train (Silver Meteor? Can't remember now) that would have connected me to the SL, so I stayed put and waited for things to clear up. That SL I was supposed to catch ended up being the one that derailed in AZ. I do wish the SL still went to Florida! I know I took a long distance train trip when I was a little kid, but can't remember the details now. It *may* have been to Oklahoma, but I could very well be wrong. Must've been Amtrak though, because I was born post-Amtrak. How I wish I had been able to travel on the SP and other passenger rails back in the day! For whatever reason, around 7 years ago or so I became fascinated with local railroad history. It started when I began researching the history of the west San Fernando Valley for an article I was writing. I read about the Coast Line and Burbank Branch being built, and it just got to me. Now, when I see old rr tracks or even the slightest trace of a ROW, I'm like a bloodhound sniffing out its origins! That happened to me most recently in Highland Park (north-east LA area). It was funny how I just happened to find a remnant without even trying. Anyway, other stuff: I love animals, assist in animal rescue, and have a good deal of experience working with & handling dogs and cats. I also have knowledge of horses (more on that in later posts). I have yet to find my dream job, so I have a lot of side gigs at the moment including a few projects involving writing and editing. I plan on returning to school to finish my degree (finally) as soon as I can afford to. I've had a lot of friends who were/are military service members, and I once considered joining myself, so now I do a lot of volunteer work for organizations which assist members of the military and veterans. I don't fly, mainly due to fear. I realize that a catastrophic event is highly unlikely - it's the turbulence that bothers me. If it suddenly dropped out of the sky, even a little bit, well, I don't want to think what my reaction would be, but let's just say I'd probably be on the news. Plus, I just can't tolerate TSA and all that entails. I absolutely adore planes, though. Especially military aircraft. I go to airshows every chance I get and used to LOVE living next to an airport. Ok, sorry for the long post. Back to lurking around in the shadows, now.