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  1. The drop off at night on the NEC and the other state supported corridors is interesting to watch. That and the splitting and combining of the Empire Builder.
  2. As a former civil engineer that worked with bridges, I really appreciated that!
  3. I think the equipment they are referring to are a handful of former Metra gallery cars.
  4. The prototype for testing is being made in France. The rest is domestic. I believe two trainsets are being built overseas under an FRA Buy America Wavier. One would head to TTCI in Pueblo, CO and the other the NEC when TTCI gives the "OK" for NEC testing. That sounds familiar too, but wouldn't it make sense to have seen those shells first?
  5. I was surprised when I saw that it was manufactured in Michigan. I thought in the various buy American waivers that where requested, the shells (along with certain other specific components) where to be made in France and shipped to New York for final assembly. Either my memory is wrong or maybe that was the coach shells.
  6. Good news. However, I am wondering if they are going to do this project in a couple of phases. The last cost estimate I can recall was somewhere around $750M. I guess I will have to dig around on the CREATE sight and see if it has anymore details.
  7. Or they only have enough money to buy 50-75 initially (and the press release mentions additional options).
  8. And why should Amtrak passengers have to pay with their time? Are they a lower class than private car owners?
  9. That's not what the internet says... and we all know that the internet is correct.
  10. CraigDK

    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    Thanks for sharing this. I think Frailey's take on this is a reasoned one.
  11. CraigDK

    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    Objection, assumes facts not in evidence. This is the internet, who needs facts?
  12. If my memory is decent, TR seems to post hints about 2 weeks out... But I suppose that could change...
  13. CraigDK

    Amtrak ending BC on AT and Crescent May 1st

    You hit on a key phrase, worth the higher fare. At least on the long distance trains, BC should be a repeatable experience from one train to another that is (as you put it) worth the higher fare and that experience should slot in somewhere between the experience of a passenger in a coach and in a sleeper.
  14. CraigDK

    What happened to Acela?

    Which is still at least a year or so away. I honestly don't know if Amtrak has plans to up the speed with the current equipment either. And on top of that the only additional location where speed will increase is in NJ. The stretch in Maryland and Delaware will remain at the current speeds. And I don't know if their are plans to upgrade the Catenary and Signals to 562 in that area. I would like to think somewhere the question has been asked, if funding where to be made available how and where would it best be spent for Catenary, Signal, and Track upgrades? That way, even if its unlikely to happen, they don't mess it up as bad as they have on the stretch in NJ. But who knows....
  15. Where did Thirdrail mention that?