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  1. To my knowledge, no final decision has been made yet, but a P42 rebuild was an option listed for the overhaul of the fleet. Although to the general public that it would seem that Amtrak is simply refurbishing/repainting old engines, it would really be a totally new locomotive on its old frame. The P42s are an Amtrak signature, and hearing the distinctive "chug" always brought a smile to my face as a kid. Metro-North canceled their procurement because funding sources changed and now they have to rework the proposal to include federal funding clauses. Amtrak's stuff isn't listed, but they were working on the procurement together according to previous documents.
  2. I'll take more of a look into the 3C. As for E/W service, I had something....somewhere.... Did not intend to cut the Builder ! And before anyone asks, yes, the Vancouver-Seattle segment is also still included. Also, thanks for the heads up about LV-DEN. I'll make changes accordingly.
  3. NSC1109

    Purpose of Strobes?

    I noticed that the new Chargers have strobes on them just above the cab: two lunar, one red. I knew the F40s at one point had strobes and I thought the early Genesis units had them too, but I never found out what they were used for. Is it an Amtrak-specific thing? I also had a photo I took in CUS showing them clearly but for some reason, it won't upload...the file size is only 30.4 MB according to File Explorer and the website limit is 50..?
  4. I've never understood why Amtrak doesn't use GAAP. I mean, I know they're not a public company, but wouldn't it make more sense to the rest of the world? Or is that exactly why they don't want to use it?
  5. NSC1109

    P42 Shortage?

    Not all of the Midwest...AML services still don't have theirs yet. No word on when they're coming either.
  6. It's just a template that generally follows the interstate system, yes. I had trouble finding a RR map that was 1) nationwide and 2) wasn't marked. It's only a sample.
  7. There's been a lot of discussion on here about what Amtrak should be doing with the money it's getting. A lot of it focuses on service expansion, but the question is: where should service be expanded? Say hello to the first incarnation of the Amtrak National Expansion and Modernization Project, or NEMP. (For those of you who follow my posts in the "What Would You Add?" thread, this is the same thing) I had the idea for the NEMP when I made my first few posts in the "Amtrak's Future" forum. I took all of my ideas as well as many of the ones I saw from others in the thread and compiled them into one Word document (still in process). However, despite the actual paper copy not being complete, I was able to make this sample "system map", showing potential new routes for Amtrak in the future. Note: the Sunset East is still missing from this map (forgot to add it back), but it's on the list. This is by no means a "done deal". Changes will be made depending on what happens with actual service expansions or cuts as changes in city pairs. The list: Corridors: Expanded Wolverines (2x pair) Expanded Blue Waters (1x pair) Expanded Pere Marquettes (1x pair GRR-CHI, 1x pair GRR-DET) Expanded Hiawatha (2x pair) Expanded Lincoln Service (2x pair) Expanded Missouri River Runner (1x pair) Extended Heartland Flyer to Wichita Cincinnatian (Detroit-Toledo-Cincinnati) Lake Cities (Detroit – Traverse City) Buckeye (Detroit – Toledo – Columbus) Bluegrass (Chicago – Indianapolis – Louisville) Cuyahoga Valley (Chicago – Toledo – Cleveland) Iowan (Chicago – Davenport – Cedar Rapids) North Star (Chicago – Milwaukee – Minneapolis) Lake State (Duluth - Minneapolis) Prairie Rocket (Minneapolis - Omaha - Kansas City) Black Hawk (Chicago – Dubuque) Quad Cities Zephyr (Chicago – Quad Cities) Queen City Limited (Chicago – Indianapolis – Cincinnati) Prairie Star (Kansas City – Hastings – Denver) Desert Wind (Los Angeles – Las Vegas) Kansas City Zephyr (Chicago – Galesburg – Kansas City) Apache Limited (Los Angeles – Yuma – Phoenix) Golden Gate (Los Angeles – San Francisco) Long Distance: 21st Century Limited (NYP – Philadelphia – Pittsburgh – Cleveland – Toledo – Chicago) Bostonian (Chicago – Toledo – Cleveland – Buffalo – Albany – Springfield – Boston) California Chief (Chicago - Omaha - Denver - Las Vegas - Los Angeles) Empire State (Chicago – Detroit – Niagara Falls – Albany – NYP) International (Chicago - Detroit - Toronto) Lake Shore Limited (Chicago – Detroit – Albany – New York City) Peachtree (Chicago – Indianapolis – Louisville – Nashville – Atlanta) Silver Comet (Chicago – Indianapolis – Louisville – Nashville – Atlanta – Orlando – Tampa) Silver Meteor (NYP– Washington – Savannah – Jacksonville – Orlando – Tampa) Silver Palm (NYP – Washington – Savannah – Jacksonville – Orlando – Miami) Sunset Limited (Los Angeles - San Antonio - Houston - New Orleans - Tallahassee - Orlando) Texas Chief (Los Angeles – Phoenix – El Paso – Dallas)
  8. NSC1109

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    Anderson reports to Amtrak’s Board of Directors who I believe in turn report to Congress. The President appoints new members to Amtrak’s board. Best way I can think to voice your displeasure is to contact your representative. I’m not sure how or even if you can contact the BoD.
  9. NSC1109

    Denver to LAX

    Absolutely take the CS. It's a beautiful oceanside view between LA and the Bay Area.
  10. Quick question: What is the Corridor Clipper used for? It looks like an updated version of one of those Metroliner cab cars.
  11. When I first read the title of this topic, I thought it read "Is Amtrak getting nuclear with the carry on policy?". I bet the fallout from that would've been devastating. On a serious note, I didn't see/hear about any carry-on changes when I took the Wolverine to and from Chicago in October. Two carry-on items and two personal items.
  12. NSC1109

    Thanksgiving 2018 timetables

    The Wolverine schedule should be kept like that year-round...fills a major gap in service.
  13. Delays were caused by track work and freight train congestion in the vicinity of TXA, which I'm assuming is Texakarna.
  14. Seems weird to call the train going through Philly and Pittsburgh the "21st Century Limited" but you can call it whatever you want:) Could you combine the Centennial and Great Plainsman into one Chicago-Los Angeles train via Las Vegas-Denver? Why not just have the Silver Palm go to Tampa and keep the Meteor to Miami? Great adds though. Several of the old Amtrak routes cut brought back. 1) The original routing didn’t seem to go much of anywhere major in PA, so I sent it south to run between Pittsburgh and Philly to add LD service to NYC as well as keep current LD service levels on the western end (Indiana and Ohio) after I routed the LSL via Michigan and Canada. 2) It’s possible. I had a reason for keeping them separate but for the life of me I can’t remember why now. Really need to write these things down [emoji6]. 3) The idea was to keep the Comet and Meteor together because of the similarity between the celestial bodies. In reality, it would just be a switch of the names, as Miami wouldn’t lose any service.