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  1. https://asm.transitdocs.com/train/2019/2/13/6
  2. Amtrak Alerts on Twitter is advising that track issues in the yard outside of WAS are the cause. Departed approx. 3 hrs late.
  3. NSC1109

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Just going off what was posted here from the Next Gen Equipment Pool Committee. NGEC_annual_meeting_2018_CALIDOT_presentation.pptx
  4. NSC1109

    Late Trains, one major cause

    There was no service to or from Chicago on the day in question on any service. It was well-publicized too. Every corridor service out of Chicago uses Horizon cars and they don’t do well in extreme cold. You add that to the human factor (it was incredibly dangerous to be outside longer than 15 minutes without protective gear), and it quickly becomes clear that the cancellations were the safest option available for all parties (crews, pax, and equipment). Sorry that your trip didn’t work out. Hopefully better circumstances next time.
  5. Majority of the Chicago corridor services use Horizon coaches, which tend to freeze in the extreme cold. My guess is that any consist still in Chicago is in the deep freeze now, and I'd imagine it's the same across the Chicago network.
  6. Horizons have a nasty habit of freezing up in the cold. MI Service trains are doing 79 instead of 110 likely because of that (110 mph plus wind chill is gonna be an issue) and likely speed restrictions due to the extreme cold.
  7. NSC1109

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    I can tell you that Amfleets are commonly utilized on almost every corridor train out of Chicago, save for possibly the Hiawatha. A good chunk of them are lettered “Illinois HSR”. Occasionally an NER café will show up on a Wolverine.
  8. NSC1109

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Remember, the Acela trainsets have been in service since 2000. The Brightline trainsets entered service in 2018. That's nearly a 20-year difference. Granted, I'm far from an expert on semi-permanently coupled trainsets and what exactly was doable in those days, but I doubt that Amtrak would take an entire Acela trainset OOS for one car unless they had no other option. They may not always be the most efficient, but I find it difficult to believe that the transportation and mechanical departments would be that idiotic. As for the idea of fixed trainsets in general, I certainly see the appeal. There's always a risk when going over the couplers, especially with the moving footplates and various hard edges to fall on. At the same time, it can potentially be a nightmare if a trainset or even a pair of cars (like what Illinois is doing) have to be taken out of service because of an issue on just one car. Granted, Illinois ordered some individual coaches in an apparent attempt to help mitigate the issue, but the cafe and business class cars are still in pairs with coaches. If you lose that pair, you better hope you have another handy. Below is the planned setup for the Siemens cars operating out of Chicago. Please note that the " - " indicates a Type H coupler while a " / " indicates a semi-permanently coupled married pair: Locomotive - Individual Coach - Individual Coach - Coach/Cafe - Coach/BusEcon - Locomotive This is the CalTrans setup: Locomotive - Coach/Coach/Coach/Cafe/Coach/Coach/Cab Car Here's a breakdown of who ordered what: Customer Car Type Quantity Description # Doors Coupler Configuration Caltrans CT-1A 21 Mid coach car 2 S-S Caltrans CT-1B 7 End coach car coupled to locomotive 4 H-S Caltrans CT-1C 7 Mid coach car with wheelchair lifts 4 S-S Caltrans CT-4A 7 Cab Car 2 S-H Caltrans CT-5A 7 Café Car 4 S-S IDOT ID-1A 20 Individual coach car 2 H-H IDOT ID-1B 34 Coach car for business or café married pair 2 S-H IDOT ID-3A 17 Business/ economy car 4 S-H IDOT ID-5A 17 Café Car 4 S-H As you can see above, only IDOT has taken steps to have spare equipment available to mitigate any sort of impact from a bad ordered car. All of CalTrans' cars will be semi-permanently coupled. Now, I don't have any sort of data that would indicate the primary causes of bad-ordering, but I figure that if CalTrans didn't feel the need to have individual replacements on hand, a large part of the concern could be weather-related, as we tend to have worse weather (the current snowstorm, for example) than California does.
  9. Updates to the NEMP. Changes to previous listings are in blue, new additions are listed in red. Corridor Routes: Expanded Wolverine (2x pair) Expanded Blue Water (1x pair) Expanded Pere Marquette (1x pair GRR-CHI, 1x pair GRR-DET) Expanded Hiawatha (2x pair) Expanded Lincoln Service (2x pair) Expanded Missouri River Runner (1x pair) Extended Heartland Flyer to Kansas City Cincinnatian (Detroit-Toledo-Cincinnati) Lake Cities (Detroit – Traverse City) Buckeye (Detroit – Toledo – Columbus) Bluegrass (Chicago – Indianapolis – Louisville) Cuyahoga Valley (Chicago – Toledo – Cleveland) Iowan (Chicago – Davenport – Cedar Rapids) Twin Cities (Chicago – Milwaukee – Minneapolis/St. Paul) Black Hawk (Chicago – Dubuque) Quad Cities Zephyr (Chicago – Quad Cities) Queen City Limited (Chicago – Indianapolis – Cincinnati) Prairie Star (Kansas City – Hastings – Denver) Desert Wind (Los Angeles – Las Vegas) Kansas City Zephyr (Chicago – Galesburg – Kansas City) Apache Limited (Los Angeles – Yuma – Phoenix) Golden Gate (Los Angeles – San Francisco) North Shore (Duluth – Minneapolis/St. Paul) (Connects with Frontier Service and Twin Cities) Frontier Service (Minneapolis/St. Paul – Des Moines – Kansas City) (Connects with extended HF) Pioneer (Portland – Hermiston – Boise) Ohio Sprinter (Cincinnati – Columbus – Cleveland) Long Distance Routes (New and Updated): 21st Century Limited (NYP – Philadelphia – Pittsburgh – Cleveland – Toledo – Chicago) Bostonian (Chicago – Toledo – Cleveland – Buffalo – Albany – Springfield – Boston) City of Los Angeles ( Chicago - Omaha - Denver - Salt Lake City - Las Vegas - Los Angeles) Empire State (Chicago – Detroit – Niagara Falls – Albany – NYP) Great Plainsman (Chicago – Omaha – Denver) International (Chicago – Detroit – Toronto) Lake Shore Limited (Chicago – Detroit – Albany – New York City) Peachtree (Chicago – Indianapolis – Louisville – Nashville – Atlanta) Silver Comet (Chicago – Indianapolis – Louisville – Nashville – Atlanta – Orlando – Tampa) Silver Meteor (NYP– Washington – Savannah – Jacksonville – Orlando – Miami) Silver Palm (NYP – Washington – Savannah – Jacksonville – Orlando – Tampa) Texas Chief (Los Angeles – Phoenix – El Paso – Dallas) Centennial (Los Angeles – Las Vegas – Grand Junction – Denver) Daily Cardinal Daily Sunset Limited – fully restored to Orlando Summary of Changes: The Heartland Flyer extension's northern terminus was changed from Witchita to Kansas City. The Chicago - Milwaukee - Minneapolis/St. Paul service name was changed from North Star to Twin Cities. 3C service in Ohio was added as the Ohio Sprinter. Service between Duluth and Minneapolis/St. Paul was added as the North Shore. This service will be timed to connect to the Twin Cities and Frontier Service in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Service between Minneapolis/St. Paul and Kansas City was added as the Frontier Service. This service will be timed to connect to the Heartland Flyer in Kansas City and the North Shore in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Service to Boise was added as the Pioneer. This service will travel via Hermiton and connect with one of the Cascades service trains. The Centennial and Great Plainsmen have been removed and combined into the City of Los Angeles, following the routing of the California Zephyr to SLC and then heading south to LV and LA. Restoration of both the daily Cardinal and Sunset Limited while also extending the SSL back to Orlando.
  10. NSC1109

    Long anti Anderson Article

    My college dorm has Amtrak signs posted around the building for student saver fares...pretty sure all the residence halls have them. As a college town, we get a lot of kids who travel by train to and from Chicago. It's the same across the state, where students from as far as Ann Arbor (U of M) and East Lansing (MSU) take the train to Chicago for the day or even to their homes elsewhere in Michigan so they don't have to drive. Now if only we had a second Blue Water pair and service between GR and Detroit....
  11. NSC1109

    New LD Locomotive Order Placed

    I expected someone at Amtrak procurement would’ve remembered “hey, we ordered all these cars in one paint scheme for a reason”. Clearly they didn’t.
  12. NSC1109

    New LD Locomotive Order Placed

    I don’t think I’m the only person that’s disappointed in the renderings. Judging from what’s been rolling out from Elyria, it seemed like Amtrak was moving back to Phase III for the “Amtrak America” long distance stuff. It’s a pet peeve of mine, but not having a standardized fleet (same colors, etc) just doesn’t look good.
  13. To my knowledge, no final decision has been made yet, but a P42 rebuild was an option listed for the overhaul of the fleet. Although to the general public that it would seem that Amtrak is simply refurbishing/repainting old engines, it would really be a totally new locomotive on its old frame. The P42s are an Amtrak signature, and hearing the distinctive "chug" always brought a smile to my face as a kid. Metro-North canceled their procurement because funding sources changed and now they have to rework the proposal to include federal funding clauses. Amtrak's stuff isn't listed, but they were working on the procurement together according to previous documents.
  14. I'll take more of a look into the 3C. As for E/W service, I had something....somewhere.... Did not intend to cut the Builder ! And before anyone asks, yes, the Vancouver-Seattle segment is also still included. Also, thanks for the heads up about LV-DEN. I'll make changes accordingly.
  15. NSC1109

    Purpose of Strobes?

    I noticed that the new Chargers have strobes on them just above the cab: two lunar, one red. I knew the F40s at one point had strobes and I thought the early Genesis units had them too, but I never found out what they were used for. Is it an Amtrak-specific thing? I also had a photo I took in CUS showing them clearly but for some reason, it won't upload...the file size is only 30.4 MB according to File Explorer and the website limit is 50..?