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  1. Both good ideas - thanks! I'd rather they not go to waste.
  2. As part of my work, I get monthly copies of Progressive Railroading and Railway Age. If anyone has an interest in the printed copies when I am done with them, let me know. All I'd ask is the cost of shipping - if I sent about six months worth of both, I imagine it wouldn't be more than $8 or $9. Otherwise, I'm going to start migrating these toward the recycle bin - but I figured I'd ask in case someone was interested.
  3. Yes it is the split cafe car with the large leather seats. Enjoy the trip!
  4. transit54

    The Passing of a Friend!

    Very sad to hear this. I fondly remember meeting Patrick at the Boston gathering. He will be missed.
  5. transit54

    Amtrak Employees; Start date

    It really depends on the position, but it can take some time, particularly for train crew and similar positions. If you are not going to get an interview, you won't hear back for months (or ever) - if you do hear they will e-mail you a form letter stating that the position was filled, or they decided not to fill it, etc. The process does take time, and they absolutely provide you with enough time to give two weeks notice (or occasionally more) before starting a new position, regardless of when you are hired. It's something that will come up in the interview process if you are called. Hope this helps and best of luck.
  6. There are several restaurants within walking distance of Schenectady and as others have pointed out, nothing around Albany. Having walked around the area of the Schenectady station several times, I wouldn't say that the area felt unsafe. The Albany station is vastly superior - no question - but during layovers in Schenectady I have always spent much of the layover at a restaurant somewhere. Most of your layover should be in daylight, also. If I were you, I'd stick with Schenectady.
  7. transit54


    If you create an account on this site, send me a PM and I should be able to get that info for you.
  8. transit54

    Connections on the NEC - online booking

    Yes, the reason that they will not guarantee that connection is that the Pennsylvanian is more likely to be late. Amtrak requires a greater layover time for connections that are coming from areas outside the NEC, due to the higher likelihood of a delay.
  9. transit54

    Frailey: "Amtrak has a Chicago problem"

    Couldn't agree more. I'm just wrapping up a job where I negotiate for management in the transportation industry (not rail). At the same time, I have many very close friends who are involved on the labor side (in other unions). I'm very respectful of labor, but ultimately, there can be abuses on both sides. I've seen many examples where management was in the wrong, particularly in private industry, or where quality wages and benefits from unionized positions attracted quality, hardworking employees, and I've seen examples where unions have unreasonable demands, or use their protections as a race to the bottom.
  10. Am I understanding this issue correctly in that if only one roomette is available in the current fare bucket, and one wants to purchase more than one roomette, the price for the higher bucket is charged for both? Or is something more complex going on here? I ask because when I was in the airline industry, this was how our reservation system worked. If one was purchasing seats and enough weren't available in the lowest fare class, all seats would be sold at the next highest fare class. The only way around this was making multiple reservations. Is that an acceptable workaround for this issue, also? Simply purchasing two roomettes separately? Or have I just totally misunderstood the nature of the problem?
  11. It definitely is possible... I have had family do it in the past under similar circumstances.
  12. The NYT is reporting that the train was traveling about double the posted speed for the area - they stated the limit was 50 and the train was operating at 110 MPH: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/25/world/europe/scores-are-feared-dead-as-high-speed-train-derails-in-spain.html?hp Very unfortunate accident. Obviously much more will come out once a full investigation takes place, but I'd have to imagine that this system would have a speed limiting system much like Amtrak does on the NEC, so I wonder what went wrong here.
  13. transit54

    Bikes on Amtrak

    Amtrak is apparently testing a solution on some northeast trains to allow the transport of bikes. I'm going to be participating in a test next week, bringing a bike on board the Vermonter. If I get time, I'll post an update to let everyone know how it worked.
  14. Interesting article in today's New York Times looking at the state of Pakistan by examining it's railways. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/19/world/asia/pakistans-railroads-sum-up-nations-woes.html?hp
  15. transit54

    Siemens ACS-64 roll-out in Sacramento

    I have no problem with having the flag (actually, I think it could be made to look quite nice) but I think that something like this would be better in mesh with the design: The "waving" aspect of the flag they choose just seems to clash with the starkly modern design of the rest of the paint scheme, and even the Siemens and Amtrak logos.