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  1. Anderson? Seems to exceed even your estimates. This is good news. As for Virgin, 8 think the line will be Virgin Trains USA's Brightline. I don't expect to see everything going into the paint shop for a major redo.
  2. So, these are operating loss improvements. What did they spend the $2 BILLION from last year on - you know, that nearly $1B MORE than they asked for?
  3. Wow. All I can say is that they can sure keep a secret!
  4. I appreciate the fact that there is simplicity. But I think we're at a time where fair pricing to increase revenue to preserve and maintain The Beast is vastly necessary. I'm try to drum up some comparisons in a bit about how it could save short haulers money. IE: $1.50 to stay on Manhattan, incrementing as you go further out. I think the gating and ticket system is ready for it.
  5. VentureForth

    Price difference from roomette to bedroom

    So, demand may affected by seasonal directional travel?
  6. VentureForth

    NER 125 (10/25) hits dump truck in Suffok VA

    The video reporting said his truck got stuck and he couldn't get out. That opens up another whole line of questions...
  7. I said that tongue in cheek, hence the "and keep ridership". But to Cpotisch's point, you're absolutely right. $5 to go one stop is ridiculous. They would need to (and railfans will hate this) make the price distance based like everything in Japan and the D.C. Metro. It's the fairest fare, which sadly those who can afford it the least live the furthest away from the city.
  8. IIRC, Amtrak wasn't going to be allowed higher speeds - though 90 seems less than the peak speed for this segment.
  9. Amtrak gets a $10 billion subsidy? Didn't they get like $1.8 billion this year and it was a record amount? $40 Bil over 10 years is $4 B/yr, which is 4x $1B which is the typical subsidy. Yes, this year's 1.8B is an anomaly that seems to not be enough to keep food on the table [in the diner on the LSL & CL].
  10. $40 Billion is not really easy to come by - even over 10 years. That's 4x Amtrak's annual operating subsidy for the entire national network. Granted, MTA carries 6x as many people in a day that Amtrak carries in a year, but it's still a LOT of money. My quick math shows that if they raise the fare to $5/trip, and keep ridership, they can afford it.
  11. Here's a short preview for a segment of 60 Minutes this coming Sunday. Looks interesting! https://www.cbsnews.com/news/inside-the-great-depression-era-pieces-of-the-new-york-city-subway-60-minutes/
  12. Never say never; I've seen large sections of light rail lines rebuilt at massive expense less than 10 years after initial construction, simply to lengthen platforms. You can expect Dallas to do so at some point. Actually, speaking from memory here, the underground sttaions on DART do seem to have long platforms, so were presumably designed with future proofing. Extending the on surface platforms shouldn't be excessively expensive (a handful of special cases aside - such as the stops on bridges or viaducts). In this respect one shouldn't forget that everything has an expected or nomibal lifetime. So accountants will depreciate the cost of, say, a platform over 30 years. If you are expecting a longer platform to be justified after say, 25 years, then it makes more sense from an accountancy point of view of making do with the short one iniitially and then going for a longer one when the time comes. With the oldest parts of DART now well over 20 years old and slowly beginning to feel the squeeze, I don't think its appropriate to say the initial system was under-dimesioned. Rather, it (or vital components thereof) are reaching the end of their designed lifecycle and presenting an opportunity to be rebuilt in a more high capacity form. So, a refresher, the DART consists have changed over the years. Initially, what was called a 2-car train was actually two sets of articulated pairs. Around 15 years ago, they added a shorter accessible section to each, now, articulated trio. So, in a sense, they did increase capacity by adding that section to the consist. Now, a two car train consists of 6 sections. Here's the interesting part. City Place station, the only underground station in Texas, can, indeed, accommodate a train with 3 articulated trios - a 3-car train. However, the very next station to the North, Mockingbird, can only accommodate a two car train. Mockingbird is a trench-cut station where converging lines come together. Can't expand to the North because of the switches, can't easily expand to the South because of the subway tunnels, though that would be the way to go. I can't recall how long the status are in The downtown area where platforms are limited by the length of City blocks. But whereas at the trains go through downtown, three of the four lines go through both City Place AND Mockingbird. Sometimes the head way between trains is less than 5 minutes. So, they've certainly made expansion a big challenge. Brightline certainly had a long way to go before meeting capacity, but they also have a lot of choices as to how they meet future demand.
  13. Timing is an issue. They still need to get freights through. I long to see the day capacity requires 8 double deckers. Dallas underestimated the popularity of DART and thus some lines will never accommodate more than 2-car trains.
  14. Which is why I prefer equally distributed electrical power to every bogie, ala Shinkansen.
  15. And with no terrain to deal with. I've thought the same. An awful amount of extra weight to carry. Even if the consists are planned to grow... In a decade...