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  1. VentureForth

    Colorado Rail Car

    I thought AOE used an exclusive Pullman trainset. I don't recall any double deckers when I saw them. Of course, it was in the East and they could have pulled it to go under the Hudson... Interesting stuff.
  2. Are any of the rolling stock created by Colorado Railcar (now US Railcar) still in service? Does Tri Rail use their Double Deck DMU? I'm pretty sure (without source) that they are supplying the trailer cars on the Alaska Railroad sightseeing cars associated with Cruise lines...
  3. VentureForth

    Rocky Mountaineer New Equipment

    How do you ever see through the person in front of you?
  4. VentureForth

    TEXRail Opens

    Yeah - but Texas is good at recouping their cost via tolls. Interesting that tolls cost more than riding DART. Why can't they raise the rail fares? Thing about most of the tolls in the Dallas area is that they are optional as in the express lanes. I think the only ones that are really tolled for everyone is the Dallas Tollway and the GWB Turnpike.
  5. VentureForth

    TEXRail Opens

    Oops. Confused my $37 million per mile for the $1B total... It's early. Only one cup of coffee today so far. That being said, 5X that bought DART 3x as much track - much of which is new construction - and complete electrification. Dang. DART is expensive at $54 million per mile.
  6. VentureForth

    TEXRail Opens

    Yeah - we're talking flat land on an existing ROW that isn't even electrified. I'll try to look it up, but I read somewhere that the TOTAL spent on the entire DART rail system since inception is $5 Billion - and Dallas taxpayers are wondering if it's been worth that. Here we go: https://www.dallasobserver.com/news/dart-has-spent-5-billion-on-light-rail-is-it-worth-it-8380338 For what it's worth, using DART from DFW to Rowlett cost me $3 round trip last weekend (2x 2-hour rides) and took about 90-110 minutes compared to a 35 mile car ride that would arguably take an hour. No rental car (family let me borrow a car that cost me $30 to fill up). No traffic. But $37 BILLION for TexRail??? Rails made out of platinum or something?
  7. VentureForth

    Dallas DART Protest

    Finally found this: http://www.wbap.com/2019/01/08/protesters-demand-safety-for-dart-disabled-riders/ Looks like DART is trying to save money. There are specialized Uber/Lyft drivers who can deal with passengers with disabilities. Heck, people are using Uber/Lyft so they don't have to take an ambulance. I'm all for saving the public money, so long as the quality of service provided can be maintained. The extremes of hiring people for this specific job is enough people to service the demand, yet having productive work to do when the demand is low. On the other end of the spectrum is that too few employees degrades the quality of service while increasing service and wait times.
  8. I was riding DART on Tuesday (1/8/19) and there was quite a raucous protest going on at the Akard station around 11:30-ish. Something about "Keep DART Public". Can't find any news on it. Any ideas what that was all about?
  9. VentureForth

    TEXRail Opens

    Well, that ain't double track along the whole line...
  10. VentureForth

    TEXRail Opens

    At DFW right now. As a proper rail fan, I took DART from Rowlett to DFW, transferring at the weather-free Centreport subway station. In downtown, there appeared to be a priest I couldn't see very well. It had something to do with keeping Dart public. Couldn't find anything relevant in the news. Arrived at DFW and another rail fan and I walked along the walkway to the West side of the freeway. A lot of construction going on. Sidewalk was closed so couldn't get to the platform. Funny, seeing they were supposed to open four days ago. The other rail fan was passed because he didn't check the website and came from Plano just to ride it. So a couple questions answered - yes you will be able to walk from terminal A or B to either Dart or TexRail. There is also zero signage or information on TexRail (not even hiding behind paper). Went through Security, hopped on Skylink went to B then returned, capturing this video:
  11. VentureForth

    TEXRail Opens

    Seems to me that the American [government] method is WAY over investment with extremely low returns.
  12. Whereas I generally agree with you, there were other factors that made this inherently stupid: though not a 4-gate crossing (unusual, I think, for a light rail crossing), there was a curb, albeit not high, at that crossing. There was probably room to maneuver around between the curb and the gate.... But more than just carnal human ignorance, there is a very American (particularly Southern) cultural mentality. To my original point, though, DART has been operating in the DFW area for 20 years, though this particular line is only about three years old or so.
  13. VentureForth

    TEXRail Opens

    Mini, partial government shutdown likely to delay TexRail opening, planned for Saturday: https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Concern-TEXRail-Could-Be-Impacted-By-Shutdown--503828421.html Meanwhile, ONE BILLION DOLLARS for 27 MILES? That's $37 MILLION per MILE! That's ridiculous for a non-electrified line on an route where the majority of the ROW already existed. Just wow.
  14. In addition to a probable suicide on a Brightline trestle in Florida, this happened this morning in Dallas: https://www.fox4news.com/news/fatal-crash-in-richardson-delays-dart-trains DART has been around for nearly two decades now. Hardly any excuse for anyone to try to beat the arms.
  15. Another pedestrian self-killed: https://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/fort-lauderdale/fl-ne-brightline-accident-20190101-story.html Likely a suicide. Note: Certainly not caused by a quiet zone.