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  1. I agree with you, Manny T. Based on the Capitol Limited trip I took on November 13, 2018 (westbound) and November 15, 2018 (eastbound), there were no cheesecakes for dessert in any of the dinner box selections. Instead the dessert that was offered in the entrée boxes was the Toffee Crunch Non-GMO Manifesto Blondie.
  2. E60JPC

    Joyride to Philly

    Thanks for sharing, MARC Rider! Your post brings back a lot of old memories. I used to ride the BSL to High School, from Lombard-South to Olney TC. The "new" cars entered service during this time - in 1982. I'm surprised those old B1 cars haven't been scrapped by now! A PCC-equipped trolley line (#5) used to run past the apartment where I grew up on 5th Street. There actually was a Temple U station on the Reading Lines and, later, Conrail commuter trains out of Reading Terminal, though the current station in use by SEPTA is not the same station used back then. There was also a Spring Garden Street station, the first stop after leaving Reading Terminal, that was abandoned when service to Reading Terminal ended in 1984.
  3. v v, Are you still planning on taking the Copper Canyon Railway?
  4. v v, I eagerly await your travelogue. I just booked an eastbound cruise on the QM2 for my honeymoon in April. It will be the first time outside of North America for me and my future wife. Once in the UK, we'll be riding trains around Europe!
  5. E60JPC

    Cardinal questions

    Now that I think about it, the train I was on departed Charlottesville on Sunday so would have departed Indianapolis on Monday morning. Makes sense.
  6. E60JPC

    Cardinal questions

    When I rode the Cardinal westbound from Charlottesville to Chicago last December, the consist of Horizon cars and locomotive that comprise the Hoosier State was coupled to the Cardinal's P42 locomotive in Indianapolis for the last leg of our trip from Indianapolis to Chicago. Departing Indianapolis our consist from head end to tail end was a P42 locomotive, 4 Horizon cars (Hoosier State consist), another P42 locomotive, then the remainder of the Cardinal's consist. My Viewliner sleeper was on the rear of the Cardinal's consist FWIW. Anyone traveling in coach or business class boarding at Indianapolis, or at an intermediate stop between Indianapolis and Chicago, would travel in the Hoosier State's (Horizon) cars positioned ahead of the Cardinal's locomotive, not in the Cardinal's (Amfleet II) cars. Thus, the local Indianapolis-Chicago crowd would ride in the same equipment on days the Cardinal ran that they would ride in on days the Hoosier State runs. This means the local Indianapolis-Chicago passengers on the Cardinal eat in the Hoosier State's split Horizon business class/café, while passengers who boarded the Cardinal east of Indianapolis eat in the Cardinal's Amfleet II diner-lite/lounge.
  7. There is one such station I can think of right off the bat that fits this criteria - the Ocean City Transportation Center in New Jersey. It was a functioning train station until 1981 and has served NJ Transit local and commuter buses since. Nowadays it is nowhere near a railroad. I actually rode one of the last passenger trains out of Ocean City in August 1981 before the line was abandoned.
  8. E60JPC

    Switching Locations?

    Actually the "River Cities" coach ran from St. Louis to Centralia, IL, where it was combined with the City of New Orleans headed south. I rode the River Cities in March 1986.
  9. E60JPC

    First Superliner experience

    I rode the newly Superliner-equipped San Francisco Zephyr and Southwest Limited in March 1981 and, yes, I do remember the piano on the lower level of the SSL!
  10. E60JPC

    Amtrak members hosting no passenger trains

    N&W also hosted a portion of the former Illini route between Champaign-Urbana, IL and Decatur, IL until the early 1980's.
  11. If v v and his wife are going to take the ferry across the Gulf of California from La Paz to Topolobampo, they can then ride the El Chepe train across the Copper Canyon route to Chihuahua. From there, they can take a bus to El Paso, TX, then on to Amtrak's Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle (# 422) eastward. That would be epic!
  12. I rode the Cardinal westbound between Charlottesville and Chicago on my way home for Christmas last year. I left Charlottesville on time on December 17 and was only 17 minutes late arriving in Chicago so we mostly kept to schedule. If on time, the westbound Cardinal will spend about 3 hours in the New River Gorge (6 pm to 9 pm). In December, this time period will be under cover of darkness. On my trip, it was already dark by the time we got to Hinton, the beginning of the New River Gorge traveling westbound, so we didn't see much of it. I was able to see the New River Gorge Bridge, even in the darkness. As recently as 10 years ago, it was the highest bridge in the Americas, the 2nd highest bridge in the world, and the world's longest single-span arch bridge. Nonetheless, there is still great scenery to be seen westbound in daylight even in December. We traversed the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley in daylight, shortly after leaving Charlottesville, and I found the scenery to be superb. The Cardinal (East-West) crosses Skyline Drive (North-South) at a right angle between Charlottesville and Staunton around the summit of the Blue Ridge Mountains. You will also see the famous Greenbrier Resort decked out in Christmas decorations at White Sulfur Springs at around sunset. If you're planning on riding the Cardinal eastbound, you will traverse the New River Gorge between roughly 7:30 am and 10:30 am (if on-time). This would allow you to see most of the New River Gorge in daylight.
  13. E60JPC

    Amtrak reroutes

    Why do no other Amtrak trains extend through the suburbs though?There are a few other examples of trains extending past a city into the suburbs or nearby towns. For example, the Downeaster continues through Portland to Brunswick, the Vermonter continues through Burlington/Essex Junction to St. Albans, some Capitol Corridor trains continue past Sacramento to Auburn, and the Empire Service trains that operate west of Albany continue through Buffalo to Niagara Falls. And Pacific Surfliners that run through Santa Barbara to suburban Goleta.
  14. A hypothetical compromise could be to run the Southwest Chief on the current route between Holliday Jct., KS and Dailies Jct., NM via La Junta, CO and Albuquerque, NM 4 days/week (e.g. Su, Mo, We, Fr) and over the Transcon between Holliday Jct., KS and Dailies Jct., NM via Amarillo, TX and Belen, NM the remaining 3 days/week (e.g. Tu, Th, Sa). This assumes, of course, that BNSF Railway would be more amenable to a compromise train via Amarillo 3 days/week rather than daily. Passengers bound for Santa Fe, NM and Albuquerque, NM the 3 days/week the train would operate via Amarillo could change to a New Mexico Rail Runner train at Belen, NM.
  15. The Coast Starlight doesn't go to San Diego. This train only travels north of Los Angeles. If you're looking to take your troop from Los Angeles to another nearby city in southern California, consider taking them on the Pacific Surfliner instead. There are multiple daily departures to destinations north and south of LA as opposed to the Coast Starlight that only runs once a day. By Pacific Surfliner you can head south to San Diego or you can head north to Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo.