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  1. bigblue2007

    Lake Shore Limited from Boston meal service.

    I will give a report. Thanks to everyone that has responded.
  2. My wife and I are taking the LSL from Boston/South Station to Chicago/Union Station via bedroom sleeper. How is the lunch meal handled from Boston to Albany? In the past it was a cafe car item choice. In addition we are connection in Chicago on the Empire Builder and going to Seattle. It should be fun. Thanks.
  3. bigblue2007

    Why do AGR Train Travel Points Take So Long To Post

    It's always a battle to get them to make it right. Just stay on them.
  4. bigblue2007

    Why do AGR Train Travel Points Take So Long To Post

    Things seem to be posting faster now.
  5. It is a rough platform at back bay station. If you're in a sleeping car south station is better you can wait in the Acela Lounge. South station is a lot nicer.
  6. I used the wifi it was okay. Nothing that was too fast.
  7. bigblue2007

    LSL boston sleepers?

    I rode the LSL from BOS-ALB and ALB-CHI round trip last month. I enjoyed the trip. It was my first time using this particular route.
  8. bigblue2007

    Reward Travel

  9. bigblue2007

    Reward Travel

    When you take a reward travel trip do you get TQP? My guess is you don't. I am taking my first reward trip Sunday.
  10. bigblue2007

    Cafe Car Question?

    thanks for the insight. In the future I will bring cash as it seems easier for everyone involved.
  11. bigblue2007

    Cafe Car Question?

    Thanks for providing this information. That stinks that the equipment doesn't work and it outdated. You would think that they would give you an iPad terminal with a cash register type software. It could settle the transactions and reduce the amount of paperwork. It is terrible that it is a 50/50 shot if you want to use your card. Especially those of us who have amtrak credit cards would get 3X the points.
  12. bigblue2007

    Cafe Car Question?

    Is it common on the NE Regional to shut the credit card terminal down in westerly, ri en route to Boston? There is still an hour and half left on the trip. This happened on train 178. They said they would take cash only.
  13. According to the website there is now wi-fi. Who knows how good it is?
  14. bigblue2007

    Spend $5000 get 1000 TQP

    One thing I have learned about Amtrak and AGR is "Never look a gift horse in the mouth" indeed