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    Guess who's coming to dinner?

    A semi professional wrestler from Chicago on his way to St Louis for a match.
  2. jimmrl

    Menu Changes (October 2017)

    They were the best seafood cakes I have ever had. They are the only seafood cakes I have ever had. Did they hold up to a really good crab cake, no, but I have had crab cakes worse than the seafood cake Amtrak served me last night. Overall three people at my table had them and we were all surprised by them. Mostly because we expected them to be bad and they were not. Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
  3. jimmrl

    Chicago Layover

    I agree with Beggars Pizza, it will not let you down. I found out by asking a maintenance guy at the station "where do you go to eat". He looked around and said "I am told to tell you about all the places in the station, but we go to Beggars when we want something good". Jim
  4. jimmrl

    Breakfast on #1

    Thanks for all the replies. I guess I will have to find something to eat in the French Quarter before I get on the train. Jim
  5. Jim for my first name. MRL for Montana Rail Link Jim
  6. jimmrl

    Breakfast on #1

    Hopefully this is an easy question. When I get on the #1 Sunset Limited in NOL at 9:00 am, will there be breakfast or not? I will be in a roomette and the meals are "free". Just figuring out some logistics for my trip in a couple of weeks. Thanks, Jim