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  1. brianpmcdonnell17

    Chicago-Rockford Service On Hold

    It would be nice if they could add a stop at IRM if the Rockford train is routed on that line. Perhaps IRM could build a small platform which would serve a flag stop or even seasonal weekend stop, depending on if there was any signicant usage besides museum traffic. However, this would probably only be useful if a second frequency was added.
  2. I am in the early stages of planning a trip back to Florida from Chicago next Summer via the CL and SS. A family member who lives between Rocky Mount and Raleigh is interested in travelling on the train with me, but is only 14. Since I am 18, he should be able to go with me. However, he would technically be boarding the train alone, so would this present an issue? Booking a ticket is not an issue since the Amtrak website does not ask for age, but is it possible the employees at the station could prevent him from boarding? Also, which station is preferable? If boarding at Rocky Mount, we would not be able to meet until he is on the train, but I could mention the situation to the conductor before getting there. Since Raleigh is a stretch break, I could meet him on the platform, but access to the platform is restricted so he could have an issue getting that far.
  3. brianpmcdonnell17

    Toledo Station Baggage Question

    It is an attended service; you would likely not even be able to get inside the station when Amtrak employees are not present.
  4. brianpmcdonnell17

    Emeryville to SFO

    Even if using Oakland Airport, BART from Richmond would likely be the best public transportation option. If the schedule worked out, it would also be possible to take a Capitol Corridor train to the Airport station and the Oakland Airport BART connector from there.
  5. brianpmcdonnell17

    Emeryville to SFO

    BART would be the best public transportation option even from downtown SF, and is less than $2 more to travel from Richmond versus downtown. The only way using the Amtrak bus would make sense would be if avoiding local public transportation entirely and using a car service from downtown to the airport.
  6. brianpmcdonnell17

    Emeryville to SFO

    You could get off at Richmond, the station before Emeryville and connect to BART. The seating is 2 by 1 on some if not all cars and the trains are wider than on other comparable systems due to a wider gauge, so there is plenty of room for luggage unless it is rush hour peak direction, which would not be the case if arriving on the CZ. One transfer would be necessary to reach the airport, but it is simple as both trains arrive on the same platform. In my opinion, the main downside is that there is no checked baggage service at Richmond.
  7. brianpmcdonnell17

    If pressed for time, Portland or Vancouver Station?

    According to Google Maps, Vancouver is only 3 minutes further by bike, so that should be faster considering you are going north.
  8. brianpmcdonnell17

    Silver Meteor vs Silver Star

    The Silver Star may be the longer route, but most passengers are on it for a shorter distance. The SM has heavy ridership between Florida and the Northeast, whereas the SS is more dominated by passengers within Florida or between cities from NC north. Overnight, the train tends to be relatively empty, even though there is significant short distance ridership to middle of the night stops such as Savannah and Columbia. The SM also is typically longer with one or sometimes two extra sleepers. Lastly, the SM serves as the primary connecting train for points beyond WAS, PHL, and NYP, whereas most SS passengers' trips are limited to their time on the SS. I'm not saying the SS shouldn't have a dining car as well, but it is less needed than on the SM.
  9. brianpmcdonnell17

    Wikipedia for Texas Eagle error?

    According to http://www.trainweb.org/usarail/collegesta.htm , the Houston section was discontinued in 1995. Also, the word "discontinued" on the diagram is lined up with a red arrow pointing to the faded line. Lastly, the line through Phoenix is also marked as discontinued and uses the same faded line that is used for the former Houston branch. However, I believe it was poor choice to use the same font without a line between the information about the Heartland Flyer and the Houston section, as it does make them appear to be referring to the same thing.
  10. brianpmcdonnell17

    Wikipedia for Texas Eagle error?

    The discontinuation is of the Houston section of the Texas Eagle that is shown in faded red, not of the Heartland Flyer.
  11. In my experience, if not travelling west of Spokane the ticketed train number has no influence on the assigned car. For example, on my recent trip to Essex all coach passengers going to Essex were placed in the Portland section, while all on the return were placed in the Seattle section.
  12. brianpmcdonnell17

    Denver to LAX

    CZ to Sacramento, San Joaquin to Bakersfield, and thruway bus from there.
  13. brianpmcdonnell17

    On board 311

    Based on the photo, it appears to be parked at the St. Louis station.
  14. brianpmcdonnell17

    Question about Ex-Metroliner Cab Cars

    Actually, some Amtrak heritage baggage cars were originally built as passenger cars.
  15. brianpmcdonnell17

    New Siemens Charger locomotive.

    How was the acceleration?I only have experience with the Amtrak Midwest Chargers, but in my experience they seem to have significantly better acceleration than P42s.