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  1. I will be coming into Chicago (business class) with a 6 hour layover 1-8-19, leaving on Capitol Limited to DC with sleeper then south to Miami with sleeper and I will be returning to Chicago 2-3-19 from NOL with sleeper with a 8 hour layover before my train to Macomb, IL. My question is, can I leave a small bag in the self check room in the Met Lounge with a heavy coat and boots that I would during my 2 Chicago layovers. It would be from 1-8 to 2-3, Monday to Sunday?? Also is there a lounge available in the DC station or place to check my bag during my layover there. Thanks, JIM
  2. Departing Chicago 6:40PM to DC with a sleeper, will I get dinner. I'm thinking I will, but just checking. Thanks
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    Chicago Union Station

    I think that when you come into CUS on the CONOL with a sleeper that you can use the Met Lounge, just show them your ticket or your phone using it for you ticket I know I have used the lounge coming in CUS with business class ticket but leaving same day with a coach class ticket. I use the self check luggage room and walk around town a bit. Great little mom and pop Italian Deli " Bombacigno's J & L" place about a bolk and a half south and west of the Clinton Street exit ramp out of the far and left end of the great hall, get yourself a sandwich to go. I do not think they are open on Sat or Sun. https://www.yelp.com/menu/bombacignos-j-and-c-inn-chicago-2 Another place close to the station I have not tried but will the on my next trip thru CUS the end on January is The Ruin Daily. https://www.yelp.com/biz/the-ruin-daily-chicago-3
  4. Departing Chicago at 6:40PM on the Capitol Limited with sleeper to DC, will dinner to served that evening? Same question about the Silver Meteor, getting on in DC at 7:25PM, will I get dinner or is that to late? Arrive Miami the next day at 6:39PM but I see is gets in early a lot, how about dinner on that end? Thanks, JIM
  5. I will be coming in on a business class ticket but leaving later the same day with a coach ticket. Can I leaving my bag for the day in the self baggage storage area in the Metropolitan Lounge?
  6. Thanks all. Just up the river from you GM&O, in Hamilton IL.
  7. OK, the question is, with sleeper booked going west from Ft Madison and later back to Ft Madison from Chicago with a depart / arv time of 6:40pm will we get dinner going and coming? Seems like in the past, when we boarded going west in a sleeper then attendant had make 8pm reservation for dinner for us. Have never had a sleeper for short trip from Chicago back to Ft Madison but the sleeper was not to many points more than coach plus we can check out the new lounge in Chicago.