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  1. Regarding Clifton Forge: I took a 1 day Cardinal turn from Charleston, WV on Wed. 8/22. There is construction behind the C&O Bldg. Old waiting room is closed due to the work. New Amtrak Station? Passengers are accommodated currently in a modular building just east of the old building. The access is by a ramp and the single restroom is accesable to a wheelchair so I guess that part passes. I did not see any wheelchair lift or a shelter to house one. Sorry I didn't take any pics. Platform is unchanged. Good lunch at Jack Mason's Tavern across street.
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    Those condiments are meant for purchasers of food in the lounge. You might get some resistance for picking them up without the accompanying purchase that they are meant to enhance.
  3. Double stacks and auto racks (19'0" ) don't go thru Pittsburgh station. They are all routed via Mon Line on the south side and the Port Perry Branch to bypass the Amtrak route thru the Pittsburgh station. Cars as described could not be used on the Capitol Ltd. or Pennsylvanian.