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  1. jim55

    Earning Points

    Can I still earn points for a ticket that I used the senior discount ? Does the ticket class ( saver, value or flexible) have any effect on earning points? Thanks, Jim
  2. Enterprise rent a car, 2255 Broadway, Denver(downtown) 303-293-8644.will pick you up. Jim
  3. Would an infant (under 2) be required to be listed on the ticket? The AGR ticket agent said no. My wife thinks thats wrong. I talked to another agent and they said no since he is considered a "Lap baby". Anyone have first hand experience ? Thanks, Jim
  4. jim55

    Amtrak Pets on Board Trial

    What a can of worms. Does this mean that soon there may be a snake, spider, lizard etc in a flimsy cage under the seat in front of me? What about people allergic to pet hair? Amtrak will lose more Pax than gain.
  5. Reading some posts here, it seems it may be possible. Can I reedeem points for a ticket made out to my Son , his wife and two sons (not AGR members)? Would I have to travel with them? Any fees applicable? Thanks in advance. Jim
  6. Not sure of the WB time, be it 5:00 or 5:30 but, if time is tight, go to the diner when you board and talk to the person in charge. He or she may give you a reservation slip right then. Sometimes a Tour group leader may block an entire seating time for his group.(happened to me). Jim
  7. Anyone else getting a "sorry for the unexpected websight error....type message"? I tried last night and just now, still no luck. Jim
  8. jim55

    #10031 Dome Window -- Fixed??

    A fan on another train websight reports the metal "window" has been replaced with glass. Jim55
  9. jim55

    #10031 Dome Window -- Fixed??

    Unless this is an inside joke, I think your responce was "out of bounds". Last I saw, it still had the " metal pannel" in the middle (hope I am wrong) Jim55
  10. Sorry if this was mentioned befor. I just got off train 5 & 6, Chi-Den round trip and my wife remarked about poor food quality on this trip. Another passenger web sight mentioned poor food quality as the only drawback to an other wise upbeat trip report. This thread got several responces and it seems that Gate Gourmet was replaced with Aramark Food service for Amtrak trains. Gone is the "angus burger" replaced with a cheeseburger, with a bun that had to have been made years ago put into a freezer till nuked and served ( don't expect bacon anymore). Chicken fried steak is back and is "nasty" as ever. I had the crab cakes but wont do that again. Chicken fingers got a bad grade and I'm not sure about the french toast. Maybe I just got a poor example or it needed more time in the oven. The steak was cooked to my request and tasty but tough. Anyone else notice the change? The food and our sleeping car attendent(all talk no service)were the only drawback to a fine trip. Jim
  11. jim55

    Promotion Early Results

    Update: Today another ticket of my 2 roundtrip day posted and I got both tier and bonus points for that leg. One more ticket to go. Jim Final Update: My last ticket of two round trips posted and all had tier and bonus points. Jim
  12. jim55

    Promotion Early Results

    Update: Today another ticket of my 2 roundtrip day posted and I got both tier and bonus points for that leg. One more ticket to go. Jim
  13. My ponts posted for a points run and I did get double points for tickets under $35.00 but it seems, as of now, that it is limited to 2 segments only. I did two round trips and they posted 1 from the 1st trip out and 1 from the 2nd trip back. Dispite what I was told By AGR. The other two legs may still be in the system. Any one have have different results? Jim
  14. I called AGR again today and was told the same things I said in my post above. Jim
  15. I called and was told that the 2 one way tickets limit was for the "take five". Also, the $35.00 was for the "take five". So if he was correct,any trip ie... Chicago-Glenview is good for 2x or 3x. Jim