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  1. daybeers

    Amtrak website glitch

    That is such BS!
  2. A sad outcome, indeed, but not surprising.
  3. Whoever the blame is really on, it's unfortunate the situation hasn't really changed much from a few months ago when this issue first surfaced. Someone needs to do something. I do know that using more Amfleets is probably out of the question since Amtrak is so low on spares, so I would agree that someone should foot the bill for borrowing MARC cars.
  4. I think siena was referring to the high price, which usually isn't a factor in those other forms of LD travel.
  5. daybeers

    Monthly Rail Pass for Business Class

    Yes, but you're limited in the amount of segments you can take over the same trackage: it's four. One of the reasons for this is so people don't use it as a commuting pass.
  6. daybeers

    Roomette 'flash sale' (ended December 11)

    Bratkinson what is this Windows 2000 theme you're using? I can see it's not actually that old since Firefox is updated.
  7. daybeers

    Texas Eagle vs Sunset Limited

    That regularly happens on the NEC at NYP. Also, seat checks are also used in the NEC but conductors rarely write destinations on them or check one of the boxes next to the station codes. Occasionally they will rip part of it to inform them you're going part way or something.
  8. Oh you haven't heard? Amtrak is removing the sleepers from the Star to test its "New and contemporary seating" instead of traditional sleeper car service!
  9. Everyone knows NYP is bad and nobody understands why they only open up one escalator instead of two. At least on the Regionals, they already let everyone off and then there is usually a couple minutes of waiting until the new passengers start boarding. However, as this article shows, there is absolutely no reason for the lines at WAS. It's been made even worse recently with the removal of much of the seating around the gate areas, presumably to deter homeless people from sleeping there. Amtrak Police already has a large presence at WAS so if they wanted to keep the homeless away why can't they just enforce it? It shouldn't come at the expense of paying passengers not being able to sit down while waiting for their train. Whenever I take a train from WAS, I just show up about ten minutes before departure time and walk right through the gate because by then most people have boarded. Sure I may not get a window seat, but one will open up at some point, be it WIL, PHL, or NYP. Besides, I'll probably have someone sitting next to me anyway so really what's the point of standing in line for upwards of half an hour? I think the issue is people just follow the crowd and the lines just get worse. Once people see others lining up, they think "oh that must mean the gate is going to open soon, I'll get in line then!"
  10. I think the main issue here is if Amtrak silently removes the baggage car from the Boston section of the LSL, it just gives them more reason to start reducing more amenities on that train and others. I live in Connecticut, but would very much like to write whomever you are writing to also. Could you pass along some names and/or emails?
  11. daybeers

    Roomette 'flash sale' (ended December 11)

    Might as well try!
  12. https://planetprinceton.com/2018/11/28/nj-transit-no-firm-date-for-restoration-of-dinky-train-service-yet/
  13. daybeers

    DC Long Bridge Replacement Study

    Taken long enough...also what a railfanning spot that will be! There is Long Bridge Park, but that's significantly more difficult to get to without a car and not all that close to the tracks.
  14. daybeers

    Roomette 'flash sale' (ended December 11)

    Same here, planning a trip for July. Makes sense to do the sale in the date range they have though, as it's usually the lowest traffic time of the year.