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  1. crescent-zephyr

    Pacific Parlor Car

    I’m glad I got to ride them as much as I did. But I still wish I had ridden them more. :-/
  2. crescent-zephyr

    Amtrak moving forward to stop all, most LDT

    someone is subsidizing your vacation no matter how or where you choose to travel. Very few people just ride a train for 100% fun. I may plan a trip around a train route, but it’s always to ultimately get somewhere I want to be. Pretty sure On any given day there are more people making mileage runs on airlines than joyriding on Amtrak.
  3. That’s not the st. Charles line though. But yes you can catch that line and connect to the St. Charles line while on Canal Street.
  4. Awesome! I think you’ll enjoy it a lot. The trip over Lake Ponchatrain is 100% unique to the Crescent, that alone should make the trip worthwhile. The trip between Atlanta and Birmingham has some really nice classic southern railway scenery as well. While in New Orleans, if you can try to ride the St. Charles line of the streetcars. That’s the line with the old green cars, they are the original Pearly Cars from the 1920’s and the St. Charles line is the oldest continually operating street railway in the us, it opened in 1835. The streetcars run 24/7.
  5. I’ve been seated while still going over lake ponchatrain, other times I’ve been told breakfast begins after departing slidel. Either way that’s way earlier than 9 am.
  6. You get breakfast lunch and dinner going both ways if the train is on time. (Express dinner menu on the way into New Orleans)
  7. New Orleans for sure. Lots of daylight running, dining car meals, and just a relaxing route through southern towns. You also get to cross lake ponchatrain. The crescent south of Atlanta is a really nice route.
  8. crescent-zephyr

    Amtrak moving forward to stop all, most LDT

    Trains should not be looked at as competition with flying vs. driving etc. Trains provide a unique transportation service that links small towns and larger cities in a way that other transit services do not. We do need more corridors, but linking those corridors with long distance trains just makes sense. We have such a bare bones system as it is.
  9. crescent-zephyr

    Sunset limited top speed

    The speedometers on the engine can be off, allowing the engineer to see 79, but the actual speed to be 81. On an old pentrax video I have of a cab ride on the nec, the engineer is seen with a stop watch comparing the time between mileposts with the speedometer on the locomotive
  10. crescent-zephyr

    Passport CARD Okay On Maple Leaf?

    The card is very handy for me. I keep it in my wallet so it’s one less thing for me to lose when traveling. In most of the cases where I travel the passport card works (arriving by vehicle to Canada, cruise ships, trains). I travel with my passport in a separate passport wallet that I keep in my carry-on luggage along with another credit card. This way if I lose my wallet when travelling, I have ID and a method of payment. If you’re only going to get one, the book makes the most sense. But I really like having both.
  11. crescent-zephyr

    Passport CARD Okay On Maple Leaf?

    That makes it all the worse according to the Amtrak PD!!!!! :p
  12. crescent-zephyr

    Ruined Texas Eagle trip

    Please understand that Amtrak rarely has any say. They don't own the tracks except for the NE Corridor and a couple of other random places. The host railroads (Union Pacific in this case) have final say on what they will allow amtrak to run. A few years ago I was stuck in Florida for several extra days because Amtrak had to cancel trains due to a snow storm (CSX told Amtrak when they could and couldn't run). Since airlines also had many cancelled flights I had no choice but to stay in Florida extra days which meant extra hotel costs. I never expected Amtrak to cover those costs, it wasn't their fault and in this case was both an act of god (severe winter storm) and an act of CSX ha. It sounds like Amtrak has failed to properly inform you about why the train was cancelled, and that is one of the main reasons that you are so unhappy. That is understandable. But at the same time, airlines have cancelled and changed flights on me with no explanation and no solutions other than to book me on another flight.
  13. crescent-zephyr

    Passport CARD Okay On Maple Leaf?

    I have both the card and the book. I’ve used the passport card on the maple leaf and on international cascades and it’s always been taken no questions asked. Naturally Amtrak police in Chicago questioned why I had a passport card during a “random” ID check. Such is life. Ha.
  14. crescent-zephyr

    Ruined Texas Eagle trip

    Southwest Tickets can be cancelled up to the last minute with full credit returned to you. If you buy plane tickets to Vegas specifically to see Elton Jon, and then Elton Jon cancels because of a medical reason, the promoters of the concert refund you the ticket but are not liable for plane tickets, hotel reservations etc. that you made in order to go see the concert. I am sorry the trip turned out this way... the Starlight and Sunset are both nice trips.
  15. crescent-zephyr

    California Zephyr Glenwood Springs-SLC scenery?

    The ruby canyon, just west of grand junction, is one of my favorite parts of the ride. As others have said, it’s not as dramatic as the Rockies or Donner Pass. But still some unique and quite nice scenery.