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    Sleeper Pricing

    It really is impossible to tell what Amtrak is doing with sleeper pricing. A recent trip on the Capitol Limited I booked a roomette. A screaming kid was next door and since I'd walked the two sleepers and saw several bedrooms (and empty roomettes) available in each sleeper car, I called and asked how much to upgrade from the roomette to the bedroom. Understand at this point we had pulled out of DC Union Station. Customer Service quoted me $850.00 to upgrade to the bedroom. I asked if I could be moved to the other sleeper because of the screaming kid and they told me $128.00 TO MOVE from one roomette to another roomette. I watched the bedrooms all the way to Chicago and they were never sold along with several roomettes in each sleeper remaining empty. Crazy, in my opinion and a ridiculous waste of potential revenue. Conductors could have easily offered bedroom upgrades to the passengers in roomettes once Amtrak knew those bedrooms hadn't sold, IF they had been reasonable about how much money they would take for the upgrades. It wouldn't have cost Amtrak one cent AND they could have increased revenue for that run. Just plain stupid, in my way of reasoning.
  2. I'm looking to buy a ticket for a family relation. Going from SAS to Coos Bay, Oregon. What is the difference between the two offerings Arrow gives me? 421 VRS 1? Same price for both???? Thanks !! in advance for any and all info........ I've never been on ether the 421 or the 1 so that's why I ask....................
  3. Does anyone who reads this forum know or can tell me how much of MARTA is underground and where the lines surface? Doing some research and would be very grateful for any info or leads as to where I might find the info I'm looking for. Also, does anyone know if the old "Grande Dame" RR Station in Atlanta is still standing or has it been torn down? THANKS !! so much for any and all info.

    Sleeper Car "NON-BERTH" Service

    To: AmtrakLTL, et al..... THANK YOU !!... kind person for reminding me that HUCA equates to "Choose Your Battles Wisely" and "Save Your Sanity".................as much as I know these two valuable ideas, I just sometimes lose track of them in the midst of it all, and need a gentle reminder. BLESS YOU and again, THANK YOU !!

    Sleeper Car "NON-BERTH" Service

    Okay, so what do you ask for when you speak with Amtrak "Central" ?? Will they, (Amtrak Central, aka, Amtrak Customer Service) understand "Open Ticket" ? Or do you have to try and explain it? My (limited) experience has been if the person you get at Amtrak Central doesn't understand what you're talking about it's pretty much impossible to explain anything to them, which I can understand...too many "hucksters" trying to pull fast ones.... Recently I just wasn't able to get the woman at Amtrak Central to believe me when I tried to explain the Pacific Parlor Car on the CS has it's own menu and serves lunch and dinner. She insisted that only a "Breakfast Buffet" was served in the PPC but you could take your dining car meal into the PPC.

    Sleeper Car "NON-BERTH" Service

    Again, THANKS so much for the wealth of information. One thing....I read from time to time "Open Sleeper....". What, exactly is "Open Sleeper..." ??

    Sleeper Car "NON-BERTH" Service

    What I was looking for actually was perhaps a price break. From reading the Blue Book, it seems it was (Non-Berth Service) more common in earlier years but has probably been slowly phased out. Want the sleeper for the approx. 4 hours, PDX to SEA on CS. I'd like to do dinner in Pacific Parlor Car. Last time I tried this the PPC was closed due to a fire. Thought I'd give it another shot and if there was a separate tariff for Non-Berth service I might save a couple of $$'s. Thanks to all who posted.
  8. Anyone here know if Amtrak still offers Non-Berth Sleeper Car Accommodations? AS per Amtrak "Blue Book" Section 8-71 (8) Thanks for any info. Calling Amtrak 800 # is useless. Being told Amtrak NEVER offered such service. This one also tried to tell me Pacific Parlor Car does not serve food but you can take your dining car meal into Pacific Parlor Car if you want.
  9. Perhaps it's time to get rid of the dining car as it exists today and go to a buffet/cafeteria style food service. No arguments/fussing with LSA/SCA's about what comes with what. Take what you want. Find a table, sit down.
  10. HARHBG

    using AGR coupons...

    Thanks !! for the responses. Not exactly what I was wanting to read but...............again, THANKS !!
  11. Has anyone out there tried to use a companion coupon along with an upgrade coupon? I'd like to buy my fiends a round trip on the NEC and utilize some of these coupons I've got. Anybody have any success in using a companion coupon and then upgrading those tickets to Business Class using an upgrade coupon? I've called Amtrak Customer Service 5 times now posing that very question and gotten 2 different responses. 2 responses say Yes, you can use both coupons on a single reservation. 3 times I've been told No, only one coupon per reservation. I just am always amazed at the inconsistency of info given out to me each and every time I call into Amtrak "Central".
  12. THANKS !! so very much to all who posted the wealth of information. If anyone is still reading this post.........a quick question I'm sure all you people know the answer to, ..... but I'm not certain ...(and don't want to bother the membership with another "stupid" question posting)........ Just what, exactly, does "Limited" mean in a train name? Was "Limited" an indicator of an Express train with limited stops?? THANKS AGAIN..............
  13. Any clue as to where to even begin to look for timetables from the '30's and '40's? CHI to East Coast,... New York, Boston, Washington and CHI, West Coast to LAX would be the primary interest but any timetable from that period will work for this research project. THANKS in advance for any and all info posted.
  14. HARHBG

    Trump and Amtrak/Budget cutting funding

    How much "influence" do you think Donald Trump had in getting the ATLANTIC CITY EXPRESS up and running in 1989?? As a Businessman first, I'd imagine Mr. Trump would look at Amtrak in the same light as any other business only Amtrak really isn't any other business. No other business can run a deficit for 40+ years straight and still be around. Just hard, cold fact. That Amtrak has an essential role in the balance of transportation modes in the US should be clear to anyone with more than 2 active brain cells, but desperately needs to be brought into the 21st Century. Several AU posts point out one inescapable FACT. Congress, specifically, the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee is where the real attention should be focused. Google it !! Get the list of members and start writing !!! PAPER LETTERS. An email is too easy to ignore. A paper, hand written letter speaks loudly, LOUDLY, LOUDLY !!, because it communicates that someone has actually taken the time to sit down and write it, not push a button to send a "form" letter. I write 2 letters a week to the members of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and I do get responses, mostly a "form" type letter, but I've also received a number of letters that were clearly composed, written and specifically addressed the subject of the letter I had sent. I keep each letter to one topic,...... funding..... or long range infrastructure repair, etc. and as brief as possible. (Don't want to overwhelm those "BUSY" minds). The FAST Act has been passed, but it needs funding. That's a HUGE Victory for Amtrak but Amtrak has to compete with all the others who are controlled by this committee. Believe me, the pipeline people have their lobbyists, the airline people have their lobbyists and on and on. Amtrak supporters have NAPR and ??? ....YOU. YOU want Amtrak to move into the 21st Century, right? Then get off your duffs and contribute something with substance. If you can sit around typing posts all day on AU, then you certainly can research who your particular State or Commonwealth Senator is on the Transportation Committee and write. Getting started: .. ® Jeff Denham, Calif.; Chairman. ... (D) Michael E. Capuano, Mass.; Ranking Member.