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  1. Philly Amtrak Fan

    It’s Time We Stood Up to Amtrak

    What about the Night Owl? Doesn't that run overnight coach only? Let's get some overnight coach only trains going, especially you know what...
  2. Philly Amtrak Fan

    Amtrak in Tulsa OK why not

    Unlike Las Vegas, Columbus, Nashville, and Louisville, Tulsa has never had Amtrak. The last train service Amtrak had was the Tulsan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_major_cities_in_U.S._lacking_inter-city_rail_service According to the Wikipedia link and the data listed from 2015, they are the largest market to have never had Amtrak service.
  3. If they ever decide to require transfers in San Antonio between NOL-SAS and SAS-LAX, I can see combining the Crescent with NOL-SAS (assuming the Crescent becomes reliable).
  4. Philly Amtrak Fan

    Sunset Limited temp schedule

    Much better schedule for SAS-LAX. I have a feeling Tucson and Maricopa westbound are going to be stuck in the graveyard shift though.
  5. Philly Amtrak Fan

    What would you add?

    Without considering equipment, if I were interested in Chicago-Florida service via Indianapolis/Cincinnati, I'd rather go via Louisville, Nashville, Atlanta.
  6. Philly Amtrak Fan

    What would you add?

    This is the All Aboard Ohio Columbus-Pittsburgh proposal from January 2016: http://freepdfhosting.com/cf26514bc8.pdf They had Newark and Steubenville which were on the Cincinnati Limited and a few other stops. Old National Limited timetables don't show any stops between PGH and Columbus.
  7. Philly Amtrak Fan

    What would you add?

    I went back and rechecked the mileage assuming the old Pennsylvania Railroad Cincinnati Limited: https://www.american-rails.com/cinn-ltd.html The CIN-BAL-WAS routing I proposed would be longer to both BAL and WAS than the Cardinal. I didn't expect that. So that won't do CIN-BAL or CIN-WAS any favors. If we had a CIN-Columbus-PGH-PHL-NYP routing, it would be 755.1 miles or 72.9 miles shorter than the Cardinal between CIN and PHL/NYP. You probably wouldn't gain much in distance/time and you'd trade BAL/WAS for Columbus/PGH. On the other hand, those cities are a lot closer to CIN than BAL/WAS and Cincinnati passengers might have more interest riding trains to Columbus and Pittsburgh than to Baltimore and Washington. One thing I won't change my mind on, CIN and IND needs trains to/from CHI at better times than they have now. As for CHI-BAL, HAR-BAL-WAS would be shorter than PHL-BAL-WAS and I wouldn't be against it if it can be done. Assuming it can't be, CHI-CLE-PGH-PHL-BAL would still be shorter in distance than the Cardinal. Also, the train can go faster on Amtrak owned Keystone tracks between HAR-PHL and PHL-BAL vs. only WAS-BAL on the Cardinal.
  8. Philly Amtrak Fan

    What would you add?

    My E/W plans connecting Chicago to the NEC: If I could start just one new LD train, I would start a "Motown Philly", Chicago to New York via Michigan, Ohio (Toledo/Cleveland) and Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh/Harrisburg/Philadelphia). Pennsylvania would have a one seat ride to Chicago and Michigan would have a one seat ride to the East Coast. I would schedule it to run overnight between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. It would be bad for most of PA but they are the least populated portion of the route (especially west of HAR) and it would provide overnight service between PGH and PHL/NYP and daytime service for Michigan/TOL/CLE. If I could start two new trains, I would have separate trains for Philly and Michigan. The Michigan train can then go to New York via upstate New York or they can have separate trains for New York and Boston rather than the split train for the LSL. Either way, there would be two trains between CHI and ALB. As for the Philly train, I'd like to run it via Columbus. There is some talk about Chicago-Ft. Wayne-Columbus service now. Also, I'd consider rather continuing to New York continuing south to Baltimore/DC instead to give Baltimore (and Wilmington) a faster one seat ride to Chicago). The question is who do you give the faster one seat ride to, WIL/BAL or TRE/Newark? If I could start three new trains, one for Michigan via upstate New York, one Chicago- Ft.Wayne- Columbus- Pittsburgh- Harrisburg- Philadelphia- New York, one Chicago- Indianapolis- Cincinnati- Columbus-Pittsburgh-Philadelphia- Baltimore- Washington. If you have both of these trains, the Cincinnati train can be scheduled with good times for Cincinnati/Columbus/Indianapolis and the other one can leave Columbus in the dark (since they will have the Cincinnati train) and be scheduled for E-W connections in Chicago and good times for PA. If all three of these trains become reality and the LSL and CL are kept, there would be three daily CHI-NYP trains, two daily CHI-WAS trains, two daily CHI-PHL trains and one daily CHI-BAL train. CLE and TOL would gain a daily train to the East Coast and DET, Columbus, IND, and CIN would have a daily train to the East Coast. But of course all we need is $$$$$$$.
  9. Philly Amtrak Fan

    How to print and download a timetable for #97 and #98

    They finally took the Carolinian out of the Palmetto/Silver Star/Silver Meteor but you still can't print the Silver Star or Silver Meteor schedule on a single page like you can almost any other schedule. If they moved the Boston/New York, Gainesville Thruway and "Connecting Local Services" to "Page 2" (not part of the train), all of the stops on both the Meteor and Star might be able to fit on "Page 1" at the current size font now.
  10. Philly Amtrak Fan

    Roomette 'flash sale' (ended December 11)

    Worthless if you can't get someone else to travel with you.
  11. Or in other words the only worthwhile portion of that train.
  12. Philly Amtrak Fan

    LD Trains, Most Popular Stops/City Pairs

    More LD station data: Busiest stations (LD passengers only): https://www.railpassengers.org/site/assets/files/1038/sectors-3.pdf Chicago is 1st, followed by New York, DC, LA, and Sanford. New Orleans is 6th, then Portland, Seattle, Philly, and Denver, the highest with just one LD train. Why is Sanford listed but Lorton not? NOL: CONO: 97,083, Crescent: 59,637, SL: 23,642 Portland: CS: 109,668, EB: 62,759 SEA: CS: 97,849, EB: 68,440 ORL (11th): SM: 82,729, SS: 46,102 SAC (12th): CS: 60,691, CZ: 54,632 Richmond (14th): SS: 39,840, SM: 23,620 Emeryville (15th): CZ: 63,207, CS: 38,087
  13. I'm way more in favor of same day connections in New Orleans than Los Angeles to the CS (especially since PHL actually has daily one seat service to NOL and not to CHI). Besides, the current SL schedule is horrible in San Antonio and the arrival time in LAX is too early.
  14. Philly Amtrak Fan

    Consist of last Tr. 521

    I would have thought it would have been really popular with A&M students traveling to Dallas and Houston. It had to be better than no one seat train ride between Chicago and Houston (or Dallas and Houston) as is the case now.
  15. Happy Thanksgiving! http://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/2018/11/x-train-planning-california-las-vegas-service-in-2019 Note this is not Xpress West/Brightline/Virgin America. Also, they decided to forget about Amtrak altogether.