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  1. Philly Amtrak Fan

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    "Cost cutting strategies" go way earlier than 1997. You can argue they've been cost cutting literally all 47 years. How many of the former railroad (PC, L&N, etc) routes were canceled on A-Day (not counting duplicate routes) alone? There was also 1979. Now I wasn't born in 1971 and economic times were a lot different back in the 70's or in the 90's when more cuts were made but to me Amtrak has always been about "cost cutting" and trying to get away with a bare bones system. They've never been about thriving or growing.
  2. Philly Amtrak Fan

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    Oh come on, we've been through this before. Chicago-Washington already has a train (a way faster one). Chicago-New York already has a train (a way faster one). If they cared about Chicago-Philadelphia, they would have never canceled the Broadway Limited/Three Rivers (a way faster one). Baltimore used to have through service on the Broadway before they got rid of it to start the Capitol as well. If they cared about Chicago-Baltimore, they would have never changed that either. If they cared about Cincinnati, train service there wouldn't be during the graveyard shift. Indianapolis isn't much better. The only reason that train exists now isn't for the reason you say it does. I can't dispute the Empire Builder has a unique national purpose between Chicago and Seattle (I may debate the importance of that purpose). But you're never going to convince me about that other train.
  3. Philly Amtrak Fan

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    I'm not entirely LD vs. corridor but I feel Amtrak should serve the most number of people possible. I feel Amtrak sacrifices serving more people to serve fewer because the fewer "need it more" or don't have other transportation options. The airline industry and the bus industry chooses who gets service by demand. But in Amtrak, Las Vegas, Nashville, and Columbus have no rail service but Thurmond, WV and Rugby, ND do.
  4. I believe the latest on CASHR now has direct LA to San Fran service now at 2040! I would probably be seeking alternatives.
  5. Philly Amtrak Fan

    30-42 connection in Pittsburgh

    This is assuming the OP's destination is Philadelphia, New York or somewhere in between. If it is west of Philly, that won't work. When I was on the CL in 2015 and it was late and missed the connection to the Pennsylvanian, I heard passengers were bustituted to Pennsylvania stops.
  6. Philly Amtrak Fan

    Unsold sleepers

    I did ride the Broadway once in the Slumbercoach era (1994). At that time, the LSL and Crescent also offered Slumbercoaches but the Florida trains did not. Were they a different kind of car/different size room or just the same room as a bedroom but no meals? I don't see the diner a-la-carte feasible.
  7. Philly Amtrak Fan

    Menu Capitol Limited?

    On the other hand, you can't eat anything else (unless you pay for cafe food or bring it from outside). That would be great but I'm guessing in practice it would be difficult because just like other trains need to "charge" passengers to eat in the diner cars the CL and LSL need to "charge" passengers for these meals to make them worthwhile distributing. If enough people opted out and only a few people took them, what's the point of having this service? Amtrak can only do two things, keep it the way it is or go to the Silver Starvation plan where the trains come with just a Cafe Car for food service. If they are going to have "meal service" provided, they have to make all the sleeper passengers pay for it to make it worthwhile just like on other trains where they have to make all the sleeper passengers pay for meals in the diner car. If that wasn't the case, why don't they offer Slumbercoaches or the option of a room without meals anymore and you can buy your meals from the Cafe Car (or a single person isn't paying for two people's meals?)
  8. Philly Amtrak Fan

    Amtrak train number 9 & 10?

    Among others the Coast Daylight up until A-Day. Then Amtrak changed it to a northern terminus of Oakland (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coast_Daylight). IMO it's a shame Amtrak doesn't serve San Francisco anymore. The only feasible way I guess to serve the city would be southbound to San Jose/LAX. Amtrak should have kept some trains running to San Fran and some to Oakland/Seattle.
  9. Philly Amtrak Fan

    Amtrak train number 9 & 10?

    Au contraire: The North Coast Hiawatha was #9/#10. http://timetables.org/full.php?group=19730610&item=0041
  10. Philly Amtrak Fan

    Amtrak in Allentown PA?

    I stand corrected. 8201, 8203, and 8209 (late Fri/Sun only) southbound and 8202, 8208, and 8204 (late Frii/Sun only) northbound are Martz only. Latest schedule to from Allentown/ Wilkes Barre/ Scranton: https://martztrailways.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/MartzSmallDay073018.pdf The other buses must be from another carrier.
  11. Philly Amtrak Fan

    Amtrak in Allentown PA?

    Would be, but that is a Martz Trailways bus and it stops in Wilkes Barre/Scranton only. They aren't on the June .pdf schedule but I looked up Allentown to Chicago and Allentown to Orlando and found new Thruway buses to 30th St. Station: Date: 11/21/18 8201: 9:00-10:35am to southbound SS, westbound Pennsylvanian, southbound NER 125/CL, or Keystone 648/LSL 8405: 9:35-11:55am to southbound SS, westbound Pennsylvanian, or southbound 125/CL 8407: 1:30-3:50pm to southbound SM
  12. Philly Amtrak Fan

    What would you add?

    Seems weird to call the train going through Philly and Pittsburgh the "21st Century Limited" but you can call it whatever you want:) Could you combine the Centennial and Great Plainsman into one Chicago-Los Angeles train via Las Vegas-Denver? Why not just have the Silver Palm go to Tampa and keep the Meteor to Miami? Great adds though. Several of the old Amtrak routes cut brought back.
  13. Philly Amtrak Fan

    What would you add?

    My first Texas priority would be establishing some sort of CHI-DAL-HOS service like the old Lone Star. I think the best idea would be to have a split off the SWC and have it overlap the current HF route.
  14. You'd get the most daylight and the most time to see stuff around June. On the other hand, you might want to see fall colors in October. If Chicago is involved, definitely avoid winter as avoid weather delays and little daylight days.
  15. Philly Amtrak Fan

    Miami to New Orleans

    This schedule from 1993 would take about a day from NOL to MIA (11:00pm CT to 11:10pm ET, so about 25 hours). http://timetables.org/full.php?group=19930502n&item=0030 The Southern Rail Commission Report had proposed service from NOL to ORL with a schedule NOL 5:00pm CT to ORL 11:30am ET. So if that trip were extended to Miami, you'd add about 6 more hours so it would be around the whole day, 25 hours). http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5302778ee4b07a6f640874ef/t/5670735bd8af10d0d84e4965/1450210139160/Gulf+Coast+Initiative+Report+2015.pdf That's still way better than having to go all the way up to Washington DC and back down again (assuming you're trying for the shortest, fastest route).