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    Choosing Roomettes on SWC

    More simply, the determination of pricing policies would be internal documentation, not likely to be public. A company rarely has a reason or duty to explain in a public manner how it arrives at a pricing model. The parameters by which rooms are priced are programmed into the reservation system at the direction of revenue and marketing management. Our information is based on reports from regular users as well as people who have inside knowledge. Those on the inside should not be expected to put their positions in jeopardy by providing proprietary information.
  2. On the orange train subject, the last train I saw, which is some years ago, was carrying the oranges to a processing plant. I would imagine that there are also trains carrying post processed juice pallets coming from the same plant. Since Tropicana also buys foreign juice, they also have tank cars to their sites.
  3. One of the things you sometimes see in Florida is an "orange train", a seemingly endless freight made up of carloads of oranges on their way to the juicers......
  4. PVD

    AGR Taxable Income Question

    One view of the subject https://creditcards.usnews.com/articles/credit-card-rewards-arent-taxable-if-you-earn-them
  5. One of the points that people forget is that change (modification) and cancellation are different. It is exactly why we often counsel folks to insist on "modifying", not cancelling and redoing a reservation.
  6. At that time, it was a radical change, and I have to admit that if I was not aware in advance, I might have taken it out on the wrong people. I was particularly happy that a manager rode the CL, which was on my return trip, and she spent a good bit of time, individually, doing detailed interviews about the new service and what we as passengers, felt might make it better.
  7. Accounting and inventory control is easier with pre mixes.
  8. Just to help clear up a point from a few posts back, when the change was first made, Amtrak did send e-mails to passengers who would be affected by the transition. I was notified in advance for my LSL and CL legs that I had scheduled prior to the change that were going to take place after the transition. I would guess that is no longer taking place (or reasonably req'd) since the system has been in place quite a while and should not be a surprise to anyone.
  9. Keep in mind that there were separate issues presented. Lack of choices, particularly at breakfast, inability of coach passengers to participate, no hot entrees, and diminution of the whole dining experience were common points. There were certainly people who didn't have a problem with one or more of those, as well as people who liked the inclusion of an alcoholic beverage. Notwithstanding how we got there, is there now consensus that we have taken a major step in addressing the most important concerns of the sleeper passengers?
  10. From the very start of the project, they solicited feedback from actual passengers, using both e-mailed surveys, and people on board "interviewing" riders. I sat with a manager on the CL and was given the opportunity to comment on what was offered, and how it might be improved. I suspect the opinions of current passengers carry somewhat more weight than the cries from the peanut gallery. Lots of companies do pay some attention to their social media presence, but in this case they worked pretty hard at collecting info directly from the most important cohort.
  11. The Asian Noodle Bowl is the vegan selection, the other pasta does have chicken... having it as an option for the Asian Bowl would mean keeping a separate supply, heating it, and adding it to the entree... Although it would be something I'd probably order, I could see why they want to avoid it.
  12. Knowing you will eventually be paid doesn't buy food or pay the bills. I take a dim view of people being asked to work and not be given the means for support. Always figured the 13th and 14th Amendments would have prevented that.
  13. In addition, the NY portion of the Lake is covered by Empire Service and the Leaf. Unless you are going past Buffalo, you have choices.
  14. I certainly would not use North Korea as a comparison, but intimidating a person to perform work without paying them is contrary to what this country purports to stand for. In most cases it is illegal. Our economic system is based on the exchange of work for just compensation. We can debate how close we stick to that in another forum. But the idea that a bunch of people who are getting paid create a scenario where I'm expected to show up and not get paid is a bit ridiculous.
  15. PVD

    Amtrak Announcements

    Absolutely true that some crews (or individual members of a crew) are definitely better than others when it comes to announcements. Some repetition, especially on safety items is valuable, and some needed since people get on at every stop. A quick public speaking training wouldn't be a bad idea.
  16. PVD

    Another dining car/SSL cutback

    Hopefully, we can get reports from any riders as to their experiences. My last trip was Empire Service, the signage in the cafe was current. Heven't been in a diner or SSL since June
  17. PVD

    New Menus on #8

    My last "French Toast Breakfast" was on the LSL when it was running diner-lite before it got the VL2 and boxes. I thought it was pretty good. I carry little gift bottles of real maple syrup that I get, makes travel that much better.
  18. PVD

    New Menus on #8

    Same here, I didn't see it until just now....
  19. PVD

    New Menus on #8

    I think the quesadillas are there also, which is also good news....
  20. VTT's method is perfectly reasonable, the ALB-BOS stretch is daytime anyway, not when the majority of people use the beds. The BC section is usually pretty calm and relatively private. Its much easier to put the Boston section on the front, the NY power is coming off, you just back up the BOS section to join, from Chicago pull Boston up, and back on the NY power.
  21. I have actually experienced that sans bicycle. I was at a NYS Hockey function in Lake Placid, and needed to go to Colorado for the national meeting and I drove to Albany, left my car, and took the LSL. One way I booked the Boston sleeper.
  22. The Auto Train to Florida would be Superliners, but that originates in VA going to Florida, not NY.
  23. It is pretty safe to figure that as far as the system is concerned, it is a train with no baggage car.
  24. PVD

    Rome, NY, Empire Service

    We stopped at Rome on my trip to SYR last week, 281 up, 284 back.
  25. When it went from 3 miles to 12 miles they went out of business.