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  1. Many years ago, on a trip with my parents to visit my sister (she lived in Santa Monica at that time) we took a very interesting tour. Don't know how they are today..It was quite a while ago, the Spruce Goose was right nearby...
  2. PVD

    EB/CL Connection in Chicago

    My last blown connection they used the Swissotel, it's pretty nice....That's no guarantee, on any given night, depending on what's going on in Chicago, and how many passengers need to be accommodated, there are many other possibilities....
  3. http://view.ceros.com/united/polaris-tracker-desktop-4/p/3 for your perusal
  4. Seeing riveted steel ships is always special, pretty much any large steel ship is welded today. Of course, large ships are built very differently in may other ways also.
  5. Right of a citizen is different than that of a permanent resident. There are also cases where naturalization can be revoked based on fraudulent immigration application information. That has happened with a couple of ex **** war criminals. A natural born citizen can not have their citizenship revoked involuntarily, that is covered under the 14th Amendment.
  6. Absolutely. I was referring to the fact that laws and principles that may (or you may believe) apply to you in the US, all bets are off, entry is at the discretion of the border officer. Even returning to the US (which as a citizen I have an absolute right to) I can be detained if I don't have proper documentation while they pursue alternate verifiable ID.
  7. Of course, varies widely by the type of trip and location. If I cross to look at the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, I'm not worrying about flying home, on a cruise in the Carribean, you bet.
  8. Denial of entry by Canada is by their discretion, you may think you are "innocent until proven guilty" , but an open or adjourned case in the US may be cause for denial. There is a process known as "rehabilitation" you can undergo to clear up certain past issues and make you admissible. It is explained on Canada's Border Service website. Remember, their house, their rules.
  9. An EDL or passport card is only good for land or sea.... even if you are travelling in the areas where they are accepted, you can't use them to fly internationally so the book is a much more useful document. Living in a border state, where driving over is common, converting to an EDL and not carrying my book is good for me, if I'm visiting upstate friends and decide to go over, I don't have to plan ahead.
  10. I've never had a visa for Canada...An EDL from certain states is the equivalent of a passport card.
  11. I'm pretty sure a passport card is considered a valid WHTI compliant document for any WHTI applicable land or sea crossing but not air. I carry a NY- EDL which serves the same function. For definitive answers you can go the CBP site: https://www.cbp.gov/travel......Always remember that Canada has final say over who enters Canada there have been cases of people being denied entry over things that we don't take as seriously or consider long past. I don't want to bring that up as if it is widespread, but it can and does occasionally occur.
  12. I would say that is a gross overstatement. What it takes to get a lightly loaded and/or fueled aircraft off the ground in optimal altitude and temperature conditions is very different from that which is required at the other end of the spectrum. Available runway length and obstructions are major factors. Look at thrust to weight ratio, engine out climb capability, but at the difficult, not optimum end of the scale. It is one of the reasons many 757 got sold.
  13. PVD

    BUF - Depew

    The mall is close by.If I recall, there is a movie theater over there, but i'm not 100% on that.
  14. Many of the hotels I have stayed at over the last few years have drastically improved their tea offerings, often having a little set up next to the in room coffee with a number of choices.
  15. PVD

    Viewliner side for the Hudson

    If it is indeed a coach (makes sense since the lounge comes from Boston) and its vestibule is towards the diner, that is it. While it is nice for the H to face the diner, it does nothing for the Boston sleeper or any following NY sleepers, those passengers, if using most assistive aids, can not easily navigate the aisle the length of the car, if at all. They are pretty much tied to SCA room service.