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  1. I'll be boarding #20 CLT to Phl in a few hours. Will have sleeper, just going to visit relatives, high light of the trip will be the train ride, LOL I'll let ya all know how it went. Jeff
  2. Great trip, arrived back in CLT only 15mins late Thanks for reading my scattered thoughts
  3. Dinner was great, had the herb chicken, wife had the steak, service was also great, a note to new travelers, while your meal is included with your sleeper its customary to tip your server, yes they are salaried, but its still a custom. We went through a horrible storm and there was a small leak in the dinning car. We lost about 15 mins. We are back in our Roomette relaxing, thanks for reading ,lol
  4. Interesting, there now is business class on the Cresent, never seen that on over night sleeper Trains.
  5. Now on the return trip #19, the new wifi is almost useless, traveling 109mph outside Wilmington DE, in roommette. Train and PHI station packed with DNCattendees, good for Business
  6. We are running about 45 mins late due to freight traffic, breakfast was hot, had the omelette, wife enjoyed the French toast. A little girl captured a Pokemon on board, LOL
  7. Credit scores are use for a lot of things. When your young, a small blip down can cause issues. I have seen/had credits scores pulled for Jobs, Insurance, and renting a house. I am sure there more. Never did get a straight answer why a job application requires a credit check? Lower pay for lower score? Will not hire you if score to low? My insurance pulls the credit score, because it can see a relationship between low credit scores, and high claims. (Per them). Never applied to a job for you (eee) but check with your HR people why employers want to see your credit score during the application process. Heck your outfit might be doing it. Companies don't want people with bad credit because they think you might steal from them, usually they pull a credit report only if you handle cash.
  8. I'll probably get the new AGR card, but will consider Choice Privilages, those pts are transferable back and forth and hotel stays are getting pricy.
  9. 19/20

    Bank of America

    AGR, first MBNA, BofA, Chase, now back to BofA I'm thinking about Choice Privilages, those points are transferable.
  10. I've been thru this 3 times before, PIA, first was MBNA, then BofA, then Chase, now back to BofA, like I said, PIA.
  11. Just to introduce my self. Been riding Amtrak for over 20 years, mostly the Crescent and other Eastern routes. Rode the Empire Builder to Essex MT and stayed and the Issac Walton Inn, that was a trip of a lifetime. Anyway Hello All, glad to be aboard.