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  1. As far as I know, the rotaries have not been used so far this season. UP has been able to clear the hill with flangers and spreaders.
  2. Guest question asked with multiple answers.
  3. Many, many year ago, all Amtrak chefs went through training provided by the CIA. No, not that CIA: the Culinary Institute of America, a well known school for fine cooking with campuses in Hyde Park, NY and St. Helena, CA (Napa Valley). I'm not sure how long that lasted.
  4. In a move that surprised no one, Airbus has pulled the plug on production of the super-jumbo A380 aircraft. The final aircraft will roll out in 2021. The A380 double-decker, seating over 500 passengers, was a classic example of the right plane at the wrong time. Conceived at the height of the popularity of the Boeing 747, it was hoped to be the new standard aircraft for long haul air travel. By the time the first plane was in the air, travel had changed with smaller and more efficient planes allowing nimbler scheduling. Giant, four-engine planes like the 747 and the 380 were on their way out replaced by twin-engine planes with advanced aerodynamics and lower fuel burn. I never got to ride on a 380, but still could since many will be in the air for years to come. However, my guess is that the fleet will not last long as the 777's, 787's 330's and 350's take over the world of long haul travel. BBC
  5. PRR 60

    How to get receipt of past trip

    If you use an email client like gmail, you might have all prior emails saved in an archive folder. Gmail's is called "All Mail." From the web email page, you can search "etickets@amtrak.com" in the archive folder and see if you can find the email that sent your eticket.
  6. There has been a recent spike in personal attacks between members. This will not be tolerated. It is a violation of the site rules. Expect posts that attack a member to be removed, and expect that repeat offenders will be placed on moderator approval status requiring staff review of posts prior to the post going public. If anyone has an issue with any post or member, use the Report Post link in the upper right corner of the post, or PM any staff member.
  7. As far as I know, the meals are pre-cooked but not frozen.
  8. PRR 60

    How Many Miles in Amtrak Network?

    If the rail is hot, resisting elongation and in compression, and the anchorage is not adequate, the result is compressive buckling - a heat kink. Adequate anchorage will prevent kinks.
  9. PRR 60

    Solari Board at PHL

    To some extent, the banners are covering some rehab construction work.
  10. PRR 60

    How Many Miles in Amtrak Network?

    Continuously welded rail (CWR) does not expand or contract with temperature (or, we certainnly hope not). The effect of temperature variation is reflected by internal force resisted by tie anchors. One mile of CWR is one mile long at 0F or 100F. Couple more apples for the basket.
  11. From AGR email dated 11/14/2018:
  12. PRR 60

    Points for 0% balance xfer?

    Posts not related to getting points from credit card transfers removed.
  13. PRR 60

    How Many Miles in Amtrak Network?

    It is probably tougher than you think to calculate the number of unique miles covered by Amtrak. There are common miles between many of the lines, so simply adding up the timetable mileages will not work. The Southwest Chief shares some miles with the Pacific Surfliner and the California Zephyr. The Empire Builder shares mileage with the Cascades and Hiawathas and the PDX section also with the Coast Starlight. Those shared miles are not necessarily station to station - line junctions could be anywhere. At terminal areas, there are examples where multiple trains share several miles of track - New Orleans is one. Maybe someone knows based on miles of line with qualified crews, but other than that, it would be a chore with little need other than curiosity.
  14. PRR 60

    Points for 0% balance xfer?

    No, balance transfers do not earn AGR points. From the Terms and Conditions: