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  1. One of the three California-funded services - the Capitol Corridor - does not use the Amtrak call center. The CCJPA (manager of the Capitol Corridor) opted out of using the Amtrak center due to cost. Capitol Corridor uses the BART call center for phone inquiries but encourages web, app and kiosk ticket purchases. Calls to 1-800-USA-RAIL for Capitol Corridor are referred to the BART call center unless it also includes another Amtrak service. CCJPA and Amtrak had a bit of a tussle over this a few years ago before the Surface Transportation Board with the CCJPA alleging that Amtrak was still charging for call center use despite the opt-out. It was settled. Kind of ironic that some California lawmakers are whining about the Riverside closure when the second busiest California Amtrak service walked away from using the Amtrak call center.
  2. PRR 60

    Two Questions about the Silver Meteor

    Posts unrelated to the Silver Meteor have been removed. Any future posts unrelated to the Silver Meteor will be removed.
  3. The guy gets his 15 minutes of fame.
  4. On your credit card statement, does anything show under "Bonus and Promotional Points?"
  5. The promo shows the "AGR World Mastercard." That is the $79 annual fee card. The no-fee card is the "Platinum" Mastercard. I wonder of the 3x promo is only for the Wolrd card with the $79 annual fee? EDIT: The main promo page shows both cards, so my short-lived theory is false.
  6. On my paper (PDF) bill, the AGR points are at the end under "Your Reward Summary." There should be a line for "Base Purchase Points" and another line for "Bonus and Promotional Points." That is where the extra points showed up. My points calculated exactly for the triple points promotion starting with transaction dates 11/5/18 and later. The points posted to AGR.
  7. PRR 60

    Roomette 'flash sale' Ends December 11

    It appears that the sale is for paid travel only, not AGR redemptions.
  8. PRR 60

    Roomette 'flash sale' Ends December 11

    Tried NYP-CHI for 2/13/19 and it worked. "Promo Applied" for both Lake Shore and Cardinal.
  9. PRR 60

    Roomette 'flash sale' Ends December 11

    Works for me. Be sure to use 2 Adults. The pricing shows "Promo Applied."
  10. PRR 60

    DC Long Bridge Replacement Study

    Meeting presentation 11/29/18.
  11. PRR 60

    Boston South Station

    Prior discussion had wandered to talk of Moynihan.
  12. PRR 60

    CHI-MKE electrification

    Railroad electrification has a lot of elements. Besides the foundations, structures (about 25-30 per mile) and the various wires. there is also: Having the local utilities establish adequate service points. Trains draw a lot of power, so that could require some build on the utility side of the fence. Building substations to convert the three-phase utility power to single phase power at the correct voltage. 25kV (modern catenary voltage) is not a standard utility voltage. One every 8 miles or so. Establishing an electric protection and control system including a power dispatch center and fiber optic data communications lines tying it all together. Lots of sophisticated electronics to design, manufacture, install and test. Likely rebuilding or replacing the existing railroad signal system due to voltage and current induced into the rails by the catenary and feeders that can disrupt standard signals used in non-electrified territory. Is some respects, the overhead wires are just the tip of the iceberg.
  13. PRR 60

    Former Wisconsin Talgos

    Topic title changed removing reference to Pacific Northwest use.
  14. When the train separates, the air hose between the cars also separates, air pressure for the brakes of the entire train is lost and all brakes are applied automatically. Both separated sections of the train come to a stop. Even if the sections of the train stop somewhat apart, both will still complete the track electrical circuit, so the signal system will know the cars are there and will prevent any other trains from entering that section of track..
  15. PRR 60

    Amtrak Billing Mistake, What Can I Do?

    From Amtrak - 12C.