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  1. AlamoWye

    TEXRail Opens

    A nice new train station being built in Grapevine for this rail. http://architexas.com/project/grapevine-main/ Sure doesn't look like the rest of "train-hating" Texas. If only San Antonio or Austin could have done something like this years ago! And don't even mention the poor excuse that acts like a Amtrak train station in Houston (metro population of 6.3 million).
  2. AlamoWye

    Late Texas Eagles (9/04)

    DA is correct. Having lived in both Austin and San Antonio, I'm amazed that San Antonio has so few drainage intakes on its streets. Water hitting the ground pretty much keeps on a street it finds its way above ground to a creek or HUGE drainage ditch. After Austin had its horrible flood of Memorial Day 1980, the City started requiring almost every new business to incorporate "ponds" to hold back some flood water. Nothing like that in San Antonio. Even New Braunfels Ave. next to Alamo Heights is a roaring river that is routinely closed when heavy rains hit. I've lived near the northbound 22 near I-35. I'm surprised the train even makes it through sometimes.
  3. AlamoWye

    Bon voyage!

    It seems that only two states actually have an official language other than English: Hawai'i and Alaska. Alaska in fact has 20 other co-official languages. Of course the territories have Spanish, Chamorro, Samoan as official languages.
  4. AlamoWye

    Bon voyage!

    The USA as a country does not have an official language of any kind. Some states have declared English as their official language.
  5. Seems to be working fine right now.
  6. Texas Central has made it very clear that they will be running connections between A&M and the Brazos Valley station. If they also found a market for a connection between Sam Houston State I'm sure they would do that also.
  7. AlamoWye

    Texas Central Railway

    So it seems like this Amtrak agreement with Texas Central was put out this early so that Texas Central can operate under federal rules of the STB instead. The STB had ruled a couple of years ago that since Texas Central was only intrastate that it was subject to Texas' rules and not under STB jurisdiction. By being under federal rules it "might" make it easier to get some of the recalcitrant counties less resistant because their complaints would have to be heard at the federal level, whereas previously State and local legislation were being passed to kill the route. But who knows in these days where the federal government is changing so dramatically with its oversight.
  8. That's what I remember trying to do in Lamy, NM to get a sleeper. Unfortunately, NO cell service there. Luckily the station manager stepped in and helped but that potential assistance seems to be going away also.
  9. AlamoWye

    National Train Day 2018

    The Facebook page of the Temple Rail Museum depicts #822, which this morning of May 8 is heading to Chicago on the Southwest Chief.
  10. AlamoWye

    National Train Day 2018

    From wikipedia: "For its 40th anniversary in 2011, Amtrak painted 4 GE P42DCs, a P40DC, and an EMD F40PH converted to a NPCU into its own older paint schemes." I have no idea which one might be used. Would be interested in finding out before I go this Saturday, but if no one knows I'll do my best to get pictures.
  11. AlamoWye

    National Train Day 2018

    Even more news related to this event released by the Temple Rail Museum: ***Special news: The northbound Amtrak train during National Train Day (May 12) will be pulled by a special edition locomotive - one of the "heritage units" that were repainted in historic paint schemes during Amtrak's 40 anniversary celebration. This locomotive is usually in Florida, but will be here in Texas in honor of our Train Day celebration. The northbound train leaves Temple at 11:25am. I'm not sure if this locomotive is only for the special ride they are offering from Temple to McGregor or will be used the whole length of the northbound route. Either way, I sure am glad they are trying to promote rail travel since Amtrak is challenged in that regard.
  12. AlamoWye

    Texas Central Railway

    Nice news about both Amtrak and the Texas Central: https://www.texascentral.com/2018/05/04/texas-central-amtrak-reach-agreement-to-link-bullet-train-and-amtraks-interstate-passenger-network/ I really hope Texas can get this done. Trying to drive between major Texas cities is dreadful and with all the new options with driver services and, probably, driverless vehicles, getting around will be so much easier just when my driving abilities will be getting much more difficult (age!).
  13. And when I was last in Lamy I could not even get cell service. Middle of nowhere and stuck. Would be horrible in the middle of winter.
  14. I've always wished that the airlines would provide some extra training and certification for frequent passengers, similar to CPR training, that would allow them to sit in the emergency exit areas. If a few more passengers were aware of what needed to be done in emergencies and had actually practiced it, I'm sure it could save lives. I mean it seems normal to throw the emergency exit out, but I think I've heard sometime you are suppose to bring it in. And the wing exit passenger is also supposed to assess whether it is actually safe to exit onto the wing. A lot of stuff to try to remember when this last episode shows that people don't even know how to put on their oxygen mask correctly.
  15. The reviews on TripAdvisor seem to indicate that if you are the laid-back type, you will enjoy yourself. Especially if you can snag the $25 Booking.com special.