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  1. That was one "helluva a trip report" !!! Thank you for sharing !!! :):):) I loved all those pictures on and off the train and of all the food you sampled! I'm like my food to ! My weight was around 150 lbs and I was 6'6" tall but after I turned 30 I didn't burn it off like I used too!!! Be careful !!! I think I put 10 lbs. on just looking at those pictures!!! :):):) Again, thank you for sharing with us and Happy New Year to you and your family !!! :):):)
  2. Yippee !!! All the best !!! :):):)
  3. Hi Betty ! I have never met you but if you belong to this "gang" here on "Amtrak Unlimited" you must be a good person !!! All the best to you ! Take care and hopefully get better!!!
  4. Excellent ! Thanks for sharing !!! :)
  5. gaspeamtrak

    Southwest Chief #3 CHI-LAX live trip report

    Great stuff !!! Keep it coming !!! Excellent photos !!! Love the KC shot with the "Western Auto Sign" ! Did you plan that or got lucky!? Thanks for sharing !!!
  6. gaspeamtrak

    Cardinal Trains 50 & 51

    Thank you...
  7. gaspeamtrak

    Cardinal Trains 50 & 51

    Hi . Sorry if I missed this . I was wondering if the " Cardinal " through from NYP & Washington again after the track work at Penn Station ??? You can move this to the proper Topic if need be ...
  8. gaspeamtrak

    Alan Burden (AlanB)

    I'm shocked and sadden to here this horrible news !!! I met Alan, his Mom, and Penny on the "LSl" out NYP as I was heading back to Buffalo after riding down on the first train of the day from Buffalo. There was also other members from "Amtrak Unlimited " too I just happened to be in the dining car having supper and could here this "Gang" of people talking away at these tables when I turned and recognized them as being from "Amtrak Unlimited" ! Man was I excited !!! I finally got the nerve up and stood up and walked over and introduced myself to them . They were just as excited as I was at meeting each other !!! What a great bunch of people ! They invited me to join them on one of the gatherings which sadly I never got to do ... I'm so sorry everybody ,I am thinking of all of you I met that day on #49... R.I.P. AlanB
  9. gaspeamtrak

    NOL-CHI-NOL; June 26-28, 2018

    Nice ! Very interesting and great pictures. Thank you for sharing!!! :)
  10. Count me in too !!! I love riding the rails also...
  11. Just wondering if anything is happening at the "Caf" plant in "Elmira" Seems like we have not seen any deliveries in a while??? Just curious ??? Thanks...
  12. gaspeamtrak

    Amtrak trips I'm not taking

    I don't understand you people . You call yours selves passenger train fans !!! ??? You get into snit over some things. I'm not happy with some of Amtrak's meal changes, hope fully these will be reversed . Go fly on your jets! I will drive or take the train. The only way I fly is if I'm going across the "pond". All I see on these chat groups is "bitching and whining and putting people down" That is why I usually can't be bothered to join in the chats anymore !!!
  13. gaspeamtrak

    Please Fasten Your Seat Belts

    Thanks for sharing ! Very interesting !!! :)
  14. Excellent report !!! Bring on the next one ! Can't wait ! Thank you for sharing !!!